Derek Chauvin Guilty on All Counts

My go to pundits on legal matters seem to agree that Chauvin’s trial was fair and the rule of law was upheld. I am very glad to hear that.

For what it’s worth, I disagree with the verdict. It seems to me that drugs, poor health and his own reckless behavior are the actual causes of Floyd’s death. I think it unfair for Chauvin to bear the brunt of blame under these circumstances.

I accept that justice doesn’t belong to me, but I see little cause for optimism in this particular verdict.

Biden’s Amtrak Infrastructure Scam

Source: Mises Institute.

The writer explains that Stumble Joe’s Amtrak upgrade cannot honestly be described as an “investment” because there is no possibility that adding new operations will increase “profits” from which taxpayers will earn a return. Instead, adding new operations will only increase the cost that taxpayers pay for Amtrak.

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No article, just opinions

Since we’ve once again been discussing popular reaction to police killings, I’m curious to know what you all think in general, rather than about the specific cases of late. At what point is resistance–including and beyond destruction of property–an appropriate (if not morally necessary) response to repeated police abuses? How far could you be pushed before you safety and dignity demanded a direct response?

Drug prices in the US are coming under scrutiny…again

That funding for research is primarily government or private foundation that private industry then moves forward with investors. The amounts touted by Big Pharma are, at best, inflated when it comes to bringing drugs to market. Here is a counter to the Pilot editorial:

The COVID vaccine was protected from risk by more taxpayer monies. Considering vaccine development has fizzled in the face of drugs for chronic diseases that are much more profitable, perhaps we should wonder why we are paying twice, and much higher rates at retail to boot, for all drugs. That is, when does the taxpayer get a return on his investments?

American history makes no sense unless you factor in the Comintern.

  • That would be the Communist avant-garde, arriving here in strength in 1921. 

This article is a quick history lesson about the fanatics that beset us. A five-minute read. 

Just 10 years later, in 1931, the Comintern made a move of extraordinary audacity, and long-term consequences. They staged a coup against phonics, trashing the old books, and bringing in the carefully bogus Dick and Jane.

You might object, what are you talking about, I’ve never even heard of this group. Comintern??? Is that a real thing?

That is Commie jargon for the Communist International. Lenin ordered these people to take over the world by infiltrating businesses, government agencies, universities, media, foundations, anything and everything. 

These are the termites in your basement and you don’t care until your house falls down.

The Comintern is the reason we have 50 million functional illiterates. Only 20 years after they started their attack, the decline in literacy was so great that Rudolf Flesch felt compelled to write his famous book, Why Johnny Can’t Read, and Americans felt compelled to buy millions of copies.


“The Comintern gave us a century of brutal meddling.”

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DNA/RNA Vaccines: “Can They Alter Our Own Genetic Codes”

Source: GlobalResearch.

The CDC says, “COVID-19 vaccines do not change or interact with your DNA in any way.”

The writer says, “Not so fast,” and gives what appears to (uneducated) me to be a credible and informative explanation.

Just to be clear, I see the article as interesting in a purely academic sense. I don’t recommend seeking advice in it.

CEOs Lead America’s New Great Awakening

Source: The Wall Street Journal (behind paywall).

The writer finds grounds for CEO political activism in an unlikely place:

Economist Milton Friedman, in his 1970 essay on corporate social responsibility advised: “It may well be in the long‐run interest of a corporation that is a major employer in a small community to devote resources to providing amenities to that community or to improving its government. That may make it easier to attract desirable employees, it may reduce the wage bill or lessen losses from pilferage and sabotage or have other worthwhile effects.”

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This fellow needs to go.

For those who do not subscribe, a data breach at a Christian crowdfunding site has lead to the disclosure that the head of the Norfolk Police Depart Internal Affairs unit sent money and words of support to the vigilante who traveled to Wisconsin with his assault weapon and ended up murdering two people.

The poor judgment and twisted values of a senior police official who would lend his support to the actions of a murderous vigilante are disqualifying of any police employment and doubly so in an area as sensitive as internal affairs. IMHO.

Maybe it is just me, but I find it instructive that a site styling itself as “Christian” would be funneling money to a killer. Shows how corrupted words can become.

Here is the original story in The Guardian.