“To save life of the mother” for abortions removed from the GOP platform in Idaho.

“For the last 49 years we have essentially lost the argument in the culture because we have focused on abortion as the termination of a pregnancy and not the termination of a living human being,” Herdon told delegates.”

“He also said the oath a doctor takes to do no harm covers such situations, and if a doctor is treating a pregnant person and the unborn child, it is in line with standards of medical care to determine who can legitimately be saved. To add exceptions would be to give priority to one patient over the other, he said.”

Considering how powerful the GOP is in Idaho, this is kind of interesting. Now doctors are already wary of treating problem pregnancies, this should be the icing on the cake.

15 thoughts on ““To save life of the mother” for abortions removed from the GOP platform in Idaho.

    1. I got the impression that the “extremes” were already taken out.

      For the sake of Idaho women I would hope that the mother takes precedence. Being born an orphan and then learning that you were the reason for the death of your mother would be pretty hard to take for many.

      But if one really thinks about it, personhood for fertilized eggs was considered extreme at one time too. Or denying abortions for rape or incest victims, the same.

      I know the backpedaling is furious on the right with the 10 year old from Ohio so they are going after the doctor in Indiana and blaming immigrants as they are deleting tweets.

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    2. “Let’s wait and see what the legislature does.”

      Uh, No.

      They have made their policy clear. If you believe that this is a bad idea why wait until they enact it before resisting? That makes no sense at all.

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      1. Platform committees typically meet a week prior to a convention, so they are populated by people willing to miss a lot of time from work for a reason.

        On the LP committee I served on, a pragmatist faction(of which I was a part) was able to dictate the platform because we were willing to lose a lot of work to make a change in the party. (It didn’t last)

        In the GOP, a single church could dominate a platform committee even if they did not represent a majority of the party.

        So, I’ll wait for legislation to be proposed before getting worried. Platforms are generally of interest only to those on the platform committee.


        1. …”I’ll wait for legislation to be proposed before getting worried.”

          And when that legislation is proposed, what would YOU be worried about? I don’t see you wanting or needing an abortion any time in the near future.

          And that has been a go-to for you lately: TO sit back and wait. But you show no remorse when that legislation is proposed. And more often than not, you come out in favor of it.

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          1. “but I care about the rights of people I disagree with.”

            No, you don’t. You even want to deny property owners their rights because of the tiny inconvenience of leaving your little friends in the glove box when you are doing errands. And, of course, you believe that the fundament rights of women are subject to the whims of Theocratic legislatures.

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      2. Your thinking on platform committees is nonsense. IMHO.

        The party platform is a statement of principle and promises. It matters not in the least who participated in drafting it. It is used to energize the base of the party. There is no reason for what is in it to not to energize their opponents.

        If moderate elements lose out in drafting the platform, there is ZERO reason to believe they will not lose out when they are in power. The opposite in fact. With the election behind them their true agenda will be at the forefront. Kind of like a SCOTUS nominee respecting precedent BEFORE they are confirmed and throwing it out after.

        Another way to put it – you don’t get to make outrageous promises and remain immune from the political consequences of those promises.

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      1. “Haven’t you figured out that “the extremes” are actually RUNNING the parties now? To deny that is to deny reality.”

        I wish that were true of the Democratic Party. It isn’t. Not yet. But the times they are a changin.

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  1. RE: “if a doctor is treating a pregnant person and the unborn child, it is in line with standards of medical care to determine who can legitimately be saved.”

    This makes sense to me as a matter of principle. Theoretically, we wouldn’t even need laws making abortion legal or illegal if we could rely solely on medical ethics to deal with the issue.

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  2. If I were a physician, it would probably stick in my craw to have to consult my hospital group’s legal department before treating a patient to ensure my course of action complied with the whims of a few evangelical zealots, but that’s the party of small government and personal freedom for ya.

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  3. Unintended consequences are now rearing their ugly heads, as well. Women who are suffering miscarriages are being denied care because the care is SIMILAR to abortion care.

    But let’s save the fetus to the detriment of the mother’s physical well-being. Criminal activity (rape/incest) be damned.

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    1. Historically, women in Theocratic countries – like Ireland used to be – have died from the effects of a dead fetus in their womb which could not be removed without fear of punishment.

      In this country, state laws have turned miscarriages into crime scenes where the care giver has the burden of proof that the services rendered were medically necessary. It is simply outrageous. About 15% of pregnancies end in a miscarriage. A miscarriage can be life threatening if not properly cared for. Beyond any doubt women are going to die or maimed because of these Theocratic laws.

      Give extremists power and they ALWAYS go way too far. Women and anyone who cares for their wives, mothers, daughters, or sisters needs to rise up in November and throw these ignorant bums out.

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