‘Have you recently had an abortion?’ Australian transiting through US questioned then deported


The headline is a bit misleading. She was deported for some archaic visa irregularity, but for everyone saying some of us are overreacting to the Dobbs ruling, why would CBP be so concerned if a foreign national had recently had an abortion?

DeSantis signs bill requiring survey of Florida students, professors on their political views


Always good to check in on the “free speech, good ideas don’t require coercion, free and open debate, etc.” crowd.

It is of course tired and cliché to point out Republican hypocrisy–that’s just a given–but these are the policies of a party preparing to enforce minority rule. Good times ahead.

In 6-3 ruling, court strikes down New York’s concealed-carry law

I’d like to hazard a prediction here: The one-party Democratic states–California, NY, Illinois, etc. are going to suddenly rediscover the concept of federalism and these decisions are going to provoke a new nullification crisis. I think the US is heading to some sort of soft Balkanization. Does VA go with the liberal northeast, or with the deep-south bible belt? Some sort of mid-Atlantic borderland? Aren’t we lucky to be living in “interesting times?”

What We Know About the Police Response to the Uvalde Shooting


As the locals keep getting caught in lie after lie about their version of events, “what we know” is what we should have known for years–that cops do not exist to “protect and serve,” but to harass and terrorize us in order to maintain power and control.

Also, we may have to concede to Don’s claims about carrying. If the cops presume you to be unarmed, they are more than happy to beat and murder you; however, if they *know* you are armed, they will not intervene to stop you from doing anything–up to and including the massacre of school children. Cowards.