Freedom of religion versus Attempted Murder.

One is tempted to say that whomsoever wants to risk their lives by gathering in the name of God should be allowed (dare I say, encouraged) to do so. But it is not that simple. Any one of the congregates could be a carrier. The larger the gathering it becomes more likely that the virus will be joining the worshipers. So, when it is over, all or some of the people attending could be infected as well. They then go home and about their business and before you can say Bob’s your uncle. more people get sick and more people die. Needless to say the current Theocratic DOJ has joined the defense of this dangerous, anti-social and unchristian behavior.

The defense says just look at all the people in Walmart. I think that misses the mark. Our bodies can only be fed with real food. Our spirits can be served alone or we can be connected to others by technology until the danger is past.

Of course, there are Freedom of Religion questions to address. One of them would be is not protecting religious gatherings a violation of the establishment clause? And what about the right to life of the people who IN PRACTICE not theory will be harmed if people can ignore the science and put others at serious risk?

Somewhere Joe Stalin is smiling.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the IHME forecast for the course of the coronavirus pandemic was among the most optimistic. It was frequently referred to by Trump and its findings took center stage on the CDC COVID-19 forecast web page. Until recently, IHME forecast a first wave (thru end of July) death toll of about 72,000. Now its authors have changed it radically and that 72,000 deaths through July became 135,000. Continue reading “Somewhere Joe Stalin is smiling.”