The Capitalism Tour


I came across this little gem while looking for a way to make sense of a comment that flummoxed me in another thread: “Capitalism is an economic construct, not a social one.”

The Tour addresses the comment in it’s first panel, but not in great depth. Instead, it merely alludes to the historical (or social) context in which capitalism evolved.

But it is an important point. Capitalism is a naturally occurring phenomenon, not an invented one. It is a reality, not a philosophy.

This Is What the Progressives Want To Do to Us

Source: Mises Institute.

I have always associated progressives with either communists of the Marxian variety or socialists of the Robert Owen variety. I am accordingly thankful to have my perspective revised by associating progressives with Jeremy Bentham, of whom I know very little, but in whose Wikipedia biography I see much that is both familiar and repugnant.

Beyond that, the writer captures the contemporary progressive mindset exactly as I experience it: Practicalities just don’t matter.

Dead Last again

VA least safe state in pandemic

Thanks to Mr Smith for finding this link.

The study, which places the highest weight on death rate rather than vaccination rate, shows VA the state where you’re  most likely to die of COVID.

That’s what happens when you use scarce vaccines to pay political debts instead of vaccinating the most vulnerable. Fortunately. with more vaccine becoming available, evne Northam won’t be able to prevent those who should have been vaccinated first from eventually being protected.

Of course, with the appointments being made in secret, maybe he’ll find a way.


As promised, here is my update to the Virginia Beach Vaccination program.

After I received my first dose (Moderna on 2/16) I started checking the new state website to schedule my second dose on or around 3/16 (28 days), No clinics were posted. I was beginning to be a little concerned about next availability.

This morning in my email was registration for my second dose. I clicked the link, registered and am scheduled for 3/16.

The program is working and seems to be improving. The addition of the J&J vaccines to the mix is going to help tremendously in getting the VA populace vaccinated. I just wish they would get moving to the 1C group so the rest of my household can get their vaccines. (also for those of you here who are not in 1A or B and haven’t started your course yet)

Texas Electricity Prices Are Lower Due to Deregulation

Source: American Institute for Economic Research.

This story may be of some interest because it critiques a WSJ item that was the subject of a post here in the Forum.

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FBI Counterterrorism Official: No Firearms Recovered During Jan. 6 Capitol Breach

Source: ZeroHedge.

This is a “point of order” post because, if memory serves, at least one commenter in the Forum has claimed that firearms were found among the weapons confiscated from those Capitol rioters who were arrested. More generally, however, the idea that the riot was an “insurrection” is turning out to be a farce, a product of overheated imaginations.

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