Jimmy Carter Reconsidered


I have long felt that the honesty, competence, integrity and sheer decency that President Jimmy Carter brought to the White House have been grossly under-valued. Like most Democratic Presidents he inherited nearly insolvable problems from his GOP predecessors. The economy, for example, was still in the aftermath of Nixon’s attempt to control inflation by Presidential edict.

As time goes on I think it likely that history will appreciate President Carter even more while his amiable corporate spokesperson successor will be more clearly seen for the disaster that he was.

Tucker’s Vaccine Skepticism

Source: American Thinker.

VAERS is the name of the database industry and the public use to report adverse events (side effects) of vaccines to the CDC and the FDA. Other countries have similar systems.

Stories about VAERS and VAERS-like numbers associated with the Covid-19 vaccines have been percolating around the Internet for a number of weeks. They went mainstream a couple of nights ago when Tucker Carlson did a segment on VAERS, leading to strong reactions from other media outlets.

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Woke insanity continues

California is considering ditching sentence enhancements

California, with the cooperation of 2nd Amendment advocates, passed a law long ago that makes sentence enhancements available to judges for the use of a firearm in a crime. These enhancements are often plea bargained away, but even so, the legislature is poised to remove them.

Not because they are enforced unfairly, nor because they don’t serve as a deterrent, but because Blacks are disproportionately affected because they so heavily rely on the use of firearms in criminal activity.

It’s a good idea, employed impartially, but the outcome doesn’t meet ‘equity’ goals, it will be discarded.

(Napoleon, are you watching?)

Terminal. Beyond hope. Time to pull the plug.

This is how a party looks as it finally dies.

As an actual bona fide conservative Christian, Michael Gerson, put it the other day . . .

“To be a loyal Republican, one must be either a sucker or a liar. And because this defining falsehood (about the election) is so obviously and laughably false, we can safely assume that most Republican leaders who embrace it fall into the second category. Knowingly repeating a lie — an act of immorality — is now the evidence of Republican fidelity.”

Measles parties

No article, just memory. Back in the 1950s, every summer, mothers used to bring their kids to measles or chicken pox parties to deliberately expose their kids to the diseases at a time when they would not miss school as a result.

There was no vaccine then, and it was regarded as certain that your kid was going to get them sooner or later, so it made sense to control when. It was also believed, especially with mumps, that the younger they got them, the less likely they would be severe.

Once they had them, they were safe from then on.

Note that they did not have Polio parties. Polio killed children,

So, considering how long it will be before the vaccines will reach all children, I wonder if COVID parties for kids of vaccinated parents might not be a good idea this summer before the schools reopen in the fall?

Am I serious? Maybe half way, but it makes more sense than the anti-vaxers.

Are YOU addicted?


Apparently watching Fox News is addictive and may require some time at the Betty Ford Clinic.

So ask yourself. Remember, the first step is to admit you have a problem.

“Hi. My name is John.”

“Hello, John.”

“And I am a Fox News Addict.”

(The above is not directed at anyone here on TNF. It is used in the same manner as John Doe”>)