SCOTUS is Corrupt!

 “The Supreme Court has lost its honor, prestige, and standing, & has become nothing more than a political body, with our Country paying the price.” – Donald Trump

What a crybaby!

I am no fan of this Supreme Court but in this case, the law is clear. The House Ways and Means Committee has the explicit legal authority to review the tax returns of ANY citizen. Mr. Trump is a citizen. It is not even a close call.

The Importance of Waiting for Facts

Leftwing journalists blame GOP for Q-Club shooting

Notice how quiet the news has gotten about the mass shooting at the Q-Club in Colorado?

The tragedy was immediately promoted as a hate crime, and the responsibility of Republicans in general and certain conservative commentators specifically, with MSNBC commentators suggesting civil liability. Continue reading “The Importance of Waiting for Facts”

Is Washington’s Dangerous Ukraine Boondoggle Starting to Unravel?

Source: Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

Finally we are seeing signs that political support for the war in Ukraine may diminish. Ron Paul thinks a Ukrainian missile strike inside Poland last week was a precipitating event. Two others are:

  • The execution of 12 Russian POWs in Makiivka by Ukrainian soldiers.
  • Allegations that disgraced crypto currency firm FTX engaged in money laundering in Ukraine that helped to fund political donations in the U.S.

Stories like these are bound to proliferate, eventually to erode the rhetoric of virtue signaling on Ukraine. Why should the U.S. support a lying dictatorship that murders innocents and enriches the Democratic Party?

It shouldn’t.

Merrick Garland’s Special Counsel Mistake on Trump

Source: Wall Street Journal.

The design that America’s founders gave the nation can only function with an honor code (“On my honor I will not lie, cheat or steal, nor condone anyone who does.”)

The prosecution of a former President, especially one running against Mr. Biden, had better be for serious offenses. The evidence should be so compelling that it persuades fair-minded Republicans, not merely MSNBC or CNN anchors. Mr. Garland signed up to make these difficult calls when he agreed to be AG, and he should have made them on Mr. Trump himself.

Yeah, well, this is what End of Empire looks like. Little men attempting big, dishonorable projects.

Be Careful What You Wish For

Durham came up with zilch but you still wanted the “Biden crime family,” the FBI, and the DOJ to be publicly “investigated.” Looks like you are going to get what you want.

The face of the Republican Party is going to be Jim Jordan and James Comer and they did not hesitate to let us know what the top Republican priority is going to be. Maybe I am wrong, but I do not think that the GOP got a shellacking in the election because this is what people want Congress to be doing. But there they are with their faces hanging out spreading one baseless slander after another.

They took the opportunity of this presser to tout the 1,050 page report they issued before the election (to no avail) about FBI and DOJ politicization. 1,050 pages! Oh My! This must be serious!

Uh, no. It turns out that the actual report regurgitating “conservative” complaints about the FBI is just 43 pages. The third sentence sums it up : “The problem lies, for example, with the FBI hierarchy that spied on President Trump’s campaign and ridiculed conservative Americans.”

The rest is empty filler. Literally empty with, for example, 290 pages with nothing but a signature. And about 500 pages of letters THEY wrote to Merrick Garland and others.

Looks like we are in for some grotesque abuse of Congressional investigative powers – Benghazi on steroids. Personally, I think having people like Jordan front and center for the GOP is going to resound to the benefit of the Democrats in the next election. Bigly. So, “conservatives,” enjoy it while you can.

Here, you can read their report for yourself . . .

The Kremlin regime of 2022 is not even an authoritarian government but simply a group of gangsters in charge of a failed state.

Since the definition of “fascism” has been debated here, I thought the author of this article may have a better way of describing Russia today. She gives evidence of why Putin’s Russia is “simply a group of gangsters in charge of a failed state.”