The Blindness of the Anointed

Biden has chosen John Kerry as his climate czar. Kerry has 6 houses, 12 luxury cars and SUV’s, 2 yachts and a private Jet. His job will be to tell us to forgo air conditioning and ride the bus to save the planet.

This does not surprise me in the least, but what is truly shocking is that Biden and his supporters do not even see the hypocrisy there.

Democrat politicians, when in power, do not see themselves as part of the people, but as anointed rulers, like Henry the 8th, sent by God to rule the people, not to live among them. It is that hubris that inevitably cuts short their time in power.

He should have chosen Ed Begley Jr. His climate views are wrong, but he at least lives as he advocates others do.


OK, let’s think about what to do about it if President Trump prevails in court?

I know many of you will reject the premise, but for the sake of examining what is right, assume that in one or more States, the expansion of mail in votes is shown to have been a violation of either the State or Federal Constitution and the results of the election cannot be certified.  It then falls to the State legislature to choose the State’s electors. What is the right thing for them to do?

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My hat goes off to the pranksters who placed this object to be found.

The craftsmanship is impeccable, the placement, where it could easily have been missed for years, is brilliant.

It is good to know that we have people who will go to this much trouble for a laugh.

Operation Warp Speed at the BATFE?

After wait times for Federal Firearms Act tax stamps averaging 11 months for years, I was surprised to get mine for a suppressor for my AR15 after only 7 months. This improved regulatory environment will be one of the things I will miss once Democrats get control again.

FYI, the suppressed AR sounds about like a regular .22 rifle, not like the ones on TV. But it quiets it down enough so as not to overly disturb the neighbors.