Medicare-for-all. Do we want a Cadillac or a Chevy

Tip of the hat to Bobrsmith for pointing me to this work on Medicare-for-all done by the Urban Institute. They have studied several Medicare-for-all options.

One plan can be called the Cadillac Plan. It would be far more generous than current Medicare. It would cover dental, hearing, vision and long term care that Medicare does not cover. It would eliminate premiums and co-pays. And, it would cover every person living in this country bringing in 25.6 million legal residents and 10.8 undocumented residents. This Cadillac plan would increase National spending by $7 Trillion over 10 years increasing it from $52 Trillion to $59 Trillion.

They also worked with a Chevy plan. This would essentially extend current Medicare benefits, premiums and co-pays to all people legally resident in this country. Even though this plan covers 25.6 million people with no coverage currently it will REDUCE National spending by $2 Trillion over those ten years.

Can 22 studies ALL be wrong?

Even the study by the Mercatus Center says there is an overall savings in an M4A program. “Even the Mercatus Center, a right-wing think tank, recently found about $2 trillion in net savings over 10 years from a single-payer Medicare for All system. Most importantly, everyone in America would have high-quality health care coverage.” Interesting.

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An easily solved conundrum

School year 2021-2022 start day falls on the same day as Rosh Hashonah, the Jewish New Year and the beginning of the High Holy Day season. The VB School Board spent about 30 seconds discussing and voted to force students and staff of the Jewish faith to choose between missing the first day of school or not attending synagogue. This is not acceptable.

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