How many will die waiting this time?

NYT, Cancer miracle? 

In a small study, 100% of patients with advanced rectal cancer were cured, with no serious side effects.

So, are we going to get it to market as fast as it can be produced? Nope, the FDA is going to demand a much larger study with diverse participants before beginning its evaluation process. At best, it will be available in 2 to 3 years.

Can’t take any chances that there might be adverse side effects, can we?

Really? What side effects would there be that are worse than ass cancer?

New life saving drugs should be available to fully informed patients immediately, more thorough studies can be done in parallel with saving the most lives.

Soviet style Central Planning

WSJ Defense Production Act for Solar Power?

The Defense Production Act was intended to mobilize sectors of the economy to support a war effort with incentives and assigned priority for resources. It was not intended to fix baby formula shortages caused by overregulation or to support an uneconomic climate agenda.

Redirecting resources means that other industries will not have the resources the market would have sent their way, there are victims balancing the beneficiaries. The presumption is that Biden is a better judge of priorities than the market.

That worked so well for the Soviet Union.

Schumer holds kids hostage

Schummer blocks Luke & Alex School Safety Act

A lot went wrong in Uvalde. There was an unlocked back door that the shooter used to gain access. Contrary to reports, there was no armed response officer there. Police waited an incredible 40 minutes before storming the classroom and ending the rampage.

The Luke and Alex school safety act, pushed by parents of Parkland shooting victims,  addresses these security failures to establish best practices for hardening schools against such attacks.

Schumer has blocked the act for 3 years, including yesterday. He wants gun control and will not make schools safer until he gets his way. Even if you want gun control, what could possibly be wrong with makes schools inherently harder to attack?

The Chesapeake school my grandchildren go to has already adopted many hardening procedures on their own. There are several exits that can be opened from the inside, sounding an alarm, but only one way in, through locked steel doors which will only be buzzed open after you have been checked out by the reception desk. Why is that not standard practice?

Why does Schumer seek to block developing best security practices? Does he want the dying to continue until he gets his way?