About that Michigan Dam disaster

Tennessee Star article

The private operator has been blamed by Michigan authorities for the collapse of two dams that resulted in widespread destruction of property.

But it turns out that the owners recognized the hazard and had begun lowering the water levels to prevent the  collapse. Then, Michigan’s Attorney General sued the operator to compel them to return the water levels to normal because lowering the levels was killing fresh water mussels.

Once again, wacko Democrat environmentalists put a dubious environmental agenda (the mussels, and everything else in the lakes are dead anyway) ahead of human lives and property.


Herd immunity may come sooner than expected

Nic Lewis at Climate, etc.

Nic Lewis’s math is usually pretty solid. I hope he’s right.

The gist is that the current models that say we need 60-80% infection to reach herd immunity assume that we are all alike and in a homogeneous society, but we aren’t.

We aren’t all equally susceptible nor are we socially integrated. The same people who attend raves do not go to NASCAR races.

So, he predicts herd immunity will kick in at under 25%.