Clarifying the System and Authorities to Classify Information–Trump Followed the Law

Source: A Son of the New American Revolution.

I don’t necessarily endorse the writer’s theory, but the piece provides some background that may help those who are unfamiliar with security clearance policies and procedures, especially the applicable Executive Order.

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Ukraine – the situation (August 10, 2022)

Source: Asia Times.

Russia continues to expand its footprint in Ukraine, relentlessly accomplishing its goal of “demilitarizing” the country. Two items of particular note in the current SITREP are:

  • Ukrainian propaganda boasting of a major counteroffensive is debunked.
  • Amnesty International accused the Ukrainian military of war crimes.

Several SITREP analysts I’ve been following have stopped publishing their reports because, in their view, Ukraine has already lost the war. My own view is that the final outcome of military engagements is always in doubt until it isn’t.

I believe Ukraine should stop fighting and concede to any territorial demands Russia might make. The reason is simple: Ukraine can lose territory at the expense of many lives, or it can lose territory without incurring the death of Ukrainian men, women and children.

The Virtues of Stock Buybacks

Source: Wall Street Journal.

The writers lament that stock buybacks are misunderstood and unfairly criticized. Also, the new tax on stock repurchasing will harm shareholders and the economy.

Stock buybacks are a topic I have never learned anything about. As an investor who has sold parts of my portfolio from time to time, I just assumed that companies repurchasing their own shares merely added to the number of buyers that made it easier for me to sell what I wanted to sell. I found a helpful explainer in Forbes that presents a more sophisticated view of the topic.

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