One in five Americans know a person killed a gun.

“People of color were more likely to report witnessing gun violence or having family members who were killed by guns. More than one-third of Black adults said they had a family member who was killed by a gun, compared with 17% of White respondents and 18% of Hispanic adults who participated in the study.“

For those who dismiss gun violence to the urban minorities, note that 17% of Whites, one out of six, is no bragging point. Of course the damage that random shootings affect scores more than just those killed, maimed or survived a horrific attack.

This is insane by any measure. I believe the gun lobby may need to rethink their position before voters do. That the shooters have a variety of reasons is eclipsed by the common denominator of unfettered access to high powered weapons. What good is keeping imaginary tyrants at bay if we just keep killing each other at wartime rates?

3 thoughts on “One in five Americans know a person killed a gun.

  1. People are not killed BY guns, they are killed WITH guns.

    By not separating deaths by suicide from homicides the study is pretty much useless for anything other than propaganda.


    1. “Nearly one in five American adults say they have had a family member who was killed by a gun, including suicides, according to a new study from the Kaiser Family Foundation. Roughly the same number (21%) said they have been personally threatened with a gun, the study found.”

      Suicides are included. The point being that guns are used to kill a lot of people, whether self-inflicted or otherwise.

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