An American hero is savaged by the right wing.

One of Trump’s most vocal supporters, a gifted, high profile lawyer, tells Georgian Republicans to boycott a rigged election. Trump must be in heaven because it proves his stance. Go MAGA. Just look at the video showing crooked workers scrambling to unpack suitcases full of phony ballots. Hidden, secret cameras caught them. Release the Krakpot, err…umm…Kraken. True, Kraken was “released” by Trump’s legal team, but that just proves it.

Or not. 😇 PS: interesting article, though, showing what the CIA used to call “blowback”.

Voter Integrity Project: Findings and Conclusions

Matt Braynard concludes that it is impossible to know who won the 2020 presidential election. He also makes specific technical recommendations for improving election integrity.

Some are using this video to “prove” that election fraud was rampant, but the evidence Braynard musters in the video does not lead to that finding. Instead, his evidence shows that the true election results are unknown and unknowable.

We should fix that.

Why is Trump loading up DOD with nut jobs?

This fellow has tweeted, retweeted some of the most scurrilous conspiracies about everything. And he is slated to be second in command at the Defense Dept. He is for martial law. Now.
Is Trump setting up a coup using the military? Perhaps. Erdogan did. His buddy in investments who consolidated power when he staged a phony coup by some hapless officers.

Video shows poll workers pulling out suitcases of ballots | Georgia election hearing | NTD

You can’t say there is no evidence of election fraud. This video shows exactly how it is done.

The thing to grasp is that the process corrupts the paper record of the vote such that a recount will produce the same fraudulent results as the initial tally.

Note, too, that because the tabulation is done electronically the results can be monitored in real or near-real time. This creates the opportunity to scale the fraud so as to avoid the risk of detection.

Slavery: The “Broken Window” of American Economic History

Source: Mises Institute.

“The New History of Capitalism is astoundingly popular. Yet the assumption that slavery made a significant economic contribution to America’s development is untenable. Slavery performed exceptionally as a pollutant during its heyday. Instead of energizing the economy, it created an environment that induced stagnation and inefficiency. Left-wing historians are fascinated by slavery, so they should study it objectively. Then they will admit that the unseen costs of slavery exceed its perceived economic contributions.”

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Pardons? For what?

If those mentioned in the story, with the exception of Rudy, have done nothing wrong (he is under investigation in SDNY, I believe), what do they need pardons for?

And unlike Trump, Biden is not so vindictive as to go after Trump and his family just because.

No crime, no pardon required. Right?