As predicted . . .

The drooling anticipation by some of the Trump lovers around here for the looming bombshell “deep state” reports by IG Horowitz and U.S. Attorney John Durham was predicted – by me – to end in yet another bitter disappointment for those conned by Mr. Trump. It has. There is no there, there. There never was. At some point will embarrassment set in for those so eager to be gulled?

"Useful idiot" from Louisiana!

For those without access to the Washington Post (remarkably cheap through Amazon sometimes) the article details how the GOP in general and Senator Kennedy in particular are acting as willing disinformation agents for Vladimir Putin – shamelessly spreading outright lies about Ukraine in their campaign to protect Dear Leader from the consequences of his crimes. The historical reference in the headline is, unfortunately, spot on.

War Crimes? Phooey. We have been held back by those pesky Geneva Conventions far too long – MAGA!

So what is all this foolish and destructive tough guy bluster really about – some sort of psychic compensation for tiny . . . bone spurs?

Constitutional separation of powers is at risk. Do we really want a King?

The inimitable Charlie Pierce focuses on the recent decision in Federal Court by Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson that the President is not and was never meant to be a King. Charlie does a great job of reporting on this very serious decision and laying the groundwork for understanding the defining issues that are now on their way up the chain to SCOTUS.

Reality is relentless . . .

Even the extremist right wingers at the National Review cannot keep up the pretense that somehow Trump is competent when he obviously is not. Although bundled with the usual “conservative” blather about President Obama, this article’s message is that Trump is essentially a clown.

Leaving Trump’s criminality and corruption out of the picture, it is clear that the vagueness of the Impeachment language in the Constitution was there to cover the sort of grotesque unsuitability that Mr. Trump has displayed.