Thomas’ actions are getting more troublesome.

He failed to report real estate deals with Crow. More troubling, in 2011 he checked “none” for each of 5 years required reporting spousal income, yet Ginni received $680K from Heritage over that period. Heritage has supported various conservative litigants directly or indirectly over the years.

“Thomas has long been under scrutiny for possible conflicts of interest. Last year, Senate Democrats called on Thomas to recuse himself from certain cases after it was revealed that his wife, Virginia “Ginni” Thomas, had pressed the Trump White House in text messages to try to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.”

“Thomas was the only justice to dissent in the Supreme Court’s decision in January to reject Donald Trump’s request to block documents from being released to the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection.”

18 thoughts on “Thomas’ actions are getting more troublesome.

  1. What law would have required Thomas to report the sale of his mother’s house?

    If the sale was grossly above fair market value, and the excess went to Thomas instead of his mother, I could see a problem, but I don’t think that has been established.

    It’s really pretty clear what ProPublica and the Democrats are really up to. They want Biden to get another shot at a SCOTUS appointment and Thomas just won’t die like they want.

    I don’t recall liberals getting upset when an Israeli billionaire gifted RGB with a private tour of Israel. Not as a traveling companion, and outright gift.

    It seems the outrage is pretty partisan.


    1. Not declaring spousal income, actively by checking “none” for 5 years even though required by law is ok also, I suppose. Especially if the income comes from interested parties in decisions.

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          1. Why would that matter? They are not the same.

            Thomas’s travels with Crow were hospitality, RGB’s private trip was a gift.

            At the time, there was no requirement to report either.

            There are no details on Gini Thomas’s income in the link or in the linked article. Was it wages? Did it go to her or her foundation?

            Not that it really matters, Thomas did report the matter in 2011 and it would not be a violation of law in any case.

            It’s just desperate disappointment at Thomas’s consintued health.


          2. Ginni worked for 5 years and the spousal income was not recorded by checking “none’ on his required form for all federal employees including SCOTUS.

            He was alerted in 2011 after she worked the five years.

            “In addition to the justice’s unreported gifts and real estate deals, the lawmakers noted that Thomas admitted in 2011 he had failed to report $680,000 of his wife’s income from a conservative think tank.” from the link.

            A link from the article gave more details:


            OK, I get it. You don’t like what is happening, so you ignore all the facts and say so what. Classic right wing responses in today’s fact free nation.

            Thomas was befriended by a right wing megadonor and activist after he was appointed to the Court. Fine. Gifts were flowing, and reported, until 2004 when Thomas, outed as the most prolific recipient, said screw you and refused to declare even his wife’s income as required.

            This is not rocket science, or even controversial. It is the law to declare spousal income.

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          3. I get it, you’re just desperate because Thomas shows no signs of dying on Biden’s watch.

            That was all more than a decade ago, and your own cite points out that it would be at most a civil fine, and even then it would be the first time a judge has faced any kind of penalty.


          4. No, I am not desperate at all. But you seem to be. I am just reporting what your man has done.

            “Crow is chairman of the board of trustees of the American Enterprise Institute, the neoconservative think tank that regularly files amicus briefs with the court. He has given millions to conservative causes — according to ProPublica, more than $10 million in publicly disclosed donations and untold millions in dark money. Crow has also funded Ginni Thomas’ right-wing political endeavors. In 2009, he donated half a million dollars to Liberty Central, the conservative political advocacy group she founded and from which she drew an annual salary of $120,000.”


            It is interesting to see conservative values being protected by conservatives as they tap dance around these flagrant ethical violations by our highest Court through Thomas, LLC.

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  2. I suppose it is possible for a Supreme Court justice to be corrupt, but the nature of SCOTUS work makes corruption hard to conceal. What’s missing in the recent interest in Justice Thomas is any record of obviously compromised judicial opinions. One would expect, for example, that Thomas’s opinions over time would show a pattern of poor or declining quality such that complaints about his performance were much discussed.

    In the absence of this type of context, it is hard to take the allegations against Thomas seriously. I think he is just the scapegoat du jour.


    1. They are not allegations. He did not declare Ginni’s income as required by law. He did so by actively checking the “none” box for 5 years running until he was caught, and in 2011 he admitted he didn’t declare her income.

      Judicial opinions from the Court are not cut and dried like an acquittal would be in a lower court criminal trial. Being reliably conservative is not a crime, but the question is was he reliably conservative after appointment and after being befriended by a right wing activist and megadonor. If so, then we lose trust in the Court.

      Now losing trust in government, the Court, Congress and the media are weakening our nation. That trust has been supplanted by conspiracies. IMO

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      1. RE: “That trust has been supplanted by conspiracies.”

        You are the one peddling a conspiracy theory in this instance. You seem to think the appearance of corruption is the same as real corruption.

        You are engaged in a witch hunt. Sad and disgusting.


        1. I am not peddling any conspiracy.

          The facts are that Thomas wife earned income from organizations funded by Crow and it was not declared as required by law.

          The right flips out when Bragg got some campaign money from a decades old PAC that Soros also donates to. Yet the same conservatives excuse a sitting SCOTUS justice getting 6 figure annual spousal incomes from a right wing activist through his heavy funding of interest groups employing her and that regularly provide friend of the court papers in cases.

          Plus intentionally not declaring such income for 5 years running as required by law. In fact, by checking the “none” box, he lied.

          Now that truly is sad and disgusting.

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          1. “I am not peddling any conspiracy.”

            Damn those pesky facts. The bane of the right wing echo chamber and conspiracy folks across this forum.

            Not one of your stories has come from any source that is regularly accused of peddling in conspiracies. Yet Mr. Roberts INSISTS you are peddling those. If it weren’t so desperate, it would be funny. Almost.


    1. SO the guy wants to build a museum for Thomas after his passing? ANd he is allowing his mother to love rent free (she is responsible for taxes and insurance. But I have to wonder WHO is paying those bills for her.) The same guy who has a garden of statues of despots and dictators? Who collects Nazi memorabilia because he thinks its cool. If aI am A Supreme COurt Justice, I don’t think I want my museum being built by a guy who seems to worship the worst of the worst.

      Regardless of whether disclosures were required, Thomas stopped disclosing ANYTHING when he got caught in 2004. Now his hand is in the cookie jar again because he is “buddies” with a GOP mega donor who supports his wife’s cases, buys his mother’s house, and prays to dictators in his private garden.

      I guess the appearance of ethics violations are just fine and dandy if you agree with a judge’s rulings. But if this were a Liberal justice accepting the same kind of largesse from Soros, the screams from the right would be echoing off the freaking moon.

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      1. MY Dad brought home Japanese stuff from WW2.

        We started bombing them from bases in India, and as the Japanese were driven back, his bases were moved closer to Japan. When they took territory the Japanese held, he bought souvenirs from the locals the retreating troops had left behind.

        He didn’t collect those souvenirs because he admired Tojo, his early childhood was spent in Hawaii, and he saw killing Japanese soldiers as his finest work.

        You know you’ve won when you have the other guy’s stuff.


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