Told you so

HCQ coctail works when used early and on outpatient basis

A peer reviewed study confirms that the HCQ cocktail used early on an outpatient basis reduced hospitalizations by 80%.

The failure in other studies was the result of testing it on patients already sick enough to need hospitalization when it was too late for antiviral intervention.

So, how many thousands have died needlessly because of the reflexive political rejection of the treatment because President Trump endorsed it.

The Bobulinski Interview

Source: American Thinker.

Last Night Tucker Carlson devoted his entire show to a single interview of Tony Bobulinski, an international businessman who worked for the Biden family trying to set up a business venture with a state-supported Chinese company. The interview is significant for a number of reasons, but primarily for the allegation that Joe Biden has been lying repeatedly about his own personal involvement in business deals set up by his son, Hunter, and brother, James. The article contains extended clips from the show, and summarizes the interview as follows:

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Frat Boy Wonder

This week Justice Brett Kavanagh demonstrated for all to see that he has no place on the Supreme Court. His opinion that Wisconsin cannot count votes arriving in the mail after 8:00pm on election day was based explicitly on “logic” that says such late arriving votes might “flip” the election. Justice Kagan, in her dissent from this partisan bullshit decision, had to straighten him out. There is nothing to “flip” until all votes are counted. Duh!

The Frat Boy Wonder added in his opinion that keeping the count open waiting for all legal ballots to arrive in the mail would prevent states from declaring a winner on election night. That is one of the lies that Trump is peddling but again, DUH! States do not declare winners or losers on election night. The media tries to do so but that is an entirely different matter. States frequently take days and sometimes weeks to finalize an election.

This anti-Democratic and anti-democratic and obviously partisan decision is a taste of things to come. It is what happens when hyper-partisans pack the courts with ideologues. Time for Democrats to play hardball the way Mitch McConnell and Trump have been doing.

America’s Pandemic

This excellent three part documentary puts the pandemic in a recent historical perspective and presents “the first draft of history” of how we got to the state we are in. A little over an hour altogether but worth the time and effort.

Hunter Biden Chaired a Foundation to Stop Child Abuse, While Engaging In It

Source: Frontpage Mag.

Given what we know — which isn’t much, without visiting the dark web to see for ourselves — it is hard to imagine the Bidens living in the White House. America wouldn’t willingly elect a First Addams Family, complete with itchy demons, basement-dwellers and sinister motivations. If it happens, it won’t be by willful choice.