The other kind of immunity

Nasal swabs can mislead

File this under ‘something I should have seen but didn’t.’

So, why did so many vaccinated people test for COVID, but still not get sick?

Intramuscular vaccinations stimulate strong IgG antibodies and cellular immunity which protect you from serious illness, but they don’t result in high IgA antibodies which are found in nasal and other mucous.

Nasal spray vaccines and natural infections do stimulate IgA more effectively.

So, COVID, especially Delta, take hold in the nasal passages and throat, so you test positive, but the disease doesn’t get much beyond that.

That explains a lot. but I’ll still get my booster when I can.

Alzheimer’s and vaccines

WSJ: Vaccines in general protect against Alzheimer’s

The gist of the article is that evidence is pouring in of a strong, though unexpected, link between vaccines, in general, and protection against Alzheimer’s.

It appears that activating the immune system, regardless of the targeted microbe, also activates the removal of the plaques associated with cognitive decline. 

That would help explain why Alzheimer’s seems to be paradoxically more prominent in countries with better sanitation and less exposure to infectious disease. 


Kerry’s site

If you haven’t read Kerry Dougherty’s blog today, you should.

The outbreak in Massachusetts was not a representative sample of the country as a whole, and it is doubtful that national policy should be guided by an event that involves closer contact than our everyday interactions.