Thinking about Externalities

Because the concept of externalities came up in a recent Forum post I thought it might be useful to explore it. What I learned turned out to be fascinating.

To an economist, “an externality is a cost or benefit for a third party who did not agree to it” (Wikipedia). Most of us can easily think of examples; air pollution and public education come to mind.

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Democrats plot the end of medical progress

WSJ: the results of the Democrat plan to control prices

Highly financially risky projects require a high rate of return, or they just don’t get done.

As the article points out, were this plan in effect a decade ago, there would be no Moderna, or mRNA vaccines.

But that’s OK, if you believe that today’s level of medical treatment is all we’ll ever need.

We should be very grateful that COVID came along before Democrats were in control.

ScamDemic, more news

More info turning up on web. People with v-immunity are more likely to spread the disease. Feast on that.

Meanwhile, the Tea Party people sent out a very complete statement of what we are up against:


What is going on? 

Every available medicine (and even some supplements!) that is used successfully to treat Covid patients is being blocked in some form or another.

  • Major media and government propaganda campaign against HCQ last year.
  • Major media and government propaganda campaign against Ivermectin this year.
  • Major medical associations and boards are threatening to revoke doctors’ medical licenses if they prescribe medicines like Ivermectin and HCQ.
  • Amazon won’t sell, and now PayPal won’t allow you to pay for certain supplements that are shown to help.
  • The Biden administration has taken over the approval and distribution of the very successful monoclonal antibody treatment from the states to “promote optimal and equitable use of the available supply of monoclonal antibodies.” So, the federal government is now restricting and regulating all orders of these treatments.1

Americans who suffer from severe cases of Covid, or the elderly and vulnerable who need protection and treatment, have died and more will die because of the corruption of the people running the federal government right now. In addition to the corruption is the radical ideology that demands we distribute lifesaving medicine based on equity (the idea that equal outcomes are the most important goal, no matter who you have to kill to get there).

On top of maligning and prohibiting medicines and supplements that are successfully treating Covid patients – including severely ill patients – the government of the United States of America is mandating we inject ourselves with a substance in order to have the “privilege” of working and putting food on the table for our families??


BDP summary:

A terrifying conspiracy but increasingly obvious.

Omega Protein continues to trash the Bay, with Northam’s protection

Almost 300,000 of illegally dumped fish on beaches

This time it’s a net torn on an old anchor, but purse seines aren’t supposed to be used in water shallow enough to drag bottom. But it’s always something. The basic problem is that the Feds set a quota on menhaden for the entire east coast, Florida to Maine, but Omega takes nearly all of it in or immediately in front of, the Chesapeake Bay. The species as a whole is not overfished, but that part that uses the Bay is grossly overharvested. The Feds set a quota for the Bay portion, but it’s left to the State to enforce it, and it doesn’t.

Menhaden are directly regulated by the Democrat controlled legislature and Governor, the only species not regulated by professionals.  Omega has bought the support of the AFL-CIO and the NAACP, and Democrats will not touch them.

So, for a party that’s willing to crush our economy over 1/4 inch of sea level rise in 100 years it seems strange they won’t do a damned thing about an issue right here under their control that has a far larger impact on Virginia.

President Biden announces new COVID-19 vaccine mandates

It’s official. The U.S. is now the U.S.S.R.

We can trace the beginning of Leviathan’s slide into totalitarianism back to 9/11 and the order to begin searching the public at airports. Today our president expands upon that intrusion by using Covid-19 as an excuse for federal involvement in the daily lives of all Americans.

Stumble Joe is a creature without shame. I see him as the most anti-American president of my lifetime.