Woke? Censorship? Twitter Blocks Senator’s Trophy Picture.


United States Senator Steven Daines (R-MT) had his Twitter account suspended when he chose this image for his banner. You can post such pictures, but Twitter forbids use of “sensitive material” in banners. “Sensitive material” includes gore which includes the killing of animals. This magnificent pronghorn antelope has blood dripping from its dead mouth and blood splatter on its legs. Where some people – like GOP politician Ryan Zinke – see a happy, wholesome family picture others see grinning cowards glorying in the blood and suffering of an innocent animal (see the Twitter comments). Twitter sees a violation of its policies.

Zinke congratulates the apparent shooter with a “Great shot, Cindy.” I dunno. Do you have to see a beautiful living creature snuffed out of existence to validate your shooting skills? Personally, I have no problem with hunters and anglers putting meat on the table – I eat meat myself – but I have never had any respect for “trophy” hunters who kill for sport and sport alone – People like this . . .

The UFO Craze is a Chinese Spy Balloon Crisis

The writer explores a contrarian hypothesis.

The conspiracy theories have it exactly backward. The real threat isn’t coming from outer space, but from across the water. The military isn’t trying to start a war, it’s frantically trying to stop one. And if that means passing off Chinese spy gear as UFO’s, it’ll be far from the first time.

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More Balloons

MAGA-Republicans have their hair on fire over the Chinese balloon flying over the United States. It shows, they say, how weak President Biden is and how little respect the Chinese have for him. Well, an inconvenient truth has now come to light. There were not one, not two, but three such balloon incursions during the Trump administration. Not only were they not destroyed, their existence was kept from the American people.


Personally, I think such balloons are not a big deal and I do not fault Trump for keeping mum about them for diplomatic or other reasons. But what does stand out is the mammoth hypocrisy and double standard evidenced in these MAGA-Republican leaders.