Kyiv Debacle

This account from the AP is for the Putin and Trump apologists around here having trouble acknowledging Russian failures and the indisputable fact of their retreat from Kyiv. The war will go on but the assault on Kyiv will remain a “defeat for the ages.” From the article. . .

” ‘It’s stunning,’ said military historian Frederick Kagan of the Institute for the Study of War, who says he knows of no parallel to a major military power like Russia invading a country at the time of its choosing and failing so utterly.”

FDA Was Right All Along

For some reason “conservatives” fell in love with the horse worm POISON Ivermectin and spent months denouncing the FDA for not endorsing it for Covid treatment. Ignoring medical science led to hundreds of thousands of doses being consumed by human beings with no benefit and multiple hospitalizations from its effects. Well, this new study confirms what informed medical science has been saying all along – Ivermectin is NOT an effective treatment for Covid-19 at any stage. Maybe the next time Joe Rogan offers medical advice “conservatives” will trust the FDA instead. Or not.

Ivermectin got on the radar because of early anecdotal evidence that it did some good in impoverished African countries. Yes, it did. Here is why. It kills worms. That is what it does. Internal parasites weaken your body. Killing them gives you a better chance to overcome Covid. Internal parasites are common in such countries. In the United States? Not so much.

Bizarre Even by Fox News Standards.

Seems that Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and Darwinism in general is a hoax funded by Jews. According to Lara Logan of Fox Nation fame you can look it up. It goes right back to the Rothchild family AND 10 Downing Street. Riiiight.

So, I looked it up. It is nonsense. There is no evidence that the Rothchild family paid Darwin to develop his theory that I could find. I did find, however, that the current Lord Rothchild recently made an investment in a new private equity fund called “Darwin Private Equity” so obviously the Jewish plot continues. But, don’t worry. Jews will not replace us.

A “gaffe” is when a politician accidentally tells the truth.

That aphorism is attributed to Michael Kinsley whom older people will remember from the early days of Crossfire when he and Pat Buchanan shared the stage and politics was still fun and quite a bit more honest. His actual words were “A gaffe is when a politician tells the truth – some obvious truth he isn’t supposed to say.”

The other day while visiting Poland President Biden offered this apparently unscripted remark about Vladimir Putin. . . “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.”

In my opinion, this was a gaffe as defined by Kinsley. Our policy should be and – I believe – is “regime change” in Russia. But, it was not helpful to say it out loud. Biden is known to be gaffe prone. He needs to be a little more devious and suppress the innate honesty that has caused problems in the past.

Or, on the other hand, was it a deliberate signal to Putin opponents inside Russia that all will be forgiven, and Russia can rejoin the civilized nations once the dictator is removed? It may have had that effect, but I will go with it being an old-fashioned gaffe.

Putin Disinformation Apparatus Breaking Down?

Putin’s decades long campaign of disinformation and division has been a huge success. For example, it is not a stretch to say that his efforts gave us Trump, Trumpism and Brexit. There are many similar “success” stories in other countries as well. But now the whole structure built over decades appears to be crumbling under the pressure of the reality of his failed invasion of Ukraine.