A Nightmare for Democrats

Democrats are well on the way to destroying themselves in preparation for the 2022 mid terms, so here is a scenario I saw for you to think about.

Democrats are clearly worried about Trump running again in 2024 as they tried to disqualify him, They are looking too gar down the road.

Trump runs for the House of Representatives in 2022 in Florida. He would be unbeatable, and would then be chosen as Speaker of the House, 3rd in line for the Presidency. He carries long coattails.

Now that Democrats have set the precedent for using impeachment in a totally partisan manner, Trump simultaneously impeaches Biden and Harris. A partisan Senate convicts,

Trump assumes the office of the President with less than 2 years remaining so he can still run again in 2024.

10 years of Trump as President.

Nighty nite.

Note that I do not mean this to be a prediction or endorse the result, it’s just a goblin to haunt your dreams.

Merrick Garland knows nothing and has no opinions.

Garland Evasive before Senate

Merrick Garland, in his testimony before the Senate seeking confirmation as Attorney General is setting records for evasiveness when questioned on important issues. “I know nothing about…” was a common answer when queried about important matters he would be making decisions on. Makes one wonder what he has been doing the last 4 years.

He asserted that gun control would be an important priority, but then professed to have no opinion on the  meaning of the 2nd Amendment.

I don’t know if he will be conformed or not, but thank goodness McConnell kept this weasel off of the Supreme Court.

Now, this is what the Logan Act is about

Kerry advises Iran to ‘wait out’ Trump administrations

John Kerry, and others serving in the Biden administration, met with Iranian officials during the Trump administration and advised them to not make a new deal with Trump and to instead wait out the Trump administration to get a better deal.

That is the kind of undermining of foreign policy the Logan Act was passed to address.

At the least, this should be the end of any kind of official position of Trust for Kerry and if it is determined that Biden or Harris had any knowledge of the meetings, impeachment proceedings should begin.

Sabotaging of the official diplomatic process for political gain is treason.

Decline of science by politics

WSJ Science needs critics, not cheerleaders.

I have often been aghast at the decline of what passes as science in the popular press, and recently, even in peer reviewed publications. Richard Feynman warned that “Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts.” and sometimes it appears that many politically biased scientists have taken that as encouragement.

Prof. John Staddon of Duke has had enough.

Hating nice people

When haters think they are the good guys

In addition to Shapiro’s article, an observation from yesterday’s deceptively edited Democrat video.

As a part of the crowd began to push through one of the doors, 4 policemen were trying to hold the crowd back. One of the first to push through turned around about 10 feet behind the policemen and began recording the struggle on his phone. As the police were being gradually pushed back, he suddenly pocketed his phone and stepped forward to move a bench out from behind one of the officers so he wouldn’t trip over it in the struggle.

So, perhaps the left should take a breath and ask themselves what they have done to make such basically nice people so angry.

Here’s a hint, for 4 years they have been called racists and worse for supporting an imperfect President who finally stood up to the left after so many other Republican Presidents had caved in the past. Within weeks of gaining control of the government, Democrats have gleefully celebrated the destruction of hard working people’s lives with the stroke of a pen, denying them a say through Congress. where they could at least be heard.

The absolute disdain by the coastal elites for those living in flyover country is where hate lives in this country, and it is tearing the country apart.

Biden Corruption of the day

Keystone cancellation payoff

I expect I will be writing a lot of these.

Have you wondered why cancelling the Keystone Pipeline was so urgent? Initially it might have appeared to be simple pandering to environmentalists, but everything Biden is about money or politics.

The Keystone was intended to safely transport Baken oil to pipeline hubs and then to refineries for use. Currently, the oil is delivered by rail car, which is many times more dangerous than by pipeline.

So, who owns the current rail tankers? And who owns the Union Tank Car company, which makes the upgraded tank cars being phased in? None other than Warren Buffet, who has donated millions to the Democratic Party congressional candidates and party funds

Open Secrets.

Finishing the Keystone would have sidelined hundreds of tankers and cancelled orders for hundreds more upgraded cars.

Now it makes sense.