A failed experiment?

The number of participants here has dwindled over recent weeks to the point that it no longer serves its purpose.

It appears people have found it easier to adapt to the Pilot’s restrictive limits and avoidance of national news than to keep a second tab open on their browsers.

But the marketplace has spoken, I will let this blog go dormant for a couple of weeks and if nothing changes, take it down.

Even Trump’s perpetual cheerleader says we must allow increased immigration.


In stark contrast to the administration’s policy of restricting legal immigration ala Miller, FOX, etc., Thiessen states the obvious: we need more immigrants or we cannot prosper.

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PJM: There Are 10,000 Illegals from Terror States at Large in the U.S., ICE Reports


Stories like this one are one reason I support construction of a border wall. Broadly speaking, there are many issues to consider within the topic of immigration, but none of them matters unless and until our borders can be sealed where they need to be.

How many nuclear missile subs do we need…are we blowing up the moon, too?


Cut taxes? Check. Cut Medicare and SS? Work in progress. And if that doesn’t fly, borrow a few trillion more.

Then bloat the military/industrial complex, arguably the biggest welfare and jobs support program we have. Looking for another war? Venezuela has bee mentioned. Iran? Why not? Iraq was so easy and successful.

We are always fighting the last wars. The Russians, and others I’m sure, have cleverly divided us like a mistress does to a troubled marriage. Cyber attacks work without firing a single rocket. And for a lot less money…by far.

Meanwhile the Chinese are forging trade alliances and infrastructure investments all around the world. And we are tossing up tariffs and walls. Doing our level best to piss off even our best allies in both defense and trade.

Think of what a fraction of the cost those subs spent on infrastructure, manufacturing and education in Central America might do to curtail the flow of desperate refugees fleeing for their lives.

Eisenhower was right. And we are wrong.