Uranium One – A good example of the lying lies of the lying liars of the once Grand Old Party.


This Uranium One BS – one of Trump’s many go to lies for his rallies – was easilyt and thoroughly debunked – even on Fox News – but that has not put it to rest. Hopefully this will but given the dishonesty that rules in Trump world I doubt that it will.

Yet another rabid right-winger conspiracy theory fantasy bites the dust.

Bottom line, Special Agent John Huber is winding down the two year investigation into Hillary Clinton and Clinton Foundation corruption and come up with nothing. This is not a surprise to any thinking person. It was obvious from the get go that this was a real example of a partisan witch hunt and that it would come up with zilch. Trump has been doing what he wrongfully accused Obama of doing – using the law enforcement agencies for partisan purposes.

Wag the dog.


Trump is doing his level best to provoke war with Iran. He may well succeed. Imagine if Iran had targeted and assassinated the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. We would not forebear and there is no reason to expect Iran to just take it. It is now likely that a lot of people are going to die to divert the news cycle from Trump’s crimes and impeachment.

And, in case anyone has forgotten, a war against Iran is one that we cannot win. If it breaks out it will be a global disaster. We need to remove Trump immediately and once again seek some sort of reconciliation with Iran. If Saudi Arabia or Israel want to go to war with Iran they should not expect us to do it for them. What is both terribly sad and ironic is how directly Trump’s actions against Iran run counter to his stated policies of disengagement from the conflicts of other.