A Just Decision Not to File Homicide Charges in the Tragic Breonna Taylor Case

Source: National Review.

I take (and took) the point our Forum host made in a post the other day that the warrant police used to enter Breonna Taylor’s home was constitutionally invalid because it was a no knock warrant. However, I learned from TV news last night that while the order may have been issued as a no-knock warrant, it was not served or executed in that way. Apparently, an independent eye witness has confirmed that the police both knocked on the door and identified themselves before barging into Taylor’s apartment.

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Trump prepares a coup d’etat.


It does not get more serious than this. The Trump campaign is preparing to destroy democracy and execute a coup d’etat that will be the end of Constitutional government in our nation. The mechanism will be phony claims of massive voting fraud as an excuse for Trump friendly state legislatures to ignore the votes of the people and send their own Trump electors to the Electoral College. Attempting to hamstring the Post Office is part of the preparation for this coup.

These now well-documented preparations for this coup are all the evidence that anyone should need to vote for Biden. A landslide victory for him is the only way to prevent this disaster. With these developments it is IMPOSSIBLE to claim to support the Constitution if you continue to support Trump.

Covid-19: Does Sweden have herd immunity?

Source: Sebastian Rushworth M.D.

“Herd immunity” is a technical concept I can’t pretend to understand well. I am interested in the Swedish experience for a different reason: How Sweden responded to Covid-19 is how the U.S. used to respond to epidemics, but chose not to this time. In my view we should go back to the old way.

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