Are Covid Vaccines Riskier Than Advertised?

Source: The Wall Street Journal (behind paywall).

WSJ goes out on a limb.

One remarkable aspect of the Covid-19 pandemic has been how often unpopular scientific ideas, from the lab-leak theory to the efficacy of masks, were initially dismissed, even ridiculed, only to resurface later in mainstream thinking. Differences of opinion have sometimes been rooted in disagreement over the underlying science. But the more common motivation has been political.

Another reversal in thinking may be imminent. Some scientists have raised concerns that the safety risks of Covid-19 vaccines have been underestimated. But the politics of vaccination has relegated their concerns to the outskirts of scientific thinking—for now.

The “outskirts” of scientific thinking here refers to two recent discoveries. The first is that Covid-19’s spike protein is a toxin in its own right. (This is important because the mRNA Covid vaccines cause the human body to produce spike protein). The second is that the Covid mRNA vaccine travels throughout the human body, noticeably concentrating in ovaries and bone marrow (this was unexpected when the EUA for the vaccines was given).

There is, at present, no telling what these two observations might mean for public health policy.

My view: Much that we know about Covid-19 and Covid vaccines has been a hoax.

Do you want to see something truly pitiful?

Why do so many “conservatives” hate America? Just listen to this cringeworthy loser doing his hate schtick and you will begin to see why.

Hey, Sean, quit your crybaby whining. The man controlling the Republican Party is still newsworthy and the media has always preferred covering a train wreck to reporting good news.

The Small Secessions of the New Civil War

Source: FrontPage Mag.

I’ve been expecting this. The Russian political theorist Aleksandr Dugin predicted it years ago. More relevant to posts here in the Forum, the observed trend answers the question, “Are Republicans violent extremists more apt to use bullets than the ballot box to get their political way?” It would seem they are not.

The essay doesn’t actually mention Republicans by name, but we can infer that’s who the anti-Democrats among the secessionists really are. We can further infer that the anti-anti-Democrat propaganda against them aims to undermine Republican political activism which, as it relates to the secession of school districts, cities and counties, seems likely to produce experimental results that favor decentralized self-governance.

America is Balkanizing on a granular scale. This is the most peaceful and promising way.

Political violence approved by a majority of Republicans.

“In a survey by the conservative American Enterprise Institute after the riot in January, 56% of Republicans agreed that “the traditional American way of life is disappearing so fast that we may have to use force to save it.”

In the same poll, 79% of Republicans said they still had a favorable view of Trump — and 36% said “very favorable.”

I guess it makes sense. Despite trying to overturn the election through violence, recruiting gangs, attacking our electoral system as rigged and fraudulent for 5 years, the Big Lie, extorting Republican office holders whom he did not deem loyal, etc., #45 is still their strongman.

Questions: who fires the first shot, at whom, and why?

How to save the world, in three easy steps.

This long video interests me for a number of reasons. One is the commentary by Dr. Malone, credited in the show notes as “the inventor of mRNA Vaccine technology.” He seems to think there is something broken in our public health bureaucracy that leads to sub-optimal decision making, and also that there are significant reports that signal potential concerns with the Covid vaccines.

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Desperate GOP Plays a Race Card

They seem to have a complete deck. We have seen these cards over and over again for many decades as the “Southern Strategy” evolved from Nixon through to “Welfare Queens” through to “Willy Horton” and on into Trump’s Birtherism as a core concern of the GOP base. Now we have “Critical Race Theory” as a looming threat to “real Americans” and everything they hold dear.

Naturally, pointing out this obvious racist stratagem will be called divisive and racist by those who are really, really worried that children will learn the complete truth about our country’s history – people like the GOP activists posing as “concerned parents” on Fox News to spread the bile.

The first step in resisting this noxious poison is to see it for what it is – a political Hail Mary pass from an extremist party which – under the leadership of Donald Trump – has left the mainstream of American life.