Truth Will Out in the End.


“President Trump was wrong. I had no right to overturn the election and his reckless words endangered my family and everyone at the Capitol that day, and I know that history will hold Donald Trump accountable . . . Tourists don’t injure 140 police officers by sightseeing. Tourists don’t break down doors to get to the Speaker of the House or voice threats against public officials . . . Make no mistake about it, what happened that day was a disgrace, and it mocks decency to portray it in any other way”

Banning ideas and authors is not a ‘culture war’ – it’s fascism

“The passing of these laws signals the dawn of a new authoritarian age in the United States, where the state uses laws restricting speech to intimidate, bully and punish educators, forcing them to submit to the ideology of the dominant majority or lose their livelihoods, and even their freedom.” – Jason Stanley

The author puts CRT, Intersectionality, and Structural Racism – bugaboos for the “anti-woke” – into their actual and very valid context.

Russia needs some of Poland Too – Just to be safe.

Isn’t it just terrible how Russia is under attack and has no choice but to invade its neighbors. They are such peace-loving peaceful. Look how peaceful it is in Chechnya. And, gosh, people even laugh when Foreign Secretary Lavrov tells the simple truth of how the war in the Ukraine was “launched against us.”

Transgenderism to be eradicated!

First of all, there is no such “ideology” as transgenderism. It is a diagnosable disorder that a significant number of people suffer from. “According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorderstransgenderism refers to the broad spectrum of people who transiently or persistently identify with a gender different from their natal sex (DSM 5, APA, 2013).” (

It is not an ideology, but do not try to tell a “conservative.” To then it IS an ideology – a pernicious one out to “groom”, seduce, and transmogrify your children. But don’t worry, MAGA-Republicans have a solution and they used the annual CPAC conference to tell us what it is. Eradication.

We do not normally speak of “eradication” when discussing groups of people, but then most of us are not morons and Nazis.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen this is the modern conservative movement. Find someone to demonize and let ’em have it.

Jordan Face Plant

Predictably Gym Jordan’s eagerly anticipated Special Committee which is supposed to eclipse the January 6th Committee has started – let’s say – slowly. He has been touting the claim that he has dozens of FBI “whistleblowers” who will be spilling the beans on the political weaponization of the FBI against Trump and other “conservatives.” The first three “whistleblowers” turn out to be conspiracy theory nuts unable to supply actual evidence. And two of them are actually on the payroll of Team Trump.

Try as hard as I might, I could not make this stuff up. As Len might say, pass the popcorn.

MAGA Jackass Brays Again

MAGA Republicans in the House are holding hearings to prove that the Biden administration has failed to control the border and as a result he is to blame for the rise in fentanyl related deaths. They had testimony from a mother who tragically lost two sons to fentanyl poisoning because the percocet they thought would make them high was laced with it. It is a very serious problem no doubt.

MAGA leader Marjorie Taylor Greene was very sympathetic to the woman’s sad story when she had her turn in the questioning and she tweeted about it to spread the word or Biden’s tragic failure.

Notice the text of her tweet where she gets her licks in on both Biden and the Chinese. But, here is the point. The woman’s son’s died four months before the end of the Trump administration. Yes, really. So, when this obviously significant fact was disclosed, CNN reporters asked her office for comment and asked whether she would remove the tweet based on the facts. The reply they got in an email was . . . “Do you think they give a f**k about your bullsh*t fact checking?”

MAGA in a nutshell.