A failed experiment?

The number of participants here has dwindled over recent weeks to the point that it no longer serves its purpose.

It appears people have found it easier to adapt to the Pilot’s restrictive limits and avoidance of national news than to keep a second tab open on their browsers.

But the marketplace has spoken, I will let this blog go dormant for a couple of weeks and if nothing changes, take it down.

Pilot: Editorial: After Mueller report, a need for action

Well, it has finally happened, the Pilot has now gone to full on political censorship of its comments section.  The following comment was “Content Disabled” this morning.

“Is it really so hard to admit you were wrong?

But action indeed is needed. We must find out who was involved in the weaponization of our intelligence agencies and Justice Dept against private citizens involved in a political campaign. That has been shown to have been a massive abuse of power.

We may yet see a President in handcuffs, as Democrats and the press so giddily wished for, but it would be former President Obama if it is shown he knew what Lynch and Comey were up to.”

The comment certainly disagrees with their position, but it does not violate any of their rules.