Dark, Cold Years Are Coming, So You’d Better Get Ready

Source: American Thinker.

Whatever else goes on, the Sun will be cooling the Earth for the next 50 years, according to Prof. Valentina Zharkova. The mechanism is somewhat roundabout. In 2020 the Sun began a period of reduced activity called a Grand Solar Minimum. During such periods, the Sun’s magnetic field weakens such that all the planets in the solar system become exposed to higher levels of cosmic radiation. On Earth the increase in “cosmic rays” will induce greater cloud formation. The planet will cool, changing weather patterns and disrupting agriculture.

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Taking credit for the rising tide

Even the WP gives 2 Pinocchios on job claims

Biden is claiming his Infrastructure program will create 19 million jobs over 10 years. The claim is based on a Moody’s analysis but that same report also said the economy would add 16.3 million jobs without the $2Trillion program, so it is actually $2Trillion to add 2.7 million jobs, or $740,740 per job.

And that doesn’t account for the jobs lost to the planned corporate tax increase.

Are Democrats “…stuck in 1964…”? Does Cleveland “…hate their children…”? Should Hunter be in prison? Don’t know, don’t care. It’s MASTERS Sunday.

Today it’s about Marc Leishman, Hideki Matsuyama, Justin Rose, Will Zalatoris and, Xander Schauffele, and the rest of the field. I got to say it – to have our hometown guy up there just strokes away from the lead on ‘Masters Sunday’ is almost too much! What a wonderful Masters champion Leishman would be. I know, I know, he’s not a Norfolkian, but Virginia Beach is just a hop and a skip down the road from Norfolk.

As for the other four – I have to go with Matsuyama next. He’s played sterling golf so far and, like the other guys, he’s never won a Masters. As for Will Zalatoris – I never heard the name before this week, but I like his style. I love his game and he gives a great interview. Xander Schauffele is cool and his game lacks nothing. Finishing yesterday with that par was serious stuff that he really needed to put him in the last group. And, then there’s Justin Rose; he’s great. He played that fantastic round on Friday that was totally pure. He’s almost as cool as DJ (without the swagger. ha.)

It kills me that DJ isn’t playing the weekend. He’s usually just HOT, but his game was a HOT MESS this time. At least I’ll get to see him put the green jacket on the on winner later today.

So, I have no interest this weekend in politicians – good or bad. Politics is just be-damned these past four days so far as I’m concerned. Don’t know, can’t care.

Why isn’t Hunter Biden in Prison?

Hunter’s book of confessions

Is he that confident his Daddy will protect him?

Hunter Biden lied on the BATFE form 4473. He admits to being so crack addled at the time he bought a handgun that he was barely functional. He would have been denied had the answered truthfully about cocaine use. But he lied, which carries a penalty up to 10 years in prison.

But he has not been arrested, much less prosecuted, though this is not so unusual

Non prosecution of Form 4473 violations

So, why are we being told we need more gun laws when we don’t enforce those we already have?

How many times does a violator sell a book about his felony crime?

The States fight back

Somebody has to enforce the Constitution

With only razor thin control of Congress, Biden has issued 60% more executive orders than any other President at this point in his term, many trying to bypass the legislative process to make fundamental change that should be fairly debated and adopted in a bipartisan matter, or not at all.

The Robert’s court has gone out of its way to defer to the legislative branch, but it is a mistake to believe it will be so lenient toward executive edicts .

As this develops, the textualist majority of the court may well have had enough and the Biden Agenda is about to walk into a prop.

“Hey, Cleveland? Why Do You Hate Your Children??” — Part 2

More discussion of our illiteracy problem.

Most memorable paragraph:

“Probably the most revealing event in American education occurred in 1928. That’s when Dr. Samuel Orton, a neurologist working with a Rockefeller grant, concluded that Whole Word (often called sight-words) did not work. He got the grant because his sponsors assumed he would endorse Sight-words. Instead, he trashed this method, adding that it would damage children’s minds for a lifetime. But our Education Establishment, convinced by the stock market crash of ’29 that Karl Marx was right after all, moved aggressively to expel phonics from all American schools. This expulsion has been quietly but ruthlessly sustained to this day. Point is, all the top people in the field of education always knew, thanks to Dr. Orton, that they were selling snake oil.”

Concluding paragraph:

“When the schools don’t do a good job, parents and community leaders must step up their game. Oppose the bad stuff. When feasible, create alternatives. Millions of young Americans have been effectively kept from reaching their potential. This is a national scandal. Children don’t under-educate themselves. You need adults to do the dirty work.”