The real threat to democracy – Lies and the Lying Liars who spread them.

“Alternative facts” is a cute name for a very ugly thing – the technologically enhanced and systematic spreading of lies and disinformation. Voltaire’s famous aphorism is spot on – “If you can make someone believe absurdities you can make them commit atrocities.”

There is no better recent example than the absurdity that Donald Trump won the recent election in a landslide but victory was stolen from him. Millions of people have been made to believe absurdity this and the atrocity of an assault on Congress followed from it.

The problem is clear. The solutions are not easy or obvious but we must find them. On social media, various studies have found that the overwhelming bulk of disinformation originates in relatively few but very popular sources. Trump’s feed is an obvious example, but there are others. Begin there with stricter control over lies and incitements.

Beyond that I would suggest a return of the “Fairness Doctrine” in any media outlet that in any way relies on public resources. If the purveyors of lies knew that every lie would have to be matched with the opposite, there would be less incentive for those who finance these disinformation efforts to do so. Imagine the difference in our body politic if Fox News and Talk Radio actually were “fair and balanced” instead of being the mother lode of lies.

Halloween in January…Richmond lobby day and gangs.

Thank you Trump and your fans for turning DC into and armed camp. Some of those same jokers dressed up in full military gear smeared with gang colors to parade around the Richmond Capitol. These are terrorist organizations as listed by the FBI. ISIS wannabes without the courage.

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Russia to the rescue!

Seditious shitheads need a safe space to spread their nonsense and hatch their plots. After Amazon and Apple decided that “Enough is enough” sedition and lies on Parler and pulled the plug, Russia steps up to ensure that these shitheads will not be silenced. I guess Putin is dedicated to protecting the “Marketplace of ideas.”

And so it begins…

Magic Mitch is already starting his amnesia tour. For four years he sat there while lies, misinformation and deceit flowed from the Oval Office. NOW he blames the instigator-in-chief for January 6th. And overlooks that some of the “others” he is referring to are sitting on his side of the aisle in the Senate Chamber.

Anyone surprised by that; stand on your head. (Compliments of COL Henry Blake, CO, MASH 4077)

Mitch, you got your judges. But that cold have happened with ANY Republican president.

Way to go, Ralph

Virginia 48th in nation in vaccine roll out

Gee, aren’t we lucky to have a doctor for our governor.

I have seen no solid explanation for the miserable performance of our Dept of Health, but I have been hearing that many people are being told to expect vaccination through clinics set up by their employers. I suspect the delay is that while giving lip service to including those over 65, the vaccines are simply not being sent to clinics where they can apply for them and instead are being funneled still to the non health care ‘essential workers’ through an incredibly complex distribution plan that leaves vaccine sitting in freezers waiting for these employer based clinics to materialize.

If anyone else has better info I would like to hear it. There is no good reason for more than 2/3rds of the vaccine delivered to Virginia to sit in freezers while people die.

On Richard Epstein on Regulating “Big Tech”

Source: American Institute for Economic Research.

“At the core of Epstein’s analysis is his identification of conditions under which so-called ‘big tech’ firms might be prevented by the common law from deplatforming, or refusing to platform, customers. Specifically, the law sometimes holds that firms that are monopolists have obligations to the public that are more extensive than those firms would have were they not monopolists.

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Make America California Again?

LA Times on Biden Agenda

That’s what the LA Times says, and I fear they are right.

Consider, California’s poverty rate of 18.2% is second only to the District of Columbia.

California also has the nation’s greatest income inequality.

California has the highest gasoline prices and highest electricity prices in the country.

Everyone who wants to grow a business is fleeing California.

And their dishwashers don’t work.


Article I, Section 9, paragraph 3

Bill of Attainder

A bill of attainder is essentially a trial conducted by the legislative branch. The Constitution prohibits such acts of the Legislative Branch against any citizen. Impeachment is a legislative process to remove an office holder.

The moment President Trump leaves office, he is no longer subject to trial by the Senate, regardless of their intent in doing so.

Members of Congress take an oath to defend the Constitution, would it be too much to ask them to read it?