Why these franchise owners decided to pay more and reap huge benefits.


In case the link is closed to some, the gist is that @ $17/hour plus good benefits is very profitable for these Chic-Fil-A franchisees. Turn over went from 144% to 73% and at a cost of thousands to hire and train personnel, retention is just good business. One started higher pay in the 90’s (not $17 then, but $9, then increasing) and the other about 4 years ago, at $17. Sales more than doubled from $5 million to $11 million as service and quality improved. Morale and reliability increased dramatically and the owner had more time for his own family.

Supply Disturbances Do Not Explain High Inflation

Source: American Institute for Economic Research.

From the responses to my post on Joe Biden’s speech on the economy I get the impression that some members of the Forum audience don’t understand the inflation we are seeing today. The source article for this post may help explain our current inflation to them.

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