True Colors?

So, Youngkin has given an important role to a person who thinks a race-based twitter attack on a H.S. student is the way to respond to criticism. Oh, wait, it was not even criticism. Seems the teenager had the gall to retweet a news report from NPR that the Youngkin people thought was unflattering.

If that ugly attack tweet was “unauthorized” what has become of the staffer who did it?

17 thoughts on “True Colors?

  1. Plausible deniability is a clever tactic if you are straddling the fine line between statesman and extremist.

    Feed the mob some bread while dining with the “right” folks sends a brand of normality.


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  2. So, you want the staffer drawn and quartered?

    The teen, Ethan Lynne, had unleashed a tweet storm implying Youngkin is a racist because he opposes CRT indoctrination of teachers. The staffer replied with a picture on Lynne posing with former Gov Northam and the famous yearbook picture. implying the teen was a hypocrite because he was chummy with Northam, (the real racist governor IMO)

    Sure , the staffer should not have engaged the little troll from the official campaign account. But had it been sent from a personal account, what would it have been other than accurate?


    1. He retweeted an NPR story that was critical of Gov. not-so-transparent. Not exactly a “tweet storm”.

      This is very similar to Scott Taylor’s case. Let the staffers hang, but the “captain of the ship” gets to stand tall and proud?

      So a young Democrat takes a stand, stands with a governor he supports (who mea culpa-ed his backside off) and that calls for an attack by the campaign arm of the current governor?
      Kind of crappy – IMPO (in my parental opinion).

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    2. “So, you want the staffer drawn and quartered?”

      No, I am perfectly fine with really stupid, zero-charisma people continuing to serve our governor and spreading his message of civility and unity. LOL!

      I guess you think you can make up anything you want, and nobody will notice? Maybe you are not lying. Maybe you think your guesses are as good as facts?

      The offending tweet had NOTHING to do with CRT. Ethan Lynne, the seventeen-year-old target of Team Youngkin’s racist nastiness, had simply tweeted a link to a story produced by Virginia Public Media reporting that the historian at the Governor’s mansion had resigned in protest over educational space on the slave contribution to the mansion being made into a family room for the governor.

      This was his entire comment: “The historian tasked with teaching about slavery at the Virginia Governors Mansion just resigned after finding the Youngkins converted her classroom into a family room – and emptied her office. Shameful.”

      So based on a made-up scenario of a supposed “unleashed tweet storm” you call this kid a “troll” and a hypocrite. And, you throw in yet another of your ugly slanders against Northam for good measure. As noted before, throwing out slanders, character attacks and falsehoods about people in public life that you do not care for is your default mode. This is a fine example with all the elements.

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        1. “He is a frequent commenter over a period of weeks.”


          You have no idea what his tweets have been about. But that doesn’t stop you. I have been reviewing Ethan’s tweet history and find nothing as childish, immature or ugly as what Team Youngkin produced and which you seem to think is justified and appropriate.

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          1. Well, I don’t tweet so I’ll have to take your word for it.

            Nonetheless, the kid is a persistent Democrat troll. But the staff shouldn’t have let themselves get provoked.


          2. “Nonetheless, the kid is a persistent Democrat troll.”

            You don’t tweet. You have never seen the comments that the young man has tweeted. But you state that he is a “troll.”

            Seriously, what is wrong with you?

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  3. So you claim the staffer posting a photo of the punk with Northam in blackface in response to his public libel was an “attack”? My, my how your, Len’s and Adam’s sensationalist definitions have gone down loony lane in a big way. The punk is a leftwing extremist opportunist looking for a response to cry over and tweet about victimhood. Screw him….yawn


    1. Punk?
      All you or I know about him is that he is a seventeen-year-old kid with an interest in politics.

      What public libel?
      He simply retweeted a news story from a reputable news organization.

      Bobr, you never disappoint. When the thought starts to creep in that some of these diehard Trumpkins are actually decent people, you sweep to sweep that thought away.

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    2. …”sensationalist definitions have gone down loony lane in a big way.”

      Could you be more specific? I like to defend myself against specific attacks and not the word vomit you have spewed all over this forum.

      If you mix your word vomit with your fertilizer, you’ll have REALLY green grass.

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        1. Got it. You are spewing vitriol and not explaining your comment. Could it be because you are just making shit up and can only attack without explanation? Or are you just proving MY point I made to Don about you being a “hateful troll”?

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