The Threat of Polish Involvement in Ukraine

Source: The American Conservative.

Douglas Macgregor thinks Poland is planning to join Ukraine in combat against Russia. Separately, Finland and Sweden are planning to apply for NATO membership. Is the stage being set for WWIII?

I think it is. Ukraine is on the verge of military collapse. When it finally occurs, the U.S. and our western allies will no longer be able to use the conflict to drain Russia of resources or use Putin as a propaganda whipping boy. The U.S. policy of regime change in Russia will become more difficult to implement. We must either change our policy or escalate the war.

FWIW, I’d prefer to see us change our policy.

Supply Disturbances Do Not Explain High Inflation

Source: American Institute for Economic Research.

From the responses to my post on Joe Biden’s speech on the economy I get the impression that some members of the Forum audience don’t understand the inflation we are seeing today. The source article for this post may help explain our current inflation to them.

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