“That which we call a bribe/ By Any Other Name would smell as foul.”  


(Apologies to W. Shakespeare)
Both parties can legally accept massive donations after their candidate is elected. Future campaigns or inaugural expenses are the explanations, but it sure sounds like bribery to me.

Therein lies a major problem for our political system: it costs so much to run for office that major donors can and do dIctate our laws and policies. If money is speech, then the microphone is only on for serious money. Business as usual should not be the norm in my opinion. Donations only to those candidates you can legally vote for.

Deaths among working age climbed dramatically in last 2 years.


Non-COVID related increased also, but the percentages are lower. Crowding out the normal access for diagnostics and emergencies like stroke and heart attacks seems to add to the mix

Working age adults accounted for 40% of COVID deaths in 3rd quarter of 2021 according to the article. Surprising to me.

Serious charges finally come to light today: Seditious conspiracy among others.

“The three indictments collectively charge all 19 defendants with corruptly obstructing an official proceeding. Eighteen of the 19 defendants – the exception is Walden – are charged with conspiring to obstruct an official proceeding and conspiring to prevent an officer of the United States from discharging a duty. Eleven of the 19 defendants are charged with seditious conspiracy. Some of the defendants are also facing other related charges.”


These are serious charges. News at 11.

Apparently vaccine hesitancy is now mostly among Republicans.

“Earlier in the pandemic, many different groups expressed hesitancy toward getting vaccinated. African Americans, younger Americans and rural Americans all had significant portions of their demographic that resisted vaccination. But over time, the vaccination rates in those demographics have risen, while the rate of Republican vaccination against COVID-19 has flatlined at just 59%, according to the latest numbers from Kaiser.By comparison, 91% of Democrats are vaccinated.”


Operation Warp Speed, here and its international equivalents, was touted as a big Republican bragging point. What happened?

Don’s LTE poses some interesting questions


“The balance struck between patriotism and national introspection should reflect the consensus of the community, not an educational elite.”

Why should those qualities be zero sum? Does studying our history, blemishes and all, dilute the love of country? if so, then are we encouraging patriotism at the expense of history?

“…values and ethics, both of which are taught by life, not professors.” And with regard to human sexuality, parents will have to bear the consequences if wrong.

By the time the offspring fledge, they better have some values and ethics in their human portfolio or society will pay the price…dearly. if so, then don’t we all have a strong vested interest in the outcome?

AZ audit report shows what we all knew


“It is not even believable the dishonesty of the Fake News Media on the Arizona Audit results, which shows incomprehensible Fraud at an Election Changing level, many times more votes than is needed,” Trump said.

What does the media have to do with the official ”audit” report? 6 months and millions of partisan dollars to pore over 2.1 million ballots in secret locations in Montana and the GOP is calling for another audit? Reminds me of a loser insisting on ”best 2 out of 3”, then losing again, ”best 3 out of 5”…

But, not to be outdone, Trump demands an audit in Texas which is apparently taking place. The GOP, a wholly owned subsidiary of Trump, Inc.

America will be destroyed from within, and we are witnessing the beginnings by Republicans.