Ho Hum.

Just another day, just another school masacre by a maniac with assault weapons.

Nothing we can do.

It is the blood price we must pay to keep us safe from tyranny. Right?

When you are deep into your “thoughts and prayers,” try thinking why it is that we are so exceptional that we need to allow the slaughter of children to keep our country safe. Other countries don’t. Why do we?


GOP has a Policy Problem

In a nutshell, almost all the right-wing “anti-woke” and culture-war policies being pushed in GOP circles are decidedly unpopular outside of the GOP bubble. The only exception is the proposition that transgender women should not be allowed to compete in women’s sports. On that, most people apply common sense.

The focus of the following article is the well-publicized “anti-woke” policies pushed by Governor DeSantis to curry favor with MAGA voters. It is a recurring GOP problem writ large – what it takes to get a Republican nomination is poison for the General election.


DeSantis is currently about 15 points behind the criminal Trump among likely GOP voters, so all of his “anti-woke” pandering is yielding very little but future problems. Sad. 😢

Where were you on 9/11?

That is a question any American who was an adult in 2001 can easily remember. Except for Ron DeSantis. It is not convenient for him to say he was teaching in a pricey private school that morning. So he hems and haws when asked that simple question. Do we want a President who has not got the honesty to simply tell the truth? We tried that with Donald Trump. It went very poorly.

Still a mystery.

Who sabotaged the Nordstream pipelines?

The answer is We do not know.

However, we do know that some of the theories and claims that have been made do not stand up to the available evidence. A stand-out among these debunked claims is the story by Seymour Hersh that it was an American operation using Norwegian vessels. Wired describes the work of the independent people using available data sources to investigate the claims.


Typical “Conservative” Speaks Up.

If cherry-picked nuts on Tik-Tok are going to be representing the Left I nominate this broadcaster as a fine exemplar of modern conservative thinking.

Urging the execution of public figures is an abuse of First Amendment rights and ought to be a criminal offense.

By the way, Barack Obama was born in 1961. He was two when JFK was murdered. But don’t let that get in the way of a juicy conspiracy theory.