Operation Snail Speed

Killing innovation in health care for votes

It’s not bad enough that the FDA watched us die waiting for new medicines, now the anti-market Democrats are going to stop the development of those new drugs by taking the profits away.

Remember that the profits on successful drugs pay for the research that went into the drugs that failed, either clinically or competitively. Viagra saved countless lives by financing research on other drugs that were not worth the risk on their own. No “excess profits” means less research.

Scott Adam’s take on Jan Committee

Twitter – unintended outcomes

Adam’s has often turned out to be right about the way people’s opinions are formed, and it is often not at all what was intended.

“Five things no Democrat wanted, yet the #Jan6thHearings delivered:

1. Kept Trump the most relevant figure in politics.

2. Made us think about election rigging until it seemed true.

3. Made all Republicans feel hunted.

4. Made Congress look useless.

5. Debunked own narrative.”

I really don’t want Trump to run, but if Adams is right, Democrats have handed Trump 2024