An Outstanding Historian Lost

David McCullough wrote some amazing historical pieces. If you haven’t read The Great Bridge, about the building of the Brooklyn Bridge, I highly recommend it. You need to be stuck inside for about a month to get through it, but it is fascinating in it’s detail and story telling.

Also 1776, one of the first history books a I read as an adult, and his historical telling of The Wright Brothers, were books I found to be quite enjoyable. I have not read his John Adams or Harry Truman biographies, but I may have to do so.

I know some of us have a hard time agreeing with each other on things, but I’m optimistic there will be little push back on this. (But I could be wrong. 😇)

Make Freedom of Speech Liberal Again

Source: Wall Street Journal.

In a way, current debates over free speech are really debates over the natural limits on effectiveness of the institutions of government and society. This is because: If you want free speech you must have a culture that tolerates it (you personally must tolerate it; all your neighbors, too). The institutions of government and society can be imbued with that culture, but they cannot realistically create it.

The interviewee in the WSJ piece, Nadine Strossen, seems to be keenly aware of this puzzle, even if she doesn’t say so in exactly that way.

Russian Spies Were Behind Black Nationalist Protest Groups

Source: Frontpage Mag.

The great Daniel Greenfield documents recent events in an old KGB project. The labor movement of the early 1900s and the civil rights movement of the mid 1900s were both heavily infiltrated by and influenced by Russian communist/KGB activists. It should be no surprise to anyone that today’s Left is the weird offspring of the same “active measures” program.

Operation Snail Speed

Killing innovation in health care for votes

It’s not bad enough that the FDA watched us die waiting for new medicines, now the anti-market Democrats are going to stop the development of those new drugs by taking the profits away.

Remember that the profits on successful drugs pay for the research that went into the drugs that failed, either clinically or competitively. Viagra saved countless lives by financing research on other drugs that were not worth the risk on their own. No “excess profits” means less research.

Scott Adam’s take on Jan Committee

Twitter – unintended outcomes

Adam’s has often turned out to be right about the way people’s opinions are formed, and it is often not at all what was intended.

“Five things no Democrat wanted, yet the #Jan6thHearings delivered:

1. Kept Trump the most relevant figure in politics.

2. Made us think about election rigging until it seemed true.

3. Made all Republicans feel hunted.

4. Made Congress look useless.

5. Debunked own narrative.”

I really don’t want Trump to run, but if Adams is right, Democrats have handed Trump 2024