Biden speaks from his (black) heart


As conservatives have pointed out to deaf ears for so long, the Democratic party views Blacks as a monolith the have in their pockets forever. They see no difference between inner city multi-generation welfare families and my former neighbors, married school teachers living in the suburbs. They’re all just Black votes to be taken for granted, and for so long that worked, but maybe no longer.

Second Ferguson investigation yields no charges

NPR No charges for 2nd time

If you remember, Michael Brown was shot and killed by officer Daryl Wilson in Ferguson, MO, in 2014, effectively starting the Black Lives Matter protests.

The former prosecutor took the case to a grand jury, which did not indict Wilson, because while Brown’s hands were up, he was also charging toward the officer.

A new prosecutor, Wesley Bell, who replaced the former in a Democratic Primary based largely on the failure to secure an indictment, reopened the investigation, and while he hedged his comments,  also declined to prosecute.

BLM is not amused.

It’s really going to hit the fan when Chauvin is found not guilty in George Floyd’s death.