‘Have you recently had an abortion?’ Australian transiting through US questioned then deported


The headline is a bit misleading. She was deported for some archaic visa irregularity, but for everyone saying some of us are overreacting to the Dobbs ruling, why would CBP be so concerned if a foreign national had recently had an abortion?

14 thoughts on “‘Have you recently had an abortion?’ Australian transiting through US questioned then deported

  1. This is really bizarre.

    If she was just changing planes in LA on the way to Canada, why was she processed by CBP at all?

    She traveled from Australia to Canada to cat sit?

    There is more to this.


    1. It is strange that she had any interaction with CBP, but we all know how much they love to exert their authority at the airport.

      As I understand it, international “housesitting” is common among young people who want to travel cheaply.

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  2. Why would that question even be asked? Is that a reason to prevent someone from entering the country? If so, we have bigger problems than states trying to restrict travel to other states for health care services.

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  3. There is nothing archaic sbout rules for entry on visa waivers. It’s simple and widely known, you are not allowed to work on one and must apply for a work visa if you intend to do so. Cat sitting is considered employment due the house as being compensation. The UK is even stricter than the US. Asking abt abortion, if CBP did, was probably due to the girl acting evasive during questioning where they can ask anything under the sun to get to the bottom of a person not being forthright abt their travel.


    1. Even if that were the case here (and I don’t think we know all of the details at this point) what on G-d’s green earth does a recent abortion have to do with anything regarding entry, or even pass through, a CBP checkpoint?


      1. Perhaps they were trying to find out what she was doing and health care came up. When someone is not being honest, and CBP can tell, anything is on the table to get the answers of the purpose of your travel.


        1. Seriously? You believe that abortion is related to COVID? If that is the case you are in the League of Extraordinarily Idiotic people with the CBP agents who asked.

          And blaming Biden is as idiotic as the question.

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          1. And here is yet another example of your constant insults and you have the nerve to say something to me? I didn’t say COVID and abortion are related. I said COVID has made travel more difficult with restrictions in place. I also said that abortion may have come up during questioning due to traveler evasiveness so health may have come up to find out what she was up to. Frankly, considering she was breaking the visa waiver rules, I think she knew it and concocted a story about abortion because she was pissed for getting caught and deported. Learn to read before babble.


          2. Right. Your point was idiotic. If you take criticism of your point to be a personal attack, while you may be deserving of that, I was attacking the idiocy of using abortion and COVID as “health care issues” that were apparently conflated by CBP.

            If your little snowflake feelings can’t take challenge by AYONE who disagrees with you, I can’t do a damned thing to help you.

            And again, what do visa waiver law breaches have to do with abortion?

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