Arizona recount held in secret with no witnesses.

For the 2020 election the Trump campaign complained that their observers were not allowed to breathe on the counters and had to move back a few feet. Or that windows were blocked from street view. Or ballot boxes looked like suitcases. Or a water leak was caught voting for mermaid rights.

So now they are counting 2 1/2 million ballots in secret with a company saying they have trade secrets to protect. Any discerning human knows that the AZ GOP will cheat if they disallow any witnesses or the media.

The Big Lie has the Republican Party by what is left of their spine in a jar on a shelf at Mar a Lago. And it is trying so hard to scam Americans.

Drug prices in the US are coming under scrutiny…again

That funding for research is primarily government or private foundation that private industry then moves forward with investors. The amounts touted by Big Pharma are, at best, inflated when it comes to bringing drugs to market. Here is a counter to the Pilot editorial:

The COVID vaccine was protected from risk by more taxpayer monies. Considering vaccine development has fizzled in the face of drugs for chronic diseases that are much more profitable, perhaps we should wonder why we are paying twice, and much higher rates at retail to boot, for all drugs. That is, when does the taxpayer get a return on his investments?

DC statehood is coming at an election near you…soon.

There is no good reason to disenfranchise almost 3/4’s of a million Americans because of where they live. The Dakota Territory was split in two to give Republicans two extra seats. Several other Western states were admitted to bolster GOP power.

While we are at it, let’s bring in Puerto Rico which has more Americans than 20 states. The upside is that Mississippi would not be the lowest per capita income state. A bragging point perhaps.

Time to even the score a bit.

Politicizing the pandemic and “epidemiological moochers”.

“Herd immunity against the coronavirus will require between 70% and 85% of the population to be vaccinated, Fauci estimates. It’s a new disease, so nobody knows the precise level, and new variants of the virus could push the number higher.

“If a significant number of people do not get vaccinated, that would delay where we would get to that endpoint,” Fauci warned recently. 

And the longer it takes, the more people will get sick.

Paul, Cawthorn and their colleagues are casting themselves as courageous individualists. In fact, they’re acting as epidemiological moochers. They’re free riders, relying on the rest of us to protect them by helping the country reach herd immunity.”

A whole ‘nuther take on American exceptionalism.

Iowa passes new voter suppression laws.

Closing the polls earlier is part of that effort. Now what “fraud” is that supposed to stop? That working voters now have a shorter time to dash to the polls after work seems pretty obvious effort to reduce participation. Virtually no fraud was found or proven in 2020. And the main reasons that drove cases to SCOTUS were about changing voting rules by the state. So how is targeting individuals anything more than suppression? The GOP are chicken poop petty tyrants who can’t sell their agenda, so they cheat.

Cruz is a strange bird.

Signing a book he did not author is a bit odd. But even more so is that “Green Eggs and Ham” is not one of the books the Seuss Foundation decided to not reprint and Cruz is selling it as a “collector’s item”. Was the ex-president right about “lyin’ Ted”? Can’t make this stuff up. No wonder the GOP is trying so hard to rig elections in their favor.

Interesting take on climate history and modern impacts.

A long article steeped in biological and climate data regarding the geological history as we know it. It may sound alarmist, but the reality is that it puts geologic time in comparison to human time in a fascinating way. To put another way, Mothership Earth is a pretty unforgiving and hostile place for long stretches. Human development is hardly a blip in time. Climate science is not my expertise by any stretch, but the article is engrossing nonetheless.

“Intelligent life”, like us, may not be as intelligent as we think.

“Perhaps most importantly, they took into consideration the tendency of advanced civilizations to experience self-annihilation. And as it turns out, any alien life that came before us likely gave into that tendency long before we showed up on the scene.”

Perhaps intelligence is not exactly the go to quality for long term survival.
Or not.