A troubling trend for red state women.


Vague, draconian anti-abortion laws are pushing doctors out of some states. Why even risk the legal, financial and career risks on problem pregnancies, even with assurances of allowable “exceptions”. Someone complains and, at best, a doctor needs to hire an attorney. Who needs that aggravation? Or risk?

This issue is not going away. And, ironically, it is the anti-abortion movement that will keep it alive and well for 2024. Keep it up folks. It’s a real vote getter. IMO

Still a mystery.

Who sabotaged the Nordstream pipelines?

The answer is We do not know.

However, we do know that some of the theories and claims that have been made do not stand up to the available evidence. A stand-out among these debunked claims is the story by Seymour Hersh that it was an American operation using Norwegian vessels. Wired describes the work of the independent people using available data sources to investigate the claims.


Typical “Conservative” Speaks Up.

If cherry-picked nuts on Tik-Tok are going to be representing the Left I nominate this broadcaster as a fine exemplar of modern conservative thinking.

Urging the execution of public figures is an abuse of First Amendment rights and ought to be a criminal offense.

By the way, Barack Obama was born in 1961. He was two when JFK was murdered. But don’t let that get in the way of a juicy conspiracy theory.

Florida’s theater of the absurd.

“Rosa Parks showed courage. One day, she rode the bus. She was told to move to a different seat because of the color of her skin. She did not. She did what she believed was right.”

“Rosa Parks showed courage. One day, she rode the bus. She was told to move to a different seat. She did not. She did what she believed was right.”

“In 1955 Rosa Parks broke the law. In her city the law said African-Americans had to give up their seats on the bus if a White person wanted to sit down. She would not give up her seat. The police came and took her to jail.”

These are three versions submitted by a text book publisher for approval in Florida. The quotes are from the textbooks, the article is WAPO.

This is patently ridiculous and clearly a reaction to DeSantis’ war on history. The second quote makes the gentle reader wonder if she had bad breath or anything other than than she was Black and not good enough to sit up front. Is this a threat to the psyche of children in a civics class so egregious that they need to be protected?

To be fair, the choice has not been firmed up yet. But just the idea smacks of indoctrination by the right wing.

ignorance is still ignorance.

Party before Country 1980-Style

The history of the modern Republican Party putting its own interests ahead of the interests of the country goes back to at least 1980 when Ronald Reagan operatives travelled to the Middle East to PREVENT Iran from releasing the hostages before the November election. This has long been suspected and had been repeatedly denied. Now, one of the operatives directly involved has come clean and apologized to the dying President Carter.


If that article is paywalled, here is another . . .


Beyond disgraceful. Americans continued to be held hostage for months because the Republicans wanted to win an election.

Florida GOP strikes again!

It is a fact of life that many very young girls begin menstruation early. Even as young as 10 or 11. They are very much children, but can become pregnant if they behave ignorantly or are molested. When a child is capable of becoming pregnant, sex education is not only age-appropriate, it is vital. But not in MAGA world apparently.

The Florida GOP in its wisdom wants to add discussion of menstrual cycles and sexual health to its list of forbidden topics for school kids. Their bill to do so is so poorly crafted that it would make it illegal for young girls to discuss the subject amongst themselves. And God forbid that a teacher try to help a youngster by explaining why they are bleeding.


Why is there political advantage in propagating dangerous ignorance? Maybe some MAGA-Republican can explain the logic?