Yet Again, the FDA kills

Waiting for regularly scheduled meeting

while people die.

The FDA could hold an emergency meeting to extend vaccine eligibility to 5-11 year olds, but anti-virals that could save patients wait until the scheduled Nov 30 meeting for consideration.

Merck and Pfizer have pills that can cut deaths to near zero. Studies were cut short to get them into use ASAP.

But the FDA can’t be rushed.

Could it be that they just don’t want people to have alternatives to vaccination?

Is this an exception to Hanlon’s Razor?

Mistrial looms, but with prejudice or not?

National Review, prosecutorial misconduct.

Judge Schroeder is being placed in a very uncomfortable position. He really wants to leave it to the jury but he may have to put an end to this travesty himself.

The prosecutors effectively testified to allegations unsupported by evidence.

Depending on what happens with the jury Schroeder will have to choose between allowing the prosecution to try again or ending the mess with a mistrial with prejudice.

Biden plagiarizes Leonard Read

Reason Biden invokes ‘I Pencil’ without attribution

In an attempt to explain supply chain complexity, President Biden borrows from Leonard Read’s classic 

I Pencil 

while clearly not understanding it at all. The whole point of I Pencil is that through price signals, markets self-organize supply chains and automatically compensate for scarcity and interruptions.  Biden used the reference to justify massive interference in those markets with controlled sourcing. 

My 8 year old grandson understands I Pencil and no doubt would make a better President.