Government In Action? Uh, no. Government Inaction!

Gist of the story – A Texas businessman with FOUR idle N95 production lines in his AMERICAN plant could not get our government to take any interest in opening them up even after the virus started spreading and the shortage of PPEs in the stockpile was obvious. Maybe this is China’s fault?

Sweden Sacrificed Lives for its economy. It was a mistake.

Sweden has famously tried to achieve herd immunity and to avoid economic damage by staying open for business. Not only is their death’s per million people significantly higher than other neighboring countries (and growing), their economy seems to have received no benefit from the extra cost in deaths.

GOP on how to deal with those pesky scientists. Put fingers in ears and say Nah, Nah, Na Nah Nah.

Scientists from various Arizona Universities have been instructed to stop their efforts on COVID-19 and denied access to the data they have been using to predict the spread. Brilliant!

By the way, if data from New York City is omitted (because it has begun to decline there), the Covid-19 outbreak has not peaked. It is climbing steadily. In places like Arizona. Pretty clear the decision has been made to kill a lot of people to preserve Republican power. Too bad for them, it is not nice to fool with Mother Nature.