Virginia Should Reject the National Popular Vote Compact

Source: Bacon’s Rebellion.

I agree with the commentary. The National Popular Vote Compact is abominating to liberty.

In our system each of the states is a sovereignty that represents (and answers) to the political interests of the people in it. The NPVC would — like the 17th Amendment — help dissolve the states as participants in the federal union. People within the sates would become disenfranchised.

To illustrate: Under the existing constitutional system, a Virginian’s vote is recorded and counted as cast. Under NPVC, some Virginians’ votes would be recorded then, in effect, changed. Hard to find liberty in that.

The Qanon Presidency

In the NBC Town Hall last night Trump tried to walk back his earlier refusal to disavow White Supremacy. Good for him. Small steps are better than none. But then, as the late Texas Governor Anne Richards might say “Bless his heart, he cannot help himself” because he went on to refuse to disavow QAnon saying only that pedophilia is bad.

So, what is Qanon?

From the Washington Post . . . “It’s a concoction of allegations against Democratic politicians, celebrities and supposed members of a “deep state” bureaucracy against whom Trump is seen as valiantly battling. Purported pedophilia rings are central to the conspiracy theory, along with Satanism and secret judicial proceedings. QAnon believers await the ‘Great Awakening,’ or the moment the general public realizes the conspiracy exists, and the ‘Storm,’ when thousands of wrongdoers face justice. “

Does Trump actually believe this bizarre and dangerous nonsense? Or does he understand his base and does not want to de-motivate them? Who knows. Either answer is bad for this country.

Fat cats tipped off. The people – not so much.

For those who cannot read the story, the gist is that at the same time that Trump was “down playing” the threat from the virus senior members of his administration gave private briefings to the Board of the conservative Hoover Institution and other major supporters that were far less sanguine. A hedge fund consultant wrote a memo about these briefings which circulated among the fat cats and fueled the sell-off that we saw.

From the article . . . “But the memo’s overarching message — that a devastating virus outbreak in the United States was increasingly likely to occur, and that government officials were more aware of the threat than they were letting on publicly— proved accurate.”

From the article . . . “traders spotted the immediate significance: The president’s aides appeared to be giving wealthy party donors an early warning of a potentially impactful contagion at a time when Mr. Trump was publicly insisting that the threat was nonexistent.”

Another MAJOR scandal in this Scandal-a-day Presidency.

K-12: Sight-words are a sick joke

Recent article on American Thinker explains why so many Americans are illiterate.

My big theme is that we can’t save the country if we don’t first save the public schools. (And we can’t do that without eliminating one of the world’s dumbest educational methods, i.e., using sight-words to teach reading.)

Parents can’t expect help from major universities and foundations. The media are especially compromised, as they remain silent on how the schools might be hurting your children. So, it’s everyone’s job to improve literacy.

Read article.

Rittenhouse got arrested. Reinhoel got executed. Or so it appears.

Probably paywalled. Sorry for that.

The original story was that Reinoehl, who was wanted for the killing of a member of Patriot’s Prayer, pulled a gun on police who were attempting to arrest him, who then opened fire in self defense.

The original story is falling apart and it appears that Mr. Reinoehl was the victim of an execution by the authorities. He was deserving for arrest, but not for extra judicial execution.

The investigation is not yet complete, but the pieces coming out appear rather damning to the authorities.