Media Are Now Whitewashing Nazis They Had Previously Condemned

Source: Moon of Alabama.

There are those who imagine the neo-Nazi problem in Ukraine is comparable to the neo-Nazi problem in America. To wit, Ukrainian neo-Nazis may exist, but they are inconsequential in the same way that American neo-Nazis may exist, but they are inconsequential.

The source article suggests this perspective is plain wrong and probably just an effect of American media’s recently minted biases. In light of the evidence the source presents, I’m inclined to hold a less polite opinion.

United States Department of Homeland Security

Source: Wikipedia.

I remember public discussions that attended the creation of DHS back in 2003. Many pundits were concerned that DHS would enable authoritarianism to replace our constitutional republic. Some even criticized the name of the new agency because the word homeland reminded them of Germany’s mythical Aryan fatherland in the lead up to WWII.

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Russia’s Energy Extortion of Poland and Bulgaria

Source: Wall Street Journal.

WSJ accuses Russia of extortion, but the accusation doesn’t hold water. European companies can easily purchase Russian natural gas and oil in Euros using the currency conversion procedure set up by Gazprombank. There is no breach of contract as WSJ alleges.

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Heavy weaponry pours into Ukraine as commanders become more desperate

Source: Politico.

I detect a slight change in tone in recent U.S. media reporting on the war in Ukraine. Whereas for weeks the Ukrainian fighters have been portrayed as heroic underdogs (and winners), suddenly we are seeing and hearing hints of desperation, as in the Politico story: “‘I don’t know how much strength we will have,’ [First Lt. Ivan Skuratovsky] said, adding that the troops under his command around the city of Avdiivka, near Donetsk, have gone without rest since the start of the war. At least 13 of them have been wounded in recent weeks, he said, and they are running dangerously low on ammunition, reduced to rationing bullets.”

Politico holds out hope of Ukrainian victory, but begins to acknowledge — as did UK’s Borris Johnson last week — that Ukrainian defeat is a real possibility.