“Our” President…

But only if you kiss his backside and NEVER NEVER Criticize.


The pettiness is ridiculous. Between his garbage directed at governors, calling reporters LEGITIMATE questions “nasty” and then NOT inviting ALL of Congress’s leaders to the bill signing (which the Democrats did most of the negotiations with HIS administration), he just can’t help himself.

And people wonder why so many don’t trust him.

Hell hath frozen over


Trump and Kerry agreeing on something? Say it ain’t so, Don.

I have met some folks from Massachusetts, and a lot of them take pride in the tag Masshole!

Not many folks were happy with Massie’s tactics. Another taste of bipartisanship in Congress. If they aren’t careful, it could become a habit.

Politics “Trumping” Science

Interesting article how the variables and unknowns introduced by “conservative” and Trump attacks on science can skew epidemiological models.

The article does not make this point but Trump’s predictions of an early end to the need for social distancing (a “miracle”) is a self-defeating prophecy. The more people who believe it, the less likely it is to happen.