Welcome, a few rules for participating. Please read before posting.

This forum is a volunteer effort at providing a forum for Tidewater Virginians to discuss the issues of the day at a deeper level than is possible in the comments section of our local newspapers. Your first post will be held for moderation, but after that they will post without delay. Please consider participating at the Author level so you can post articles for discussion.

I don’t want to determine what is discussed here. I’m paying for the forum, but I want it to be a community controlled discussion. Those who have Author level access will be able to start topics by posting a link to an article in one of the local newspapers or TV station websites.
Request Author Status at the Contact link above

The rules will be few. No spam or advertising, be civil, personal insults will not be tolerated. Please remain on topic. Certainly, many issues are interrelated and topics will drift, but blatantly changing the subject is not allowed. If you want to discuss a different topic, start a new topic.

Comments may be formatted using Markdown if you want more flexibility in the appearance of your comments.


I’m a Libertarian, and I don’t like rules, but the forum will be civil and orderly, and, with the help of a few volunteers, that will be enforced. I will need a few volunteers to accept Administrator status to assist me in moderation and maintenance chores.

With a little effort, we can have a great place to discuss the issues, free of the Nanny rules of the Pilot.