A report from the front lines

I was there and it was a beautiful thing. Men and women of all races and creeds, Republicans and Black Panthers, Libertarians and AntiFa, Straight and Gay all peacefully side by side, comparing their weapons and seething at their common enemy, an overbearing government.


Northam’s claim that his planning and fencing kept things peaceful is ludicrous.  There was literally nothing for the police to do. We talked and chanted and then picked up the trash before we left.



Strange bedfellows

It’s almost as if Democrats want violence at the Capitol as they keep fucking escalating things causing more and more tension. We don’t believe they are that smart though. Just fucking dense.

They didn’t listen to us when we warned them about Unite the right and we are warning folks now that fascists will attempt to use this as an opportunity to recruit and escalate from well meaning folks. We hope VCDL Page – Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. is aware of all the purposeful disinformation they are sewing. We also hope they are taking measures to block fascists from using this as an opportunity to be violent.

We have been openly against this legislation as are EVERY anti fascist we have talked to. We think this is highly irresponsible of the VA Democrats and it is actually causing escalated risk of violence.

There are people that would have you believe that this is similar to Unite the Right where there are very clear sides and one chants “Jews will not replace us” carrying torches when this situation is far from black and white. There is a lot of nuance and even common ground.”

Looks like the Democrats are all alone on this one.