OK, this is shameless sponsoring…but a feel good note nonetheless.

No link. I am good friends with the part owner of Uncle Al’s Hotdogs in Greenbrier, Chesapeake. It’s a small venue almost always packed for lunch due to quality fare and terrific staff.

They are doing curbside takeout now and working to pay bills as best they can.

Here is the wonderful part. The partners have decided to cover the full payroll out of their own pockets for however long it takes to reopen. At the same time, long standing customers are using the curbside pickup. That’s not all. The customers, in obvious appreciation of the long serving staff, are tipping big.

I mean $10, $20 and even up to $100 for an order that probably caps off at less than $10 for a dog, fries and Coke.

I understand there are other places doing as much as they can. Lots of restaurants, high end and less so, that are doing curbside pickup. And customers are tipping more than usual because they know that servers and others in the restaurant business are losing income. Of course it can be a huge strain on startup restaurants in which the owner sank savings and credit into the opening.

BTW lots of places like Walmart, Kroger, Aldis, Target, Amazon are hiring big time. We are talking 10’s to 100’s of thousands of jobs. Walmart will even get you started same day as the interview if feasible. The food, drug and supply pipelines are working OT to stay open and clean. And they have temporarily raised wages to both existing and new employees.

Finally, I have made it a point, now that I am finally mobile and can shop myself, to heartily thank all the frontline workers at HT, Fresh Market, Rite Aid, Costco, etc., for their efforts and long hours. Kind words go a long way.

2 Trillion record bill, an interesting analysis of conservatism v. Trumpism


“Someday, once the pandemic has waned and the economy has recovered, the GOP’s fiscal conservatives will find a federal deficit ballooned far beyond their fears, and will begin campaigning to shrink it — or blame Democrats for it.“
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