Ukraine bans activities of religious groups with ties to Russia, fearing their collaboration in war

Source: MSN.

The story reports, “Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky signed a decree enacting a National Security and Defense Council decision to impose sanctions on representatives of religious organizations associated with Russia, which invaded Ukraine more than nine months ago.”

The decree signals the end of religious liberty in Ukraine, which is a very peculiar thing for the U.S. and NATO to support.

Ukraine isn’t worth fighting for.


So Mr. Roberts has taken it upon himself to accept the challenge to censor me and delete my posts under his thread concerning the cultural obliteration of Ukraine by Putin’s forces.

If this is what this forum has come to, then maybe it should be sold to Mr. Musk so that hateful comments can continue, yet throwing the BS flag is not allowed.

Wait! That us what he just did.

Denazification? More like cultural extinction.

Destroy what it can’t conquer. A strategy to deny the existence of a nation, its people and its culture. “First they came for the Ukrainians, but I was not Ukrainian…”.

And we are focusing on a “grooming” and salacious laptop photos of a troubled son of a President. No wonder we had four years of a regime run by a looney fraudster.

North Carolina county may be days without power after “targeted” attack

“An alleged attack on multiple electrical substations left 60 percent of North Carolina’s Moore County without power over the weekend in what local and state authorities are investigating as a “criminal occurrence.”

Multiple substations had been shot up by gunfire. It is estimated that at least 45,000 homes and businesses will be without power until Thursday. It is too early to say for certain who did it, but at the moment it’s looking like the Proud Boys have struck again. It is believed their motive was to protest a drag show.

Needless to say, those homes will be without lights or heat in freezing weather. Sick people, old people, children have been put at risk. Some may die.

Hate crimes have become a way of life. But yeah, let’s let the freaks fly their hate flags uninterrupted on Twitter. Do a little gay bashing. Can’t hurt you… right?

All he had to do was sit quietly and watch

Trump distracts from Twitter scandal 

Sometimes I am thankful for the Democrats ability to nominate greater evils. There is no other explanation for Trump getting elected the first time. 

With the Twitter files coming out the total corruption and un-American nature of the Democratic party and its elitist allies in Big Tech and the Deep State was playing out for all to see. The proof that a fraud was committed against the American voter through selective censorship and false dismissal of the evidence of the Biden family’ corruption is now undeniable. All Trump had to do is sit back and watch. 

But instead he suggests his loss in the election justifies disregarding the Rule of Law and even parts of the Constitution. There are no circumstances, not even war, that justify ignoring the Constitution.

He found a way to bring more negative attention to himself than was rightfully falling on the Democrats. Hopefully, he has made himself so unelectable that the GOP will turn away.