Trump Dethrones Biden

DJT’s CPAC speech just ended. It was masterful in all the Trumpian ways. He was not one bit shy about lambasting Biden, and he put himself forward to serve as the GOP’s king-maker.

Now we will discover whether he can build coalitions that win elections, and if the GOP wants the help.

My take is that he has a real chance. Trump embraced bare-knuckles politics in the American tradition. My guess is many people will like that.

At CPAC DJT came out as a viable threat to Democratic Party politics.

It’s final: Lockdowns don’t work

Source: BusinessWorld.

I’d say the headline is overly ambitious, but the body of the article appears to be an evenhanded report. You can look up the subject paper here.

The question is, will the Biden administration and the state governments who “follow the science” follow this science? I doubt it. On this I agree with radical liberal Naomi Wolf, who made news this past week by claiming Joe Biden and our elites will continue to use the pandemic to usher in totalitarianism.

A Nightmare for Democrats

Democrats are well on the way to destroying themselves in preparation for the 2022 mid terms, so here is a scenario I saw for you to think about.

Democrats are clearly worried about Trump running again in 2024 as they tried to disqualify him, They are looking too gar down the road.

Trump runs for the House of Representatives in 2022 in Florida. He would be unbeatable, and would then be chosen as Speaker of the House, 3rd in line for the Presidency. He carries long coattails.

Now that Democrats have set the precedent for using impeachment in a totally partisan manner, Trump simultaneously impeaches Biden and Harris. A partisan Senate convicts,

Trump assumes the office of the President with less than 2 years remaining so he can still run again in 2024.

10 years of Trump as President.

Nighty nite.

Note that I do not mean this to be a prediction or endorse the result, it’s just a goblin to haunt your dreams.

Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right (Bob Dylan cover)

I like Reina Del Cid (dark hair) and Toni Lindgren because they remind me of my youth. In my circles somehow a random collection of incredibly talented young musicians seemed to appear out of nowhere at gatherings. I imagine high school band practice had something to do with it, but I don’t really know.

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Order No. 202-21-1

Source: Department of Energy (PDF).

Anti-free market types have claimed that deregulation of Texas electricity markets is to blame for the blackouts earlier this month. They argue that the companies operating power generation facilities didn’t spend enough money to weatherize their plants because the expense would have eaten into their profits. Now comes a written order from the Department of Energy that undermines that argument.

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“Intelligent life”, like us, may not be as intelligent as we think.

“Perhaps most importantly, they took into consideration the tendency of advanced civilizations to experience self-annihilation. And as it turns out, any alien life that came before us likely gave into that tendency long before we showed up on the scene.”

Perhaps intelligence is not exactly the go to quality for long term survival.
Or not.

Why The Texas Blackout Has The Greens So Scared

Source: Frontpage Mag.

It seems a plausible explanation for the rhetoric to me: The green Left needs the fake apocalypse of global warming to scare the public it wishes to rule. Therefore windmills — the poster children of renewable energy — must, at all costs, remain blameless in the Texas blackout.

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