Those who survive Covid-19 should get vaccinated.

The story makes two main points.

The first is that mRNA vaccines appear to have long lasting efficacy meaning booster shots may not be needed for a year or more.

The second is that mRNA vaccines are especially effective in providing very long term protection in those who have already survived an infection. Maybe even lifetime protection.

From the article . . . “The findings add to growing evidence that most people immunized with the mRNA vaccines may not need boosters, so long as the virus and its variants do not evolve much beyond their current forms — which is not guaranteed. People who recovered from Covid-19 before being vaccinated may not need boosters even if the virus does make a significant transformation.”

The article links to this study . . .

Bottom line is that EVERYBODY, even those who have survived an infection, will benefit significantly from the mRNA vaccines. There is no rational reason for healthy people to shun the vaccines. None.

Liars can’t be lawyers.

This is the document removing the New York law license from Rudy Giuliani. It is long and detailed but the essence is simple to understand . . .

A lawyer cannot lie to the courts, lawmakers and the public and remain a lawyer.

“For the reasons that follow, we conclude that there is uncontroverted evidence that [Giuliani] communicated demonstrably false and misleading statements to courts, lawmakers and the public at large in his capacity as lawyer for former President Donald J. Trump and the Trump campaign in connection with Trump’s failed effort at reelection in 2020. These false statements were made to improperly bolster respondent’s narrative that due to widespread voter fraud, victory in the 2020 United States presidential election was stolen from his client. We conclude that respondent’s conduct immediately threatens the public interest and warrants interim suspension from the practice of law, pending further proceedings before the Attorney Grievance Committee (sometimes AGC or Committee).”

CRT History You Should Know. Racism and the GI Bill.

This is a small but highly relevant and typical piece of recent history that the proponents of CRT believe should not be swept under the carpet. Our friendly neighborhood “European Civilization chauvinists” have their hair on fire with terror that our children might learn such history.

While these “European Civilization chauvinists” go on and on about their hard work and the superiority of their culture, they tend to forget the giant leg up their fathers and grandfathers got from the GI Bill of Rights compared to the fellow soldiers who were not white. Home owning and college educations provided by Uncle Sam are the foundations of the comfort that most of them enjoy today.

Do you want to see something truly pitiful?

Why do so many “conservatives” hate America? Just listen to this cringeworthy loser doing his hate schtick and you will begin to see why.

Hey, Sean, quit your crybaby whining. The man controlling the Republican Party is still newsworthy and the media has always preferred covering a train wreck to reporting good news.

Desperate GOP Plays a Race Card

They seem to have a complete deck. We have seen these cards over and over again for many decades as the “Southern Strategy” evolved from Nixon through to “Welfare Queens” through to “Willy Horton” and on into Trump’s Birtherism as a core concern of the GOP base. Now we have “Critical Race Theory” as a looming threat to “real Americans” and everything they hold dear.

Naturally, pointing out this obvious racist stratagem will be called divisive and racist by those who are really, really worried that children will learn the complete truth about our country’s history – people like the GOP activists posing as “concerned parents” on Fox News to spread the bile.

The first step in resisting this noxious poison is to see it for what it is – a political Hail Mary pass from an extremist party which – under the leadership of Donald Trump – has left the mainstream of American life.

Common Sense and Science Prevail in Federal Court

If this is paywalled for you the headline tells the story . . .

“Judge dismisses lawsuit filed by Houston hospital system employees who refused coronavirus vaccine. “

“Methodist is trying to do their business of saving lives without giving them the covid-19 virus. It is a choice made to keep staff, patients and their families safer. [Plaintiff] Bridges can freely choose to accept or refuse a covid-19 vaccine; however, if she refuses, she will simply need to work somewhere else.”