Democrats oppose vaccine prior to election

Democrats fear Trump will announce vaccine 

Seems like I remember telling you that if President Trump delivered a cure for COVID-19, Democrats would find a reason to oppose it.

So, how many lives are they willing to lose to help Biden’s chances?

The risks posed by getting the disease if you’re over 60 so far outweigh any possible risk from the vaccine that awaiting perfect safety will cost thousands of lives. Considering the coming opening of schools in 2 months, if I could get my hands on any of the top three vaccine prospects, I would take it today without waiting for any more testing.

But now Congressional Democrats seek to use endless testing to delay the vaccine until after the election.

The most encouraging thing I’ve seen in weeks, and the most discouraging.

Californians respond to cancelation of 4th celebration

Pretty much what it would have looked like from the air here in South Chesapeake.

Hopefully a sign that the people are sick of groveling at the feet of those who hate our country.

Virginia removes flag to placate mobs

Unfortunately, Northam and his administration are too busy pandering to the mob to stand up for anything, preferring to see us all on our knees begging for peace.

It is painful to see our state government sink to such shameful depravity.

Littering or a hate crime?

Va Beach man arrested for grafitti

There is no doubt that the website the stickers directed people to is odious and hateful, but are they free speech?

He has been charged under Norfolk’s graffiti ordinance, which is punishable by up to one year in prison.

There is no doubt placing stickers on public property, or private property without the permission of the owner, is defacement of the property, but is it a greater crime to place these neo-nazi advertisements than it would be to place Black Lives Matter tags or Pizza ads?

When you’re deep in a hole, put down the shovel.

Lousie Lucas sues Tim Anderson

Louise Lucas got in hot water being caught on cell phone video telling police not to arrest vandals defacing Portsmouth’s Confederate Memorial. Attorney Tim Anderson started a recall drive to remove her from office. But Portsmouth being what it is, she likely would have survived the recall. Continue reading “When you’re deep in a hole, put down the shovel.”

Coming soon: A lesson in unintended consequences.

Fairness in Lending Act

The Democrats have finally passed a law setting limits on interest rates and terms for small loans to poor credit risks. They think this will result in low income people getting less costly loans for emergencies, What will actually happen is that they will be unable to get emergency loans at all. Continue reading “Coming soon: A lesson in unintended consequences.”

What are the protests really about?

OK. First it was about George Floyd and police brutality. But then it was about racism, with Confederate Monuments and Memorials as a symbol.

But now its George Washington, Columbus, Ulysses S Grant, abolitionist Matthias Baldwin, Holocaust Memorials, and now even Francis Scott Key. It seems that the mob is bent on destroying history itself, everything not of their own invention, like the Taliban.

What is driving this?

Nihilism? Anarchism? Narcissism?

It certainly isn’t racial equality or justice any more. It is though nothing outside their own narrow millennial experience can be allowed to survive and no other point of view can be tolerated.

Garret Rolfe is a political prisoner

I wish there was a way to link to a radio program.  Mike Imprevento has just given a detailed explanation of how the shooting of Rayshard Brooks was both legal under Georgia law and protected as self defense under the Constitution.

Prosecutor Paul Howard has to know this but has charged the officer for political purposes.

If this goes on, there will be no need to defund the police, there won’t be anyone willing to take the job.