In 6-3 ruling, court strikes down New York’s concealed-carry law

I’d like to hazard a prediction here: The one-party Democratic states–California, NY, Illinois, etc. are going to suddenly rediscover the concept of federalism and these decisions are going to provoke a new nullification crisis. I think the US is heading to some sort of soft Balkanization. Does VA go with the liberal northeast, or with the deep-south bible belt? Some sort of mid-Atlantic borderland? Aren’t we lucky to be living in “interesting times?”

19 thoughts on “In 6-3 ruling, court strikes down New York’s concealed-carry law

  1. Here is the ruling

    Click to access 20-843_7j80.pdf

    135 pages from the usually brief Justice Thomas. I’d bet he would have preferred a far more brief and to the point ruling. It should have fallen on 14th Amendment grounds even without the 2nd.

    NYC’s ‘may issue’ law required, in addition to a clean criminal record and reasonable training, a demonstration of particular need to defend oneself.

    A common citizen who commutes from a high crime neighborhood to a high crime workplace on public transit stood no chance of getting a permit, but celebrities and donors living in gated communities and traveling by limo to fortified office buildings had no problem.

    It has been a disgrace since 1905 and needed to go.

    It will be interesting to see what happens to the rate of crimes against persons over the next 5 years.


    1. I don’t really have a dog in this fight–beyond the fact that SCOTUS is, this week, telling states they do not have the right to set certain gun restrictions, and will soon also be telling states they do have the right to completely criminalize abortion–but I read somewhere that NY approved over 65% of concealed carry applications, so it’s not just the rich and well-connected who are granted permits.

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      1. Not really

        The application process in NYC can cost hundreds of dollars, so how many declined to apply knowing they had no chance?

        But there certainly are a lot of born again Federalists. Would you leave it to states to decide on ‘separate but equal?’


          1. Keeping and bearing arms says nothing about concealment of said arms. Nor does it make a lick of sense that a “well-regulated militia” would have any interest – or capability – in concealing the weapons they were keeping and bearing. The Second Amendment is about protecting the STATE. It is not about surprising criminals.

            You are welcome to any opinion you want, but if you are intellectually honest you will give up your claims of being some sort of “originalist”

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        1. “The application process in NYC can cost hundreds of dollars” Fair enough. If that is the case, then I agree that amounts to a denial for many people. I just hope you are able to apply this logic the next time we are talking about “access” poor people technically have to life’s necessities.

          RE: Federalism. I would trust some states but not others. But, that’s the point I’m trying to make. Unless the Democrats have just absolutely prostrated themselves to the Republicans (possible), at a certain point they’re going to start pushing back against this activist court. The path of least resistance is for states to cherry pick which of these big culture war laws they’ll follow. Republican states will continue to treat women and minorities as second class citizens, and Democratic states will allow abortions and implement gun control. Like it is now, just less legal and cultural connections between states.

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  2. Constitutional carry might be fine in the rural towns, but on the streets of major cities it is an invitation to more gun violence. Police will probably be more trigger prone if they rightfully assume anyone is carrying. Gang bangers will have no fear of carrying at all.

    Now if a city can at least have a test of competency, registration ability and several local references it could save a few lives. Absent such reasonable accountability, I predict chaos and a dictatorial government. Hey, just what the right wing is praying for…SMH what was I thinking.

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  3. The states with the highest rates of gun deaths per capita also have the most guns per capita. NY is one of the lowest states with gun deaths.

    This ruling could even things out and get stats up to Mississippi, Louisiana, Alaska, Alabama…

    Oh what a wonderful world.

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  4. I will “hazard” a prediction, all one party democrat states just learn to live within the law for once. I don’t expect them do so without temper tantrums but children mostly learn in the end.


      1. Lol, constant personal attacks on every comment is all you have? One of the kids I refer to is in your mirror….


        1. Bobr, your modus operandi is to parachute into these discussions with name-calling and other personal attacks. Don’t bother to deny. I do not recall your ever making any kind of substantive, fact-based comment worthy of discussion.

          My advice – grow up.

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        2. “constant personal attacks on every comment is all you have?”

          Your projection technique continues to shine through in EVERY SINGLE post of yours.

          To quote my British neighbor, “Bugger off!”


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