The only honest Democrat speaks

Tulsi Gabbard warns of the weaponization of bureaucracy

Gabbard is the only Democrat who speaks up against the dire changes Obama and Biden have made in our Republic. The IRS, DHS and DOJ are being used to grasp and hold power. This is not the country we grew up in, when Nixon tried a fraction of what Biden has made routine, he was an instant pariah. At least Nixon hired private goons to do his illegal searches.

And in addition, the EPA has brought back “Sue and Settle” to bypass its own rulemaking procedures, blocking even the handful of legally mandated oilfield lease sales.

And a complacent, partisan press looks the other way as the Rule of Law is shredded.

Update on Omicron boosters

Earlier I said I would get one of the new Bivalent boosters as soon as they are available, however, further checking uncovered a caveat to that.

I still will get the booster, along with my flu shot, but I will wait until October. The reason is that I got my 2nd Wild Type booster in May, and the immunologists now recommend waiting 5 to 6 months between boosters. Not because of any danger but because if you take it too soon, your immune system will destroy the new antigens before they are taken up to re-program your B lymphocytes and the booster will not work as well.

So, consider the timing before getting the new booster, even though it will be available next week.