Are we being played?

Suddenly the news is filled with articles about protests against hate crimes against Asians. If such a thing exists, it would certainly be troubling but I can’t find solid evidence of such a problem. Not every crime crime committed against an Asian is a hate crime.

A sex addict killed 8 sex workers claiming he had to eliminate temptation. 6 of them were Asian. But they were killed because they worked in a massage parlor, an industry dominated by Asians, not because they were Asian.

Finding accurate statistics has been difficult, because crimes that would have been characterized as robberies or simple assaults a year ago are now seen as hate crimes. But even at their worst, the number if hate crimes against Asians is a small fraction of those against Jews, which has been going on for a century.

All this happens at a time when we are in difficult negotiations with China, and the CCP has thousands of agents in this country working on disinformation campaigns. This is certainly convenient.

I am reminded of a flash mob, a dance routine that appears to be spontaneous, but in reality is carefully planned.

Finally, a public appearance, and it’s all lies

Biden lies about COVID vaccine

I said I would credit Biden if he improved the vaccine roll out, but except for continuing the Trump policy, he has only made it worse, by extending the “teachers first” priority, which the CDC never recommended, to nation wide.

Instead of making it better, he just saw a parade and ran out to the front with a baton.

You had your chance Joe, but you’re just another pandering hack.

Dead Last again

VA least safe state in pandemic

Thanks to Mr Smith for finding this link.

The study, which places the highest weight on death rate rather than vaccination rate, shows VA the state where you’re  most likely to die of COVID.

That’s what happens when you use scarce vaccines to pay political debts instead of vaccinating the most vulnerable. Fortunately. with more vaccine becoming available, evne Northam won’t be able to prevent those who should have been vaccinated first from eventually being protected.

Of course, with the appointments being made in secret, maybe he’ll find a way.