Another one bites the dust…

Roger is (no real surprise, even apparently to him) found guilty on all counts. The picture of him at the top of the article appears to be a man who has a presidential pardon just waiting for him.

This should pose the question: Who’s next? It could be Rudy or some other enabler.

To quote another member of this blog: tick, tick, tick…

Another VP LTE that show people do not understand the process.

Re “Luria has heard enough to vote for impeachment” (The Virginian-Pilot page 2, Daily Press page 4, Nov. 9): So, U.S. Rep. Elaine Luria has made up her mind and will vote to impeach President Donald Trump. After all, she’s heard one side of the story, and hearing the other side would only confuse her.

Thank God she’s not a judge. She’d render decisions after the prosecution rested. No need to hear the defense, is there?

Hugh T. Sharp, Williamsburg

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What a day! Pigs are flying and Hell has frozen over.

Henry Olsen actually gets something right. Why indeed is Larry Kudlow promoting a 15% income tax rate for “the middle class” when, in fact, the middle class already pays less? The 15% tax bracket doesn’t even begin until $80K taxable income – with the standard deduction @ $25K, this means Americans already don’t pay 15% until they hit $105K of income. This is nearly 50% more than the median income in the U.S.

As Olsen says, potentially this could make my brother in MA and cousin in NY very happy, as they got less than $200 in a tax cut due to the SALT limitation that screwed successful states. But this does nothing for the vast majority of Americans and is unlikely to change the anti-Trump votes of those who would benefit. To say nothing of the fact that it will blow up the deficit even higher.

Once again, a poorly conceived tax bill from an incompetent administration. We’re still trying to fix the many errors and unintended consequences from their last bill. I don’t want higher taxes, and especially think a wealth tax is a poor and stupid excuse that addresses a symptom and not the cause. But this tax bill would do nothing but make the problem worse.

I often hear the right screaming about socialism, how we’re going to be the next Venezuela under Democrats. No, we’re going to be the next Japan, thanks to the Republicans. A debt to GDP of 236%, limited immigration and ignorant nationalism despite a labor shortage, a birth rate of 1.4, with an elderly population headed towards 33% of the population. Middle class Japanese working 80 hours a week, but getting nowhere due to low growth and rising real estate and stock market prices that only benefit the 1%. A supposed democracy reduced to a de facto oligarchy in which a few keiretsu leaders effectively control the country.