White House COVID Censorship

WSJ White House COVID Censorship

Health care relies on informed consent for its legitimacy. Limiting information corrupts and degrades those choices.

It has become clear that the policy to vaccinate everyone instead of just the vulnerable has been harmful, contributing to the dominance of new variants and a depressed immune response. Considering the death rate for people under 30 from COVID is just 0.0003% there is little benefit to them from vaccination and vaccinating them effectively filters out the older variants and ensures that when the vulnerable do get infected, it will be with a variant that evades the vaccines AND the monoclonal antibody preparations that saved lived early in the pandemic.

But you won’t see that on Twitter or Facebook.  The administration is pushing vaccines for 6 month old kids, which benefits no one.

Freedom Caucus Demands

Spectator Freedom Caucus demands

Democrats are taking great joy in the GOP’s difficulties in electing a Speaker, but the demands of the holdouts are largely reasonable attempts to reform how the House works for the better.

They don’t quite go to a single purpose rule, as we have in Virginia, but they do go a long way in that direction. If they can end the practice of dumping a huge pork filled appropriations bill at the last moment with no amendments allowed and must pass inclusions, it would go a long way to regaining control of spending.

To much power has concentrated in the Speaker’s hands under Pelosi, so it is time to make the House less of a dictatorship. Democrats might snicker, but this is something they should have done themselves if they believe their own rhetoric.