President tells Democrats he will not cooperate with inquiry absent due process

Partly in response to the handling of Rep Schiff’s abuse of process in the interview of envoy Kurt Volker, the White House council sent a letter to Congressional Democrats informing them there will be no further cooperation with their inquires absent a vote by the House on a formal impeachment inquiry under HouseĀ  rules providing due process. Continue reading “President tells Democrats he will not cooperate with inquiry absent due process”

Elizabeth Warren campaigning on lies, again

After gaining advantage by falsely claiming to be of Native American Heritage, Fauxcahontas has been going around the country claiming to have been fired from her job teaching special needs children because she was ‘visibly pregnant,’ Continue reading “Elizabeth Warren campaigning on lies, again”

Probable cause for investigation of Biden dates from Jan 23rd, before Biden was a candidate.

Past Ukrainian prosecutor Shokin disclosed to Giuliani in an interview in January that he had been told to back off the investigation of Bursima, and that it was because of a threat from Biden to block aid.

The notes were turned over to the State Dept Inspector General but they were not followed up, for reasons not known.

So, President Trump did indeed have probable cause to ask the Ukraine to reopen the investigation.