The Leftist Libel of Columbus

Spectator: Primary documents on Columbus

Columbus has been demonized by leftists seeking to raise a generation hating their country. In many cases, wrongs Columbus stood against were attributed to him.

But the left can’t get it’s “Progress” without making youth hate this country, or at best, be ashamed of it.

So, Washington, Jefferson, Columbus, and yes, Lee, must be libeled to drain the pride from American youth.

Democrats walk out of redistricting commission to deny a quorum.

VA Mercury Redistricting collapse

GOP members refused to use a Democrat Senate map alone as a starting point. The Dem map combined the districts of multiple serving GOP Senators to virtually guarantee a 22-18 Senate. Rather than continue using two maps, the Democrat citizen members walked out to deny a quorum so the commission could not continue to seek a compromise.

So, all that Democrat crying about Gerrymandering was just hypocrisy, they like Gerrymandering just fine if they can do it.

Everything old is new again

Changing the rules in middle of election

It appears that Democrats just can’t follow rules if they think they can gain advantage by cheating.

With the election already underway, Democrats in NOVA want Northam to waive witness signatures on absentee ballots.

Why? Does it make it more difficult to manufacture the needed votes if they see they are behind?

And people wonder why so many believe the 2020 election was stolen.