Who is Ray Epps?

Real Clear Politics Questions mount

The only person we have on video clearly advocating storming the Capitol Building in the days BEFORE Jan 6 is Rays Epps, who was dropped from the FBI’s most wanted list abruptly and who the Jan 6 committee will not discuss. That refusal to acknowledge his presence or even his existence has fueled speculation that he was one of a number of agents provocateurs planted by the FBI to encourage the riot.

I don’t know if that speculation is valid, but the refusal of the committee to investigate and lay the theory to rest, and instead try to ignore it away, is coming close to proof there is something to it.

Historic Context Of The Referenda In Ukraine

Source: Moon of Alabama.

The referenda now taking place in Ukraine is of interest due to the consequences should the four oblasts vote to join the Russian Federation. If they do, then any military actions against Russian forces within the oblast borders would — technically — be an act of war against Russia proper.

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Your morning laugh.


You have probably heard about this, here he is saying it – The President can de-classify documents with his mind. He does not have to follow any process. Using this special power he de-classified EVERYTHING he sent to Mar-a-Lago. (Or did he just publicly admit that he absconded with classified documents?)

Two other gems in this Hannity segment.

  1. The National Archives is a “radical left” organization.
  2. The FBI may have raided Mar-a-Lago in search of her emails!

MAGA-Republicans must be so proud of their Dear Leader!

The Expanding definition of “transgender”

Every Tomboy is Transgender?

The number of youths now considered “transgender” is 20 to 40 times what it was a decade ago. It is highly unlikely that the genome has changed that much, so are we just redefining the meaning? More importantly, are we overtreating these youths because the definition has changed even if the underlying reality has not?

My sister was, and is, by any reasonable standard, a Tomboy. She was always happiest pursing frogs and snakes and beating my brother and I in sports. She is also spectacularly heterosexual, once breaking her foot in intercourse.

The world would be a sadder place had someone pounced on her with puberty blockers and hormones to help her be a boy.

Heather Heyer vs Cayler Ellingson

Run down and killed over politics

Everyone knows who Heather Heyer was, as there were hours of coverage for weeks when she was run down in Charlottesville. But the MSM has not covered the death of Cayler Ellingson even one minute. 

Ellingson was deliberately chased down and run over because he was at a Republican event. His murderer, Shannon Brandt echoed Biden’s words at arraignment and then tried to justify the murder by claiming he saw Ellingson making a phone call which he thought was to bring others to attack him. He was calling his mother to tell her a guy in a car was following him.

Apparently running down Trump supporters isn’t newsworthy.