22 thoughts on “Pelosi defends stock trading by lawmakers and their spouses: ‘We are a free-market economy’

  1. Provided members do not use inside info from their work, for the people, for financial gain. Insider trading is illegal for those in the market; no pass for those who serve us.

    Transparency is key. Too bad that seems to be an impossibility; regardless of who holds the gavel.

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        1. No.

          People getting rich by taking informed risks in the market would be supported by libertarians.

          People making investments and then changing the regulations to guarantee their succes would not.


      1. “Pelosi has already cashed in on the market distortions regulations she pushed caused.”

        Can you be more specific?

        Rhetorical question. Obviously not. Typical empty bullshit.


        1. I thought so.

          Your typically nasty comment was bullshit cut from whole cloth.
          Another of your numerous “alternative facts.”

          There are two possibilities in these links . . .

          1. Mr. Pelosi is a savvy investor.
          2. Mr. Pelosi is trading on information not available to the public.

          If the first is the reason, then good for him.
          If it is the second, then he should be prosecuted. But that would require, you know, evidence.

          Neither has ANYTHING to do with regulations that Speaker Pelosi has pushed or market distortions she caused.

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  2. Pelosi trying to claim that her family income through stock trading based on her insider trading knowledge has nothing to do with a free market or communism. Ever notice that federal, state and local politicians seem to get really rich while in office while their salary for their office is very meager? Your comment has nada to do with the story and further proves obfuscation is classic liberalism.


    1. My point was, as much as you all love to talk about Pelosi like she’s the second coming of Lenin, she has, repeatedly, through her words and actions, proven to be more of a capitalist than any of you could ever dream of.

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      1. It has been repeated over and over and over that democrats push Democratic Socialism. Pelosi is an ardent socialist, not a capitalist, unless it suits her personal wealth. That double standard and superiority attitude should make you very angry.


        1. Can you back up your assertion with facts?

          Healthcare issues, daycare, some modicum of security for workers and programs for education and poverty are not socialism anymore than providing for the common good with infrastructure, SS and Medicare, both of which are paid in part or entirely by individuals.

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        1. It’s closer to Democratic Socialist. Lots of those countries in Europe are doing quite well and the citizens there are VERY happy.

          Socialism, the 21st Century version of Communism to those who speak in buzzwords and don’t know how to lead or legislate. (ie, the GOP).

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          1. The Nazis were anything but Democratic Socialists. Nancy Pelosi is no more a capitalist than Xi Jianping.


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