My attempt to distill the opinions on the Floyd incident.

Something recently occurred to me and I think it might be beneficial to redefine the two intractable sides here. We all saw the same thing: a cop knelt on a face-down, handcuffed man for almost nine minutes despite his pleas that he couldn’t breath, until he did in fact stop breathing, lost control of his bladder, and died face-down in the street in a puddle of his own piss…

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No article, just opinions

Since we’ve once again been discussing popular reaction to police killings, I’m curious to know what you all think in general, rather than about the specific cases of late. At what point is resistance–including and beyond destruction of property–an appropriate (if not morally necessary) response to repeated police abuses? How far could you be pushed before you safety and dignity demanded a direct response?

How Small A Minority Should Be Allowed To Rule?

This article has been written a thousand times, but this one is a bit unique in that it acknowledges that minority rule in the Senate is by design, rather than a recent bug.