Worshipping Dead Horses

Source: The American Conservative.

Douglas Macgregor laments that the Biden administration is out of touch, losing control and self-destructive. Specifically, the administration can’t (or won’t) see our proxy war with Russia is failing, its sanctions are crippling our allies to the point they must eventually abandon us, and our military has become ineffective.

Macgregor’s statement of the problem seems accurate to me. I wish I knew a good solution.

43 thoughts on “Worshipping Dead Horses

  1. You have to conceptualize the Democrats as the controlled opposition of a one-party state. I think leadership desperately wants to lose at least one house of congress in the midterms so they’ll have a more plausible excuse for doing none of the things they run on.

    Do you see Republican leadership treating Ukraine any differently? Defense contractors write large donation checks.


      1. None of them individually want to lose–it’s a cushy job with lots of perks. But by choosing to abandon working class politics/organizing in favor of pursuing wealthy donors, they can’t actually do anything “progressive” of the money dries up. So they run on popular policies and come up with every excuse in the book (Joe Manchin, the midterms, the mythical independent voter, the parliamentarian) why they can’t do it after the fact. Remember Hillary and the “you’ve got to have a public policy, and a private policy.”

        This also explains why they’re so hyper-focused on cultural issues. It’s something voters care about, and it doesn’t offend the board of directors of Chase.

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  2. Apparently, Russia sees things quite differently. They are claiming they are losing the war because the US has created “mutant Ukrainian troops in biolabs.”


    Our conservative media wants the US to give up supporting the Ukrainians because the Ukrainians are in a stalemate and/or are losing the war. And Russia says it’s “losing” the war because the US is drugging the Ukrainians and turning them into “monsters.” Personally, I’ve come to believe QAnon is writing press releases for both Russia and the conservative media.

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    1. You should read the Yahoo! story carefully. No where does it quote Russia stating that it is losing the war. Mostly, it is a story claiming that Ukrainian biolabs experimented on Ukrainian troops by giving them infectious diseases. There is evidence that Ukrainian troops have been using performance enhancing drugs, but this is old news and it is not clear whether the biolabs produced them or the troops found them on the black market.

      The simple fact is, Ukraine hasn’t won back a single inch of territory it lost since the war began. Russia retreated from Kiev and abandoned Snake Island, but neither was the result of a defeat in battle.


      1. “No where does it quote Russia stating that it is losing the war. ” Except in the TITLE: “Russia says its losing because….”

        And just the fact that Russia, with way more firepower than Ukraine, wasn’t able to cakewalk over the entire country within a few weeks, or even months, means Russia LOST. But, like Trump, they will never admit it until the hammer of justice finally flattens their butts.

        At least you are finally admitting it is a WAR. I suggest you read the well-cited Wikipedia article on the FSB. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_Security_Service#Role_in_Ukraine They have been planning the war since 2014. They promised Putin an easy victory if Russia invaded Ukraine. They told him he would be welcomed as a liberator. They convinced him (and apparently you) that the JEWISH President of Ukraine was leading a bunch of Nazis and the people were begging Russia to save them.

        “In March 2022, Russia’s encrypted communication system in Ukraine became useless after the Russian military destroyed cellphone towers; unencrypted phone calls from the FSB in Ukraine to superiors in Moscow discussing the death of Vitaly Gerasimov were tapped and released publicly. Ukrainian intelligence reported that FSB members were leaking intelligence to them, including the location of the Chechen commandos sent to assassinate Zelensky. ”

        The Russians are the aggressors! The Ukrainians are fighting for their homes! I can assure you that nobody here hates war more than I do, but if Russia was invading my home, I’d be fighting exactly like the Ukrainians, with the possible exception of I’d be bombing the sh!t out of Moscow!

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        1. RE: “Except in the TITLE: ‘Russia says its losing because….'”

          Russia didn’t write the title, and no where does Yahoo! validate the title with actual facts. I am afraid you have been duped by propaganda.


          1. Russia said the US had created biolab monsters. Do you think Russia said that to prove they were WINNING? That’s the kind of thing losers say. You know, like “the voting machines were rigged.”

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          2. RE: “Do you think Russia said that to prove they were WINNING?”

            I think Russia said that because they find it useful to criticize Zelenski and his government, not to mention the U.S. I challenge you to provide some real evidence that Russia is losing the war. Guessing at Russian psychology is useless.


  3. You might remember that at the beginning I predicted that no matter what else happened, Europe would be buying gas from Russia this Winter. They have no choice.

    Tens of thousands dead and the outcome will be no different than what Russia demanded at the beginning.



    1. “Madness.”

      Better we should stab Ukraine in the back as your man Trump did with the Afghans and the Kurds?

      I find it remarkable how the same people who swallow the swill offered by Trump, also lap up the garbage offered by Putin just as eagerly. Is it a coincidence? Or some underlying fascist leaning?

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      1. You are mind reading again.

        There was no doubt of the ultimate outcome.

        Russia gets the buffer of a puppet state in eastern Ukraine. and a land route to the south.

        Those were the terms offered at the beginning.

        We don’t have to approve of Putin to recognize that short of US troops in the war, Russia was going to get what it wanted.

        Tens of thousands of needless deaths didn’t change a damn thing, except that we have pushed Russia into the arms of China and Iran.


          1. Doesn’t matter.

            However, the people of the Donbas overwhelmingly wanted to be independent of Ukraine under the protection of Russia.

            And those left alive will get that.


          2. “Doesn’t matter.”

            Maybe to you, but to the people of Ukraine, it obviously does.

            And that Donbas vote was rigged. Lots of insurgents and invaders overwhelmingly voted for that independence. But you know that. The actual people of Donbas avoided that vote due to threats to their lives and well-being by Kremlin-backed separatists.

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          3. ” You Democrats are always claiming elections were rigged when they don’t go your way.”

            What was the word you used? Oh, yeah. sure.

            Your lame attempt at deflection shows you learned nothing from Trump. Blame the other party for what you yourself are doing.

            And tell me exactly when Democrats said an election was rigged. And no, it was not 2016. What was said was that there was international interference, mostly by Russia, that influenced people’s thoughts and votes. (Which was VERIFIED by our nation’s intelligence apparatus) Not once did they claim massive fraud on a scale that would overturn the results.

            Nor did they, three years, later call on a state to decertify the results form 2016. That is something your orange-skinned hero did last week in Wisconsin.

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          4. “However, the people of the Donbas overwhelmingly wanted to be independent of Ukraine under the protection of Russia.”

            Uh, no they did not. Putin LIE. The civil war in Donbas would have been over in weeks if that were true. It wasn’t. It was started by Russia in 2014 and has continued until the present day.

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        1. “You are mind reading again.”

          You are starting to sound like Mr. Roberts. That is his goto response when he does not like the import of the opinions he expresses.

          Your calling our support for Ukraine “Madness” clearly implies that we should stop AND that would be a stab in the back. No mind reading required.

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    2. Maybe. Maybe not. The EU just signed on with Azerbaijan to double gas imports by 2027. That means those imports will start to increase in the not too distant future. Maybe even enough to cover this winter,


      And if you think giving in to threats from bullies is a good way to do business, maybe you should read a little more about how well that worked out for Neville Chamberlain.

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        1. At this point, we are not “in the war.” We are only supplying arms to Ukraine. I would think that would make a gun-salesperson happy.

          If boots on the ground are to be committed, I’m thinking Finland (who will hopefully be a NATO member soon) and Germany should commit first. Then the US Navy should remove the “non-blockade” of Ukrainian ports.

          That’s what I would like to see happen. But, given that a large percentage of one of our two major political parties belongs to the “Putin wing,” I don’t think that will happen. Maybe if Zelensky sent them some dirt on Hunter Biden they’d change their minds?

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          1. SO, you want to see Germany, a NATO nation, engage with Russia, and drag us all into WW3?

            Encouraging Ukraine to fight on and supplying them with just enough to lose slowly, only gets people killed and the hatred of their survivors.

            Our grandchildren will pay the costs we are running up with this foolishness.


          2. Our grandchildren will have lots to suffer through. Climate changes, insurgencies, tropical diseases, mega cyclones, droughts, floods, fires, massive refugee movements.

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    3. Hey, you don’t care much about 45K+ dead Americans every year, why are you so concerned about Ukrainians fighting for their homeland. A concept that bothers some folks who have never had to fight for their homeland, but pretend they will…someday, maybe alongside self styled gangs who fake patriotism in the name of White Nationalism. Or is it European Chauvinism?

      And Russian demands emanating from the pale, liver lips of a delusional dictator are not worth much. That is true “madness”.

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        1. Would you fight for your homeland against a powerful military should a rogue government takeover and declare martial law? Would you accept military gear from Canada to help against heavy weapons?

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  4. McGregor is a Putin mouthpiece who has been debunked and debunked too many times to count. Yet whenever comes out with something to support your point of view, you traipse him out. Just to be told McGregor is a POS who deserves no attention what so ever. He can say whatever he wants. His opinions aren’t worth a hill of beans.

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          1. No. I am just reminding you that your “source” is only a source of fertilizer, Putinesque propaganda and a fake patriot.

            EVERY time you have posted something from this jerk-off, he (and you) have been called out for it. If you are having memory problems, try Prevagen. I hear it works wonders.


          2. RE: “EVERY time you have posted something from this jerk-off, he (and you) have been called out for it.”

            And yet no one has debunked anything. Maybe YOU need Prevagen.


          1. If you believe Putin and his minions online, who are we to say you are wrong.

            This is a brutal war and it will continue. Putin invaded in 2014 and has been fighting in Donbas ever since. It has cost him 10’s of thousands of casualties, thousands of war machines, planes, and even a capital ship. And what he won are flattened, destroyed cities with some old folks who couldn’t flee and some Russians who collaborated.

            This all in the effort to emulate Peter the Great.

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          2. RE: “If you believe Putin and his minions online, who are we to say you are wrong.”

            You are correct: You are incompetent to tell me I’m wrong. More importantly, you are incompetent to say where Colonel Macgregor is wrong.

            It saddens me that you, Ms. Radford, and others dismiss the commentary of subject matter experts like Col. Macgregor. You do so for shallow or selfish reasons, as best I can tell. Explain to me, for example, how Col. Macgregor — with a distinguished career as a U.S. Army officer, including combat command — can be considered by you to be little more than a Putin minion.


          3. Subject matter expert who sold his soul to Putin?

            Yah. Let me jump on THAT bandwagon.

            You ignore or degrade EVERY attempt by those who have tried to tell you your boy is a POS, lying, Putin Stooge. Too bad you are losing the smart battle.

            The incompetence you point at in others is based in your own head.


          4. “You are correct: You are incompetent to tell me I’m wrong.”

            I stand corrected, you do believe Putin and his minions online. Mea culpa.

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