Good guy with a gun

The story is still developing, but so far we know that at the Texas church, a man armed with a shotgun opened fire on the congregants at communion. A number of armed church members responded, one of them shooting the assailant dead, saving numerous lives.

The only way these things end well is when a good guy with a gun ALREADY THERE intervenes.

Response to Herring exposes his hypocrisy

The VCDL/GOA response to Herring’s ruling that 2A Sanctuary resolutions have no effect show three instances when Herring chose not to enforce laws he personally thought were UnConstitutional (he was probably correct on 2).  That is, of course, completely contradictory to his statement that local governments have no say in enforcement of laws they believe to be UnConstitiutional.

Politics of fear? Maybe not.

The LTE writer thinks the 2A Sanctuary movement is the ‘politics of fear.’

Not really, we are concerned, maybe angry at having to fight the same irrational garbage every year, but if we were actually afraid, it would get real quiet. The politics of fear is totally on the gun control side. Consider,

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