1. No knock laws are an anathema to the Constitution.

    Castle doctrine combined with no knock entries is just begging for injustice.

    Evidence the case in Chesapeake 10 years or so ago.

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    1. Agreed that ‘no knock’ searches have to go.

      Virginia, BTW, does not have no knock warrants, but police have become adept at creating “exigent circumstances” that allow them to do it anyway.

      The only way to stop it is to return to the exclusionary rule for the product of searches that do not meet Constitutional muster. Currently. because of Scalia’s worst error, they proceeds are allowed and all the subject of the search can do is sue for violation of his rights in civil court.


          1. I’ve “known” you long enough that I do believe you agree these situations are police overreach. But as someone whose claimed politics are also not well represented in our two party system, I just don’t understand how you can look at the last 50 years and see a Republican justice making that decision and be surprised.

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      1. Amazing isn’t it. In the “land of liberty”, the Bill of Rights and all that those entail, we allow no knock at all. That is right up there with confiscation of money and goods without a trial if a local cop says they might be drug related.

        We are rabidly divided on whether or not a mask or vaccine destroys liberty, but government can invade your home or take your property at will and get away with it.

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  2. The article does a good job of exposing the racist roots of gun control laws, but it loses credibility by using the horrible incident as an excuse to attack the NRA instead of the flawed procedures that lead to this death.

    The NRA is typically slow to respond to these incidents until the facts are known as they are rightfully concerned about being found on the wrong side of an issue by a hostile press when further examination changes the narrative.

    Other conservative and Libertarian outlets have spoken out.


    There is a lot still unknown here.


    The SWAT team was serving a warrant in a murder investigation, and we don’t yet know why Locke was there and even if the police found who they were looking for or other evidence.

    So, considering the NRA’s adversary relationship with the press, they are right to wait for the facts. In time we will see where they stand.


          1. Defending Zimmerman was correct. He was found not guilty

            The Bradford shooting was a tragic case of friendly fire. Police arrived at the scene of a shooting and Bradford had drawn is handgun leading the police to think he was the shooter they were looking for.

            That’s why NRA self-defense experts advise keeping your handgun in its holster until it is needed.

            The day after the Castile shooting, the NRA released the following

            “As the nation’s largest and oldest civil rights organization, the NRA proudly supports the right of law-abiding Americans to carry firearms for defense of themselves and others regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation.

            The reports from Minnesota are troubling and must be thoroughly investigated. In the meantime, it is important for the NRA not to comment while the investigation is ongoing.

            Rest assured, the NRA will have more to say once all the facts are known.”

            Castile, for reasons unknown, persisted in reaching under his jacket to retrieve his CHP to show it to the officer. Remember that the officers originally thought they were pulling over an armed robber.

            I suspect adrenaline got the better of the officer, but when a policeman says for you to keep your hands in sight, do it. They can’t really take your word that you are reaching for your permit and not a gun, and if he waits to see it might be too late.

            I was once pulled over by a young state trooper(55 in a 50) who apparently could tell when he ran my plate that I had a CHP. He approached mw with gun drawn, and told me to get out of the car with hands in sight. I did as instructed and let him reach over and remove my handgun “for his safety and mine”

            He had no right to do that and his muzzle control was awful, but I didn’t argue with him. I don’t know why he pulled me over at that speed or who he might have thought he was stopping but he was clearly very nervous. So, I took care not to escalate the situation, but had I argued the point with him, who knows how it might have turned out?


          2. Was not aware they released a statement RE: Castile.

            “Defending Zimmerman was correct.” From their perspective, certainly. Some guy sees a black kid walking around, decides he is suspicious, deputizes himself, confronts him against the orders of police dispatch, picks a fight he starts losing, then draws and fires in “self-defense.” I agree it wasn’t technically a murder, but there is no argument to be made that GZ was in the right.

            I know you’ll bristle at this, but your anecdote isn’t particularly illustrative since you are an elderly white man and this kind of “misunderstanding” tends to happen to young black men.

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          3. Well, I was 50 at the time but I do not deny that had I been Black it might have escalated more, though whoever he was looking for had to be white, so a Black man might not have been stopped at all.

            But in general yes.

            Is that because the troopers are prejudiced or because Black men are more likely to threaten them?


          4. Cops are routinely able to peacefully take white mass shooters into custody, while murdering unarmed or legally armed black men at a staggering rate. Prejudice or no, that is simply a fact.

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          5. “I suspect adrenaline got the better of the officer, but when a policeman says for you to keep your hands in sight, do it.”

            If I recall, the officer was screaming her head off and the driver was trying to accommodate by getting his CCP.

            Totally unprofessional. She should not have been a cop, period.

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          6. I think you might be confusing that shooting with another.

            But when a cop is shouting ‘show me your hands” repeatedly. don’t reach under your jacket.


          7. “but when a policeman says for you to keep your hands in sight, do it.”

            Unless the policeman is black and you are “real American” trying to stop the steal by hanging Mike Pence. If he then shoots you, it is not your fault. It is his.

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    1. No matter who Locke is, and he will undoubtedly be trashed by media, the video show no announcement until they burst in after unlocking the door with a key. Then shots fired almost immediately.

      Doesn’t some form of castle doctrine apply?

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      1. It’s a sad commentary on the Press that you can find hundreds of repeats of the criticism of the NRA for not jumping to the politically correct conclusion but no information on the murder that prompted the search.

        They don’t care about Locke, or the murder victim, or why Locke was on the scene in the first place, just about an opportunity to imply the NRA is racist.


        1. I think you are overreacting.

          This is an egregious case that illustrates unconstitutional, but supposedly legal, police procedures that are absolutely unnecessary excepting active hostage situations.

          The NRA is laying low and perhaps you are right. They are waiting for more information. We all saw the break-in by the cops. So now the question arises how “bad” was the victim.

          So many cases like this, media can’t wait to find out this victim didn’t pick up his dog’s poop and spit on the sidewalk or whatever they can find to justify execution. Execution for other crimes if not this time.

          10 seconds after entering without knocking or announcing, a sleeping man was shot to death. A few years ago, police gunned down a young child from behind a police car within seconds of arriving. They gunned down a man talking on a cell phone and looking at a toy rifle, also with little or no warning and no credible suspicion.

          Would any of these victims have been shot had they been White? I seriously doubt that.

          Where do we get these folks and how are they trained?

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          1. 4 agents were killed and 16 wounded. The fire was likely started by the cult. There were children who were sexually and physically abused.

            Yes, things might have gone differently, but it was not like these were innocent folks.

            And they did fire at agents. The ones I referred to weren’t even a threat, or armed, except for the sleeping victim.

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          2. The Branch Davidians were kooks, but they were innocent of wrongdoing.

            The charges of sexual abuse of children had already been investigated by the Texas authorities and were unfounded.

            Koresh knew the BATF(the E was added later) had agents across the street and had invited them to inspect the firearms at the compound. Koresh’s brother was a gunsmith with a Class III license.

            There was no cause to raid the compound with cattle trucks loaded with black clad commandos when they had been invited to come in peacefully. It was just a photo op for the BATF.

            The Davidians were an apocalyptic cult who believed the government would come to martyr their leader, How stupid do you have to be to show up like that and knock down their door?

            They knew the BATF had been invited to come peaceably, so it was perfectly reasonable for them to think the raid was an attack.

            Might have gone differently?

            Nope, under the circumstances it could hardly have gone any other way. Then the BATF turned the mess it made over to the FBI without telling them the circumstances of the raid.

            Like Ruby Ridge, Waco was entirely the result of malfeasance by the BATF.


          3. “Like Ruby Ridge, Waco was entirely the result of malfeasance by the BATF.”

            I do not know why there is a dispute. The following principle clearly applies:

            “When a situation is created by the behavior of white people, it is the fault of the police if tragedy ensues. When a situation is created by the behavior of non-white people, it is the fault of the victims if tragedy ensues.”

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