There still are Republicans with courage and integrity.

Both Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger have risked their political careers to defend the Constitution and its core principle of the peaceful transfer of power. Exactly the sort of people with integrity needed for the Select Committee on the January 6th attack on Congress. If there is any temptation by the Democrats to hide uncomfortable facts, these two will not stand for it.

GOP Deathwish Explained!

New polling that gathered data on vaccination rates by preferred news source may have found the single most significant reason why so many Republicans are risking their lives for no good reason.

Vaccination rates per this poll . . .

All adults 70% (Close to CDC reports)

Fox News Viewers 62%

MSNBC Viewers 83%

Network News Viewers 79%

What makes these findings even worse is that the Fox News audience is significantly older than average and should therefore have the highest and not the lowest vaccination rates.

It has been shown many times before that Fox News viewers end up misinformed on almost every subject so this result is not all that surprising. What the poll cannot answer is which comes first – The Ignorance or the Fox News preference? I think it is the later. Watching Fox News makes people ignorant. Or worse, they “know” things that are simply not true – in this case that vaccines will harm you.

Arizona “Audit” in Chaos

It has been clear from the very beginning that the “audit” was a joke organized by partisan hacks without the skills, experience or credibility needed for a real review. Now their internal chaos is coming to light with one of the key leaders banned from the campus for the sin of sharing the fact that the “audit” was tracking very closely to the official tallies. Telling the simple truth is often a sin in Republican circles – why would this be any different.

Good for her!

The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has said “Hell No!” to Jim Jordan and Jim Banks being part of the Select Committee charged with investigating the January 6th Attack on the Congress. She is absolutely right. This work is too important to allow it to be polluted by such egregiously dishonest Trump enablers.

Leader (and probable witness) Kevin McCarthy says that the Republicans will boycott the proceedings if these partisan trolls are not accepted. Good! Things will go much quicker and much smoother without GOP delaying tactics and obfuscation. I hope he sticks to his guns. But, I wonder. Has McCarthy been played by the wily Speaker? Maybe.

Trump wannabe tries his schtick on Dr. Fauci. It did not go well.

Rand Paul comes back to his LIE that our government funded research that lead to the emergence of the Covid-19 virus. Interesting to watch this sociopath make his threats of prison (Lock him up!) directed at one of the most respected people in our country. Trying to out Trump Trump but not very good at it.

There is a tiny fact hidden in this yet another “conservative” LIE. Funding from the NIH did lead to a small sub-contract at Wuhan for ongoing studies that had nothing to do with the pandemic virus. That is enough for such people. Any chance to attack our government, China or Fauci is just too good for such a person as Rand Paul to pass up. My prediction – try as he might, Rand Paul will not be the next Trump.

This Is What Waits For Your Daughters When Republicans Win.

Republicans have zero respect for the rule of law. This new Texas law bans abortion when a fetal heartbeat can be detected – about 6 weeks into gestation. That is before many women even know that they are pregnant. The law of the land established by SCOTUS in Roe Vs. Wade and other cases is that such bans are Unconstitutional until about 24 weeks.

But wait, there is more. As a gimmick to avoid following the law, the state will not enforce the ban. Instead, it leaves the enforcement to private law suits by ANYBODY and will pay a $10,000 bounty to ANYONE who successfully sues anyone who provides, helps, counsels or encourages an abortion after 6 weeks.

I would like to say that you can not make this stuff up, but this is reality. This is how anti-woman, anti-science (heartbeat, really?) Republicans really are.

The Truth Is Out There.

Even the Kremlin has leaks. This very reputable source is putting the flesh on the bones of what we already knew – Putin chose Trump to be his candidate of choice in 2016 and ordered his government to help him.

According to The Guardian . . . “There is a brief psychological assessment of Trump, who is described as an “impulsive, mentally unstable and unbalanced individual who suffers from an inferiority complex”.

Also according to The Guardian, the Kremlin paper asserts that they have compromising materials gathered during earlier Trump visits.

Slowly, but surely, ALL the truth is going to come out.

Breaking News : Honest, Decent Republican Tries to Save Lives.

Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) stands up against the insanity gripping the GOP – this time its leaders killing people with their outrage politics rhetoric about fighting the pandemic. He knows this insanity is self-destructive and that “garbage politicians” like Ted Cruz are going to crash the GOP plane into the ground if Republican voters listen to them.

GOP Finds Its Voice

No to Unemployment Insurance

No to Social Security

No to Medicaid and Medicare

No to Farm Subsidies

No to Food Stamps

And NO! to getting vaccinated.

As AOC tweeted – “You go girl!”

The fact that CPAC would welcome this insurrectionist who was live Tweeting the locations of Speaker Pelosi and other Representatives for the benefit of the rampaging mob on January 6th tells us just how corrupt and debased the “conservative” movement has become.

Too bad guns were not allowed inside the hall or Lauren could have really shown us what the Trump GOP is all about.