New Perspectives on Jan 6

Carleson Jan 6 video shows the Committee lied

Nothing Carleson revealed makes the riot totally OK, but he has shown that the Jan 6 Committee grossly misrepresented what really happened.

Among other things, video shows the Shaman being escorted to the Senate chamber by Capitol police. It ss clear he is a performance artist, not the leader of an insurrection.

Other video shows Officer Sicknick well after the time he was supposedly gravely injured walking around clearly unharmed and unafraid. Electronic bookmarks show that the Committee staff had reviewed those videos, so they knew full well that attributing his death to the riot was a lie, they just hoped the videos would never get out.

Nothing in the videos indicates that the protestors did not break in and interfere in the proceedings, but the videos clearly show a protest that went too far and not an attempt at a violent insurrection.

Expect a lot of people who were bullied into plea bargains to appeal as it is very clear that exculpatory evidence was unlawfully and knowingly withheld.

90 thoughts on “New Perspectives on Jan 6

  1. Total nonsense for the weak-minded.

    Here is an analogy maybe even you will understand.

    A convenience store is robbed. The store’s clearly video shows John Smith pull a gun, point it at the clerk, and pull the trigger. The prosecution rests.

    The defense puts in evidence 12 hours of video showing nothing happening and tells the jury, the prosecution has cherry-picked the evidence. Actually nothing much happened that day. The defense rests.

    Do you not understand how truly lame this propaganda is? Or are you just playing dumb?

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    1. Wrong analogy.

      A customer in a convenience store eats a cookie he did not pay for.

      No one shoots the clerk, he gets pissed because the guy didn’t pay for the cookie, but he is uninjured. The next day, the clerk steps in front of a bus.

      The prosecution then charges the cookie thief with murder.


    2. RE: “Do you not understand how truly lame this propaganda is?”

      I do not understand how lame it is. On the contrary, this “propaganda” seems powerful to me:

      • The idiotic phrase deadly insurrection is thoroughly debunked.
      • The Qanon Shaman is shown to have been authorized in his actions by the police on scene.

      • Officer Sicknick is seen hale and hearty subsequent to his allegedly fatal assault by fire extinguisher.

      • The Jan. 6 committee is shown to have lied to the public by witholding evidence.

      I won’t be surprised if there is more to come.


      1. As I noted, Tucker’s presentation is total nonsense for the weak-minded. You have confirmed the truth of that observation in spades.

        It WAS a “deadly insurrection.” People died. Dozens were taken to hospitals. More than 110 officers had injuries. One LEO lost an eye.

        The Shaman was not “authorized” to do anything. Pure idiocy. He pleaded guilty to one of the lesser crimes he committed on video and got off very lightly.

        No video can show what was going on inside anyone’s body after violent confrontations and being sprayed with chemicals. Officer Sicknick, aged 43, died the next day.

        There was zero evidence that was withheld. The fact that parts of the huge complex were not battlegrounds at some moment or other does not refute what did happen – a violent and deadly attempt to keep Trump in office. And you have no idea of what videos Tucker did not share but someone defecated, urinated, trashed offices, stole property and did damages which the Architect told Congress would be costing $30 million or more to deal with.

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          1. “Officer Sicknick died of an atherosclerotic stroke”

            I know that. And that is why no one was prosecuted for his death. And it may be purely coincidental that after a long day of strenous defense of the Congress and being maced at least twice that he died the next day. Or, and I think far more likely, the stress of that day brought it on. In either case, he was criminally assaulted by your “tourists.”

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      2. RE: “It WAS a ‘deadly insurrection.’ People died. Dozens were taken to hospitals. More than 110 officers had injuries. One LEO lost an eye.”

        There was a riot. People were hurt. There was no “deadly insurrection.”

        RE: “The Shaman was not ‘authorized’ to do anything.”

        He had a police escort. That’s not meaningless.

        RE: “No video can show what was going on inside anyone’s body after violent confrontations and being sprayed with chemicals. Officer Sicknick, aged 43, died the next day.”

        The same applies to you. You can’t show what was going on inside Sicknick’s body, either.

        RE: “There was zero evidence that was withheld.”

        Your cognitive dissonance is showing. The video of Officer Sicknick was demonstrably viewed by congressional investigators, but never made public until Carlson aired it.


      3. That’s the thing. Disrupting the proceedings was bad enough in itself, but the Democrats could not resist exaggerating and outright lying to make it look worse than it was.


        1. It couldn’t be much worse except if shooting started. Your gangs brought weapon caches and stored them in a nearby hotel. The defending police were worried about live fire because it would have been a real catastrophe. So they held their fire. While being tased, gassed, beaten, stabbed and dragged down granite steps.

          I don’t think they were going hunting after hanging the VP. Remember, your hero texted in the middle of the violence that Pence was a coward. That helped.

          Face it Don, there was a lot of violence, around 100 cops were injured and/or hospitalized. So a few walked around in circles smiling and waving doesn’t change what happened in any way, shape or form.

          You didn’t bother to see the hearings, so you think surveillance videos from far reaches of the Capitol that were not ravaged is all there was. All you have seen is Carlson’s outtakes.

          Trump said “it’ll be wild”, and it was. He didn’t try to stop it. But you know that, too.

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        2. “. . . the Democrats could not resist exaggerating and outright lying to make it look worse than it was.”

          What was exaggerated? What were the lies?

          In short, pure nonsense.

          The reality is that there was no way for the Democrats to convey how truly bad it was. And with the subsequent investigations and trials we know that we dodged a bullet – literally – with pipe bombs deployed and arms stashed at nearby hotels. If Mike Pence had gone along it would have been the beginning of a new civil war – something that many of these perps wanted to happen.

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          1. I’ve been wondering about those pipe bombs.

            Neither one went off, so either they were phony or it was a poor bomb maker. Kitchen timers are pretty reliable.


          2. Didn’t go off the way you planned?😇
            Maybe they were not “pipe” but “poop” bombs. Killed two stones with one bird for you.

            Trump planned the attack, period. Don’t think so? No rally, no attack. And no effort to stop the violence despite pleas from family, advisors, lawyers. And he was president of the United States of America.

            Come to think of it, there was your poop…sitting on his fat ass in the White House watching the attack.

            But you knew that, too.

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          3. That’s my proof of innocence. If I had made them they would have gone off.

            I want to be sure we have this principle established though. You claim because Trump had a rally, that is proof he planned the attack.

            So, next time a Democrat makes an unkind speech, and it is followed by a crime, the Democrat planned the crime.

            Got it.


          4. “I’ve been wondering about those pipe bombs.”

            The bombs were placed outside of the HQ of the DNC and RNC the night of the 5th. They were discovered and reported to the authorities who rendered them safe just after noon on the 6th. The FBI said they were viable devices that could have caused damage, injury and death. Whether they failed, were defused, not intend to detonate, or were timed for later has not been revealed. But they served the purpose of pulling LEOs away from the Capitol as the insurrection was beginning.

            The person planting them was wearing a white hoodie. I guess that rules out Antifa.

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          5. “Kitchen timers are pretty reliable.”

            The bombs were filled with “homemade black powder.” That might be the part that failed. Easy to get the proportions wrong.

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          6. “Thanks but still no info on why the black powder was assumed . . .”

            Why would you say it was assumed? It was reported as a fact and that is certainly because the agency analyzing the bomb said it was to the reporters gathering facts.

            One obvious reason to mix their own black powder would be that licensed sellers of manufactured black powder are taught to be alert to suspicious purchases.

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          7. You haven’t been to a gun store lately, have you?

            We have mussel loader deer seasons now. Black powder comes in 8 ounce and 1pound cans.

            Same for more modern smokeless powders used for loading your own cartridges.

            It just seems like a lot of trouble for something you can buy off the shelf. I don’t doubt it is true, just don’t get why.


          8. “You haven’t been to a gun store lately, have you?”

            No. I get my mussels at Harris-Teeter. 😉

            I have no other idea than the one I offered (avoiding a paper trail and/or suspicious clerk) why a criminal bomb maker would make his own powder.

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          9. I am still trying to find something, if I do I’ll post it.

            I thought it might be worry about “taggants,” which are micro identifiers, present in commercial explosives that identify them by batch, but they don’t put them in black powder.


          10. “It just seems like a lot of trouble for something you can buy off the shelf”

            Fear of getting caught ore having it tied back to you through purchases? Just a thought. And one you didn’t have. Which kind of surprises me with how you feel about the “probability” of being investigated for buying such innocuous hunting material.


      1. But you keep trying to find things that feed your narrative.

        This weakly edited video is so incomplete that if presented in a class on Journalism would be graded as such. Gotta find as much non-violence on those videos to “prove” that is was a completely peaceful protests. Broken windows, kicked in doors and feces smeared on the walls are irrelevant to the right wing narrative. But they DID happen. But you won’t see that on Tucker’s home movie reveal.

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      2. “The video is there for you to see.”

        So, after the right wing troll Tucker Carslon reviewed 40,000 hours of video footage he has found a few peaceful moments to share. How many violent moments, people defecating and urinating, and victims hiding and fleeing did he choose to not show us?

        I used the term weak-minded above. I was right.

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          1. Really? Your so biased you don’t recall the Capitol janitorial staff having to clean up the literal SHIT left behind by the not-so-peaceful protesters.

            Antifa wasn’t even there.

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          2. Antifa very definitely was there.

            But with all the video, is there evidence of who did it? Was DNA recovered that would connect it to any of those arrested?

            Someone may be guilty of doing it, but that doesn’t make everyone there guilty. Most were careful not to damage anything.


          3. “I’m not claiming they were dominant ”

            Did you even read the link? Unidentified sources claim there were TWO probable antifa types they THINK they spotted on a video. That was in a crowd of over 2,000 who entered the Capitol. So you are correct, they were not dominant even if they actually existed. Approximately 0.1% of the crowd is not “dominant.”

            And did you notice that event the Washington Examiner pulled a story about two antifa people due to unreliables sources?

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          4. The WE pulled a story about 2 from Philadelphia that was not substantiated, but the Post article was about two who appeared in photos at a NY riot.

            It only takes 1 to throw poop on a wall.


          5. “It only takes 1 to throw poop on a wall.”

            How much excrement can one person poop? Based on the volume, it appears that a number of people defecated on the floor in a Capitol bathroom and then deliberately tracked it through a number of different hallways.

            You can continue to make a fool of yourself by blaming a miniscule possible Antifa presence without any evidence. I don’t mind at all when you make yourself ridiculous.

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          6. “Antifa very definitely was there.”

            “I’m not claiming they were dominant “…

            I don’t know. Were they there to the point that they were not dominant? Or were they NOT there in numbers that could have affected the outcome? Kind of like election fraud?


          7. “Are there videos of that behavior?”
            Ask Tucker. He would know.

            But whether there are such videos or not, the acts of scatological desecration by these shitheads is a matter of record.

            Your pretending not to know about this aspect of January 6th is kind of laughable. Here it is reported in a journal you trust . . .


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          8. “I said I had doubts about who did it.”

            Based an absolutely nothing but your wish to believe that this was an Antifa false flag operation. Did I mention “weak-minded?” I think I did.

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          9. That kind of thing is common with Antifa, but I’ve never heard of anything like it at a Trump rally. It’s just not the kind of thing they do.


          10. You pal around with Antifa and see where they poop?

            Not what they do at a Trump rally? How about “stacking” and storing weapons caches. Carrying plastic cuffs? Beating the crap out of both men and women police? Breaking out windows? Chasing a Black officer as he diverted them? Confederate flags. Tasers, bear spray, sharpened poles, clubs. This is what they brought and used at that rally. Looking to hang the VP after Trump text an insult that he was cowardly.

            And you are focused on poop that you insist was the work of Antifa. Really?

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          11. “ Stacking is just a way to keep your group together in a crowd.”

            For what reason? Has it ever been observed at other rallies? Left or right? Tactical gear, climbing equipment and a slew of weapons, including guns as reported by the gangs themselves.

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          12. “That kind of thing is common with Antifa”

            Is it really? You are a bottomless font of amazing – literally incredible – “facts.”

            Whatever Antifa usually does and Trumkins do not do (according to you), the Capitol was desecrated with human excrement and Antifa was not there.

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          13. “That kind of thing is common with Antifa”…

            Site? Or are you just making crap up? 😇

            …”I’ve never heard of anything like it at a Trump rally”…

            It didn’t happen AT the rally. It happened at the riotous attack on the Capitol AFTER the rally.

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          14. Forget it. You know, but refuse to contradict your preconceived ideas. As you and MAGA are expected to do is to start all over again. Deny facts, then when shown evidence, wait a few weeks, the deny them again.

            I think you can do your own research.

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      3. “ Carlson also refuted the viral footage singling out Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., who the House Select Committee claimed “fled” from the mob in a cowardly manner when in reality the full footage shows he was among several lawmakers who were rushed away from the Capitol by police with him on the tail end of the group.”

        A biggie. Not only was Hawley running scared, but others with him. So that solidified the panic and danger in my mind.

        What about you?

        So since you accuse me of not seeing the selected few videos, have you seen the 1/6 hearings?

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  2. And yet Officer Sicknick died.
    No video can show what was happening inside of his body.
    Nobody lied about the timeline of his death.

    As for the Shaman being “escorted,” I am sure that the Capitol Police did everything they could to try to defuse the violence. That does not mean the violence did not occur. The jury saw all the evidence not cherry-picked moments of peaceful behavior. He pleaded GUILTY to the charge – Obstructing an official proceeding. And that was obviously the result of plea bargain since he was caught on video waving his spear and using his bullhorn to incite the violence.

    “I have no excuse, no excuses whatsoever. My behavior is indefensible.” – Jacob Chansley

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          1. Again, there is no logic to your argument. None. Zero. Zilch.

            Video of him behaving peacefully does not erase video of him committing the crime. He pleaded guilty to a charge of “Obstructing an Official Proceeding.” There is zero doubt that he did at least that. Based on video of him inciting others to rioting which lead to injury and death he could have been convicted of far worse. He got off light.

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          2. RE: “Video of him behaving peacefully does not erase video of him committing the crime.”

            Not the point. The police escort might have been used by the defense to suggest tacit approval by the authorities.

            If you believe in innocence until proof of guilt then you cannot accept that the video was withheld from the Shaman’s defense team.


          3. What dopes you both are! The Shaman had NO BUSINESS in the Capitol. He entered through demolished barricades and broken entrances. He was there to do what he plead Guilty of doing – “Obstructing an official proceeding.” The idea that some exonerating evidence was withheld is absolute horseshit.

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          4. “Why withhold the exculpatory evidence from the defense?”

            You have no evidence that that happened. You just made it up. Neither you nor I know what the defense had access to or asked for.

            Secondly, there is no exculpatory evidence possible. He was shown on video IN THE CAPITOL waving his spear and inciting riot with a bullhorn. It does not matter if that morning he was having tea with Nancy Pelosi, he did what he did in the Capitol and he admitted his guilt. To my mind, he took a plea bargain that let him off very lightly considering the role he played.

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          5. RE: “The idea that some exonerating evidence was withheld is absolute horseshit.”

            Got it. You don’t subscribe to the principle of innocence until proof of guilt.


          6. “Got it. You don’t subscribe to the principle of innocence until proof of guilt.”

            As usual, you got nothing but your own delusions. What I believe is that some evidence cannot be refuted. I do not care what the Shaman was doing the rest of the day or who have may have treated him politely, at some point he was caught on video rampaging through the capital waving a spear and inciting the riot. I think the Shaman – in the cold light of day – understood that very well which is why he took a deal rather than face a jury or a judge.

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          7. Sure they would. He was guilty of his charges, disrupting Congress. And he encouraged the thugs.

            As Paul said, he got off easy with his plea.

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          8. RE: “As Paul said, he got off easy with his plea.”

            He was denied due process.


          9. “He was denied due process.”

            Now your complete ignorance is shining bright. There is zero truth in that silly statement. The government went out of its way to dot the i’s and cross the t’s in all these prosecutions.

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          10. “Uh, concealing exculpatory evidence is not only grounds for a mistrial, it is grounds for disbarment.”

            Uh, I agree completely. But there is ZERO evidence or reason to believe that this happened. Tucker has had a team go through all of this material and he found NOTHING that would erase the video of the Shaman’s actions.

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          11. Whether you(or I) find the evidence compelling or not, it shows the possibility that he could have believed it was OK, so his defense team should have had the option of using it.

            The government and the committee had it and did not offer it to the defense. It’s not up to them to decide if the defense wanted it or not.


          12. “The government and the committee had it and did not offer it to the defense.”

            You just made that up. You actually know nothing about who had what or when or what was offered. Maybe the Shaman did not want to spend a couple of million dollars reviewing video he knew would not help him. You are pretending that without this 44,000 hours of video there was no way for the defense to know that there were moments when the Shaman was not inciting riot. That is, of course, absurd, but that is your assumption.

            Tucker had the video for weeks. If there had been something “exculpatory” of ANY of these violent shitheads he would have broadcast it. Unless there is video of the Shaman being dragged unwillingly into the Capitol there is no possible exculpation. He was there ILLEGAL and he declared his ILLEGAL purpose repeatedly with a bullhorn. He was GUILTY of the charge and he knew it.

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          13. How many protestors are prosecuted for minor crimes in the course of a protest?

            Was every person at a BLM protest who threw a battery or frozen water bottle at the cops prosecuted? Hardly any,

            Considering the Shaman’s escort to the Senate chamber, is it unreasonable to expect a jury would treat him the same?

            The fact that he did not have to fight his way to the Senate chamber might well have influenced a jury to treat him as other protestors who break minor laws are treated.

            His attorneys should at least have had that option.

            There is absolutely no justification for concealing exculpatory evidence from the defense.


          14. “There is absolutely no justification for concealing exculpatory evidence from the defense.”

            You can repeat one of your made up facts until Hell freezes over. You probably will. The Shaman knew what he did and did not do. Nothing was concealed. You are simply a silly blowhard.

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      1. What relevant video are you imagining? How does video of someone not committing a crime cancel video of his committing the crime? That argument is just plain stupid.

        Besides, it is moot. As I just noted, there was no jury trial.

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  3. As MTG so artfully put it, (paraphrased) ‘nobody gives a fu#k about your fact checking’.

    I swear ignorance from the right is that phrase in a nutshell. It has no case except denial.

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      1. What facts? 40,000 hours of internal security tapes. What about the janitor cleaning the restroom on the other side of the Capitol. Pretty calm there, no?

        Biggs (I think) was photographed desperately shoring up doors with furniture to protect from the tourists. Might not see that again.

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  4. Tucker Carlson clearly debunked the “deadly insurrection” myth.

    Now the congnitive dissonance is high. The dissonant cry, “Who are your going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”


    1. RE: “The Chief of the Capitol Police Forces has some thoughts for you and those who believe 1/6 was nothing.”

      Don’t care. Chief Manger’s criticisms are lame. I suppose he had to say something, but he didn’t say much of value.


        1. “Chief Manger’s lame opinions are not evidence.”

          Seeing as he was involved and you were not, shut up about things you want to believe outside of the truth.


  5. Another “tourist” is going to jail. I wonder what Tucker will have to say.

    And you cannot blame the “urban” jury. The trial was held without one per the defendant’s option. Evidence against him included not just his breaching of the Capitol but taped conversations with an undercover FBI agent – probably posing as a Proud Boy – afterword during which he stated in clear terms his purpose was to rally the nation against the Jews.

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