Murders and Extremism

The Anti-Defamation League has released this new compilation on deadly political violence over the last ten years. The findings are clear. Deadly political violence is mostly committed on behalf of right-wing ideology. This fact has been noted before, but this careful compilation makes it even more clear – Political violence is a right-wing thing.

For the ten years ending in 2021, there were 443 deaths caused by politically motivated killings. 75% were the acts of “conservatives.” 4% were the acts of “leftists” and “black nationalists.” Almost all the rest was the result of the Islamist who killed 49 people at an Orlando night club in 2016.

The most recent example – the Buffalo massacre – is after the period studied but it illustrates how the inciteful and divisive rhetoric that is common on Fox News and other “conservative” outlets gets turned into deadly action. In this case, the maniac was literally quoting nonsense spread by Tucker Carlson.

This deadly pattern is not going to go away until EVERYBODY – not just Democrats – condemns the lies, distortions and hate speech that fuels it.


“Conservatives” have been working hard to spread the word about the threat to our nation of Critical Race Theory (“CRT”) the formerly obscure academic theory based on the evidence that there is systematic and often unconscious bias in our society and institutions that works to the detriment of non-white citizens. And while they have been spreading the word about CRT they have been spreading a theory of their own – White Replacement Theory (“WRT”). The theory that there is a monumental conspiracy afoot to replace white people, organize white genocide, and end European civilization as we know it.

You will find WRT being spread by many “conservative” journals and web sites, but there is one leading media figure with a bully pulpit who has made himself a vocal champion of WRT – Tucker Carlson. Here is a catalog and timeline of his promotion of WRT and related nonsense on his program. . .

This is some dangerous bullshit, and we see many of these absurd ideas and outright lies being repeated in forums like this one all over the country. Harmless rhetoric and hyperbole? Uh, No! Here is the latest tragic outrage directly caused by this racist agitprop that people spread without thinking.

Abortion bans and religious freedom…a new wrinkle.

Simply put, if a religion approves (or requires it to save the life or health of the mother) abortion in some or all circumstances, does a state that bans virtually all abortions violate the First Amendment for those adherents? I posted the PEW link because it lists religions by abortion views. There are plenty of sites that debate this issue also. What about atheists and agnostics? Do they have any rights under the First Amendment, or is it just for organized religions?

Biden is Killing Off MAGA Voters and their Kids!

At least according to Republican Senate candidate J.D. Vance who recently made this remarkable claim. . .

“If you wanted to kill a bunch of MAGA voters in the middle of the heartland, how better than to target them and their kids with this deadly fentanyl? … It does look intentional. It’s like Joe Biden wants to punish the people who didn’t vote for him and opening up the floodgates to the border is one way to do it.” — GOP Senate candidate J.D. Vance, in an interview with Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit, April 29

This is compelling evidence of the sorry state of the Republican Party. Ohio is an important state. United States Senator is an important office. In a party controlled by the sane such nonsense would be disqualifying, but this race-baiting, Trump-endorsed jackass is the Republican nominee for that high office.

Obviously, the claim is beyond demented but MAGA Republicans eat this stuff up. But not everyone does. It triggered a detailed factcheck by the Washington Post which awarded Mr. Vance the coveted Four Pinnochios award!

For those without access, here is the conclusion. . .

“The Pinocchio Test

In just about every way, Vance’s outrage at Biden is misplaced. Fentanyl seizures have increased, not fallen, under Biden. Overdose deaths jumped sharply under Trump. As for Trump voters being supposedly targeted, people of color die at a higher rate from opioids than Whites. It’s bad enough to suggest that the president is deliberately trying to kill off Trump voters with illicit drugs. But it’s especially appalling to make such hyperbolic claims based on zero facts.

Vance earns Four Pinocchios.”

The Threat of Polish Involvement in Ukraine

Source: The American Conservative.

Douglas Macgregor thinks Poland is planning to join Ukraine in combat against Russia. Separately, Finland and Sweden are planning to apply for NATO membership. Is the stage being set for WWIII?

I think it is. Ukraine is on the verge of military collapse. When it finally occurs, the U.S. and our western allies will no longer be able to use the conflict to drain Russia of resources or use Putin as a propaganda whipping boy. The U.S. policy of regime change in Russia will become more difficult to implement. We must either change our policy or escalate the war.

FWIW, I’d prefer to see us change our policy.