This fellow needs to go.

For those who do not subscribe, a data breach at a Christian crowdfunding site has lead to the disclosure that the head of the Norfolk Police Depart Internal Affairs unit sent money and words of support to the vigilante who traveled to Wisconsin with his assault weapon and ended up murdering two people.

The poor judgment and twisted values of a senior police official who would lend his support to the actions of a murderous vigilante are disqualifying of any police employment and doubly so in an area as sensitive as internal affairs. IMHO.

Maybe it is just me, but I find it instructive that a site styling itself as “Christian” would be funneling money to a killer. Shows how corrupted words can become.

Here is the original story in The Guardian.

Jim Jones Redux?

Does being in a cult mean that you must be suicidal? Of course, this is a hyperbolic question but the fact is that the pernicious effects of Donald Trump’s response to the pandemic lingers on where the support for his reign is strongest. Imagine the difference had Dear Leader NOT minimized the threat and had used his bully pulpit to encourage mask wearing, social distancing and, yes, fear of the virus.

Another of King Donald’s edicts tossed out in court.

In a nutshell, Trump tried to exclude a range of industries from pollution regulations by XO based on the theory that their individual share of pollution is below an arbitrary threshold that HE set. I guess not enforcing the law is – well – not enforcing the law. Enforcing the law AS WRITTEN is the President’s job even if he is not crazy about the law to be enforced.

I would add that even though the individual contributions to pollution of the industries he wanted to de-regulate were relatively small, the combined contribution of these industries is substantial.

Trump’s legacy : Death

A very significant portion of Americans do not intend to get the Covid-19 vaccination. Their stupid and selfish decisions will unnecessarily prolong the pandemic, give the virus more opportunities to mutate into a more dangerous form and keep herd immunity from being ever being achieved.

One group stands out in this crowd of idiots – White Evangelical Protestants of whom 45% plan to “Just say No” to vaccination. These WEPs have been Trump’s greatest supporters and are now the protectors of his legacy of death. 555,000 and counting.

As a country we need to motivate such people to do the right thing. Since they will not follow the science and are not open to persuasion, we need to have “proof of vaccination” as a requirement for air travel, border crossings, public-facing work like teaching, etc. Maybe that will help them see the light?

No reasonable person . . .

Sidney Powell’s answer to the massive defamation suit brought by Dominion is that she is not liable because – wait for it – no reasonable person would believe the fantastic claims she was selling.

This is for you die hard Trump supporters. You know, those of you who did – with baited breath – take this woman’s crazy lies very seriously.