Apparently, Merrick Garland hasn’t read the 6th Amendment either.

Right to speedy trial or reasonable bail

Some Jan 6 rioters will be held in jail without bail for over a year on non-violent misdemeanor charges while the DOJ looks for evidence against them. You’re supposed to have your evidence BEFORE you charge someone.

Looks like Garland has no respect for any of the Bill of Rights, not just the 2nd. Thank goodness he was never put on SCOTUS.

“Just say that the election was corrupt + leave the rest to me and the R. Congressmen,”

In case paywalled try this:

Add this to the phone calls made to state election officials to “find” 10,000+1 votes or be prosecuted. (Be a shame for a nice lawyer like you to lose his license…)

Are these “offers they could not refuse”? But they did, evidently.

PS: Growing up in Mafia country these words are eerily reminiscent.

It’s often said that we are 50 laboratories for laws and policies.

We’ll see how Florida comes through the latest surge. DeSantis is so adamant about no more restrictions that he signed a law prohibiting local mandates. And he is selling “clever” koozies.

“How the hell am I going to drink a beer with a mask on?” Funny. The real question seems to be how to drink a beer while intubated. Less funny.

Oh well, his state, his people, his experiment. For their sake, I hope it works.

‘New science is worrisome’: CDC recommends wearing masks indoors, again. What that means for vaccinated Americans.

Source: USA Today.

I take this story to be a sign that the risk of Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE) of SARS-COV-2 infection is now officially recognized.

ADE is a phenomenon in which vaccinated people become more prone to harmful effects of new virus variants such that they are more likely to be harmed than unvaccinated people. ADE was not found to occur in the clinical trials for the current Covid vaccines prior to their public rollout, but the potential was well established.

If public health officials have solid evidence of ADE, how would they message it? Surely not by telling the vaccinated they face new Covid dangers they did not expect.