Super Tuesday

Seems we jumped the gun a bit with the last thread about who we’d be voting for. Since the field has narrowed considerably since then, where do we all stand now? I’m obviously still for Bernie, but I’m curious to know where the Amy/Pete contingency landed. And why.

Michael Bloomberg Isn’t a Smug Technocratic Centrist. He’s Something Far Worse

Bloomberg, who is a longtime friend of Trump’s, who believes almost all the same things he does, is being encouraged by the DNC and legacy media to do everything he can to buy this election.

Trump will talk about how “Little Mike” doesn’t think you should have soda or cigarettes and he will win 48 states. But, as the saying goes, “liberals hate socialists more than fascists.”

After Bernie’s Win in Iowa, the Democratic Party Is Shitting Its Pants

Remember how Democrats spent the last 3 years insisting that some Russian social media posts swung the election and represented the gravest electoral interference imaginable? And now we have state party officials in Iowa *literally* changing vote totals.

The DNC would rather see Trump reelected than a Bernie Sanders presidency, even with all the structural limitations they could impose on him.

Stop the War. Stop US Empire.

Since the imperial propaganda machine will be turned up to 11 in the days and weeks ahead, I think it’s important that we truly evaluate how we’ve been dragged here by the ruling class, who profit off death and destruction, and remember that the United States is, and almost always has been, the bad guy. Solidarity with working class Iranians; no war but the class war.