Freedom under attack.

4 thoughts on “Freedom under attack.

  1. Banning books? You mean removing disgusting smut from school libraries is banning books? Who’d have though.

    Restricting speech? How so?

    Confirming one’s identity is making it harder to vote? No making it harder to cheat.

    Criminalizing women an doctors? No, saving a baby from having its head crushed and body removed piece by piece.

    Newsom is a typical babbling liberal sensationalist who should pay more attention to the outlandish poverty in his “free” state.


    1. Me thinks the troll doth protest too much.

      You are clueless and hateful, and your rant above just proved it.

      Smut? So that is what you think stories about PEOPLE who are different from you are?

      Telling people what can and can’t be discussed in schools, including U of F, is suppression of free speech. Hate speech is protected to a point so long as it doesn’t threaten anyone directly, why not fair and considered explanations of differences?

      It isn’t about voter ID in Florida. It is about gerrymandering districts, closing polling places in minority neighborhoods, limiting voting hours and polling places in heavily minority districts and other suppression tactics.

      Telling a woman and her doctor that a safe, LEGAL medical procedure is now criminalized by banning all abortions or putting a 6week/heartbeat style law, as opposed to LTA’s (which you just won’t on the books should be pretty obvious even to you. But then again, you have issues with truth and facts, so maybe not.

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