Trump Calls for Protests Over His Arrest

Source: PJ Media.

The writer makes a lot of sense, but I wouldn’t go as far as he does to dissuade people from attending a protest over Trump’s arrest. Biden and his cronies may want there to be protests, but I don’t think exploiting the event is a power play the Biden team can win.

I agree with Elon Musk: Persecution of Trump by federal authorities is likely to inspire Trump’s re-election. The corollary to that is the potential for sparking a civil war, should protesters be treated harshly. Either way, I believe most Americans will hate the situation more than the participants. Meaning, the Biden team will get the blame.

Here’s What Will Happen If Trump Is Arrested Next Week

Source: PJ Media.

In some ways this is a nothing story. The arrest may not happen and, in any case, there isn’t much one can usefully say about events that haven’t happened yet.

Still, it is probably best to not arrest a former president. Even if you believe in the pious cliche that “no one is above the law,” such an arrest will diminish the office. It would be like telling the world we are not a serious country; our most powerful people have no legitimacy.

It may be a core American value to regard our leaders as inherently unimportant — indeed, we may have appropriated this very notion from the indigenous peoples our European ancestors found so interesting (and vexing). But I don’t imagine that this is the way the rest of the world thinks. Should Donald Trump be arrested, Joe Biden and everyone who props him up will lose a little geopolitical stature.

“Cheap” Solar Costs More Than Offshore Wind?

Source: Bacon’s Rebellion.

This is curious. One wonders how a story like this could even happen.

Apparently, Dominion Energy Virginia can purchase electricity from multiple sources, but chooses the most expensive option. There is no evidence of foul play; just weird decision making.

I read the story as an example of insular government operating in a bubble that excludes the people it supposedly serves. The minor insanity of irrational environmentalism is surely a factor.

Banking Troubles on the Horizon?

Source: Paul Craig Roberts.

I don’t understand the banking system well enough to know whether I should be worried about the recent bank runs. Still, the banking system produces and — presumably — maintains the economy’s medium of exchange. Should widespread bank failures occur they will affect everyone in many unpredictable ways.

The writer explains how the current troubles came to be. His solution — restore the Glass-Steagall and repeal the Dodd-Frank legislation* — is probably correct. Or so it seems to me.

*Revised for clarification, 3:30 p.m.