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Sotomayor Vaccine mandate

Breyer Vaccine Madate

Kagan ditto

The problem isn’t so much that the Liberal Justices are woefully misinformed on the pandemic, it’s that they thought their opinions on what might be good policy was relevant to their deliberations.

Their charge is to determine if the mandate conforms to the Constitution and if it is within the scope of OSHA’s delegated powers. Ther opinion on its value has no bearing on a valid ruling.

How did they get out of eight grade civics, much less on to the nation’s highest court?

The Branch Covidians

PJ MEDIA Cult of Covid

Without debating the science of vaccines or masks again, the writer has a point about the cult like behavior of many who will give up all their freedom for false hopes of protection.

It is not much different from the Climate Cultists who are willing to throw away modern civilization to avoid a foot of sea level rise.

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”  Mencken

Of course

Biden Admin greenlights racial rationing of therapeutics

NY and MN have, with FDA approval, set Hispanic ethnicity and non-white race as stand alone risk factors in distributing the scarce therapeutics for COVID, without requiring any other co-morbidities. Other woke states will follow.

That means in an environment where we don’t have enough for the high risk patients to begin with, they will now have to compete with perfectly healthy young people for those scarce doses based on race alone.

Thank the deity of your choice that Northam only has 6 more days.

A Bridge Too Far

Biden loses all perspective

Predicably, in order to try to distract the country from his incompetence, Biden compares the Jan 6 riot to Pearl Harbor and 9/11.

Jan 6 was stupid and in some cases, criminal, but in no way comparable to attacks that killed thousands of innocents. Making such comparisons destroys one’s credibility.

But at this point I’m going to sit back with Napoleon(or at least some of his brandy) and watch them destroy themselves.

Perhaps something we can agree on

Repeal the Electoral Count Act

The law President Trump’s campaign sought to use to overturn the results of the election was also used by Democrats in 2000 to try to deny George Bush the election and again in 2016 to try to overturn Trump’s victory over Clinton.

It is a bipartisan bad idea. It should go.

The Constitution left the selection of Electors to the Electoral College to the states and so should Congress.

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Bigger than Biden

Bigger than Biden

Driving home last week, I passed a yard sign that initially looked like a typical Christmas greeting. Crimson background with silver glitter stars and snowflakes and lettering. But it didn’t say Merry Christmas, it said “Let’s Go Brandon”

What started out as anger at President Biden has grown into a rallying cry for a rebellion against the elite. People know they are being lied to at all levels of government and academia.

So, “Remember the Alamo,” “Remember the Maine,” “Remember Pearl Harbor” and “Let’s Go Brandon” because we have had it.

Sticks and Stones

I have had numerous requests lately to delete posts or block someone.

I abhor moderation. First, it’s a lot of work and there are fish to catch. Second, If I do that, there would be suspicion of bias, and it might even be valid. I’m not perfect. The resentment that having posts blocked would raise might do more harm than the incivility I would be trying to discourage.

As a result, I have never blocked a post or banned anyone. WordPress filters some posts its algorithms see as spam, but they go to a pending folder and I have always passed on valid posts. when they are brought to my attention.

So, maybe a Beer Summit would help.

But the personal insults and bickering are getting worse. Maybe it’s a function of overall hyperpartisanship of the country, but this is getting less pleasant.

So, call ideas or policies stupid, but don’t call people stupid. Or racists, unless you can back that up. Be civil, speak to each other as though we were sitting around a table face to face, and everyone is armed.

But still some people will be nasty, because it is their nature. So, try to get a thick skin and understand that when people start acting like 14 year old mean girls they have lost the intellectual argument and their nastiness is their surrender.