ZeroHedge: "The Intelligence Doesn't Say That": National Security Official Pushes Back On 2020 Russian Meddling Report

When CNN contradicts the NYT, what must the public do? My advice: Wait two days to see how the story plays out before attempting to form an opinion.

This particular story about the Trump administration appears to be turning into another “Russia, Russia, Russia!” nothingburger.

Twitter: "I hope you're gonna be happy!"

Reading tea leaves can be perilous, but you have to admit Trump’s choice of words at last night’s rally is curious.

ZeroHedge: 'CoupGate' – A Localized Civil War Is Now Underway In The DoJ

The commentary at the link presents an interesting perspective on current events. Just think for a moment where we are today compared to where we were in 2016:

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