Meet our new DNI – but keep a barf bag handy if you care about this country.

So, this guy is one of the “best people” Trump was going to bring into government.

ZeroHedge: "The Intelligence Doesn't Say That": National Security Official Pushes Back On 2020 Russian Meddling Report

When CNN contradicts the NYT, what must the public do? My advice: Wait two days to see how the story plays out before attempting to form an opinion.

This particular story about the Trump administration appears to be turning into another “Russia, Russia, Russia!” nothingburger.

Trump versus National Security

The current acting-Director of National Intelligence, Joseph Maguire is being removed to be replaced by a Trump loyalist. What did Trump-appointed Maguire do wrong? Easy. His staff briefed the House Intelligence Committee on the continuing efforts by Russia to interfere with the 2020 election.

Let this sink in. If your efforts to protect this country leads to facts that Trump does not like, out you go. No wonder people like Mattis, Kelly and Tillerson are gone and their vital functions are now being “handled” by hacks. Partisan hacks being in these positions is a real danger to the security and safety of this country.

Nanny state? What Nanny State?

Hot s&^t, Motherf*&^%$#g, d@#*.

““Is it the case then that I will no longer be able to say if I hear my children swear … ‘If you swear, it’s a crime’?” asked state Sen. Jill Vogel, R-Fauquier, debating the bill Wednesday.”

And to Ms. Vogel, if you taught your kids better, maybe you wouldn’t have to threaten them with criminal prosecution. By the way, a “swear jar” is a good learning tool. And it can pay for a parent’s date night if hte kids are a real problem.

Twitter: "I hope you're gonna be happy!"

Reading tea leaves can be perilous, but you have to admit Trump’s choice of words at last night’s rally is curious.