Deregulated Texas market cost consumers $28 billion more for electricity since 2004.

ENRON was just the beginning of a long road of what can now be called a “Texas discount”.
“Those deregulated Texas residential consumers paid $28 billion more for their power since 2004 than they would have paid at the rates charged to the customers of the state’s traditional utilities, according to the Journal’s analysis of data from the federal Energy Information Administration.”

GOP finally tells the truth.

“We did not send him there to vote his conscience. We did not send him there to do the right thing or whatever he said he was doing. We sent him there to represent us,” Washington County GOP Chairman Dave Ball told Pittsburgh-area CBS affiliate KDKA-TV.

It sure sounds like the GOP would prefer pure democracy. Representatives be damned.  Continue reading “GOP finally tells the truth.”

Coal is no longer King no matter what party is in power.

 The problem is we still have 47,000 miners who can’t or won’t move and we’re promised lots of coal mining jobs by the last administration. However,  that 47,000 is 7% less than in 2017. Solve this issue and West Virginia will be Democrat again. 

Marjorie Greene supported execution of Democrats.

OK, when are Americans going to wake up and realize who the real “enemies of the people are”? In my opinion, these extreme right views and their enablers are creating a major issue for our nation. Guantanamo might not be just for Islamic terrorists. Greene should be expelled from Congress if there is any spine among the GOP.

Halloween in January…Richmond lobby day and gangs.

Thank you Trump and your fans for turning DC into and armed camp. Some of those same jokers dressed up in full military gear smeared with gang colors to parade around the Richmond Capitol. These are terrorist organizations as listed by the FBI. ISIS wannabes without the courage.

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Trump our most effective president? At conspiracies.

“Like other Republicans, [State Senator, Alaska] Coghill places blame for what he called a “revved up” political climate on Democrats as well as Republicans. Despite courts finding no evidence of widespread fraud, he said that in the absence of a more rigorous examination of the vote, “conspiracy theories, accusations, they can run rampant.”

Sadly, there will never be enough “examination” of the vote for the conspiracy folks. The only proof needed was Trump saying so. A “revealed truth”. How many wrongly convicted prisoners had access to 90 judges over a period of 60 days? Answer is, of course “none”. Maybe an appeal or two. “Closure” is the word law and order folks like to use.

Refusal to accept so many rulings from so many venues in 6 states is refusal to abide by the Rule of Law. And that is the position the insurrectionists and their enablers adhere to.