Is this Libertarian heaven?

People fending for themselves seems great…until it isn’t. Ok, this isn’t necessarily Ayn Rand paradise, but it is a rural area where everyone knows everyone else, works hard and mind their own business. No urban elites, or “rootless cosmopolitans” to poison the American rugged individualism. Everyone is armed. Including the mass murderer 6 years ago. Apparently, security costs more thieving tax money than people are willing to pay. So the cost is manifested in other ways.

12 thoughts on “Is this Libertarian heaven?

        1. Nothing we discuss here is “important”. It might be interesting, debatable, funny…but important, hardly. I found it interesting. These folks moved there to get away from whatever they deemed a lesser life style to live in peace.

          Hard to do that anymore if you have any economic or safety requirements. Like law enforcement or medical care. I don’t recall what taxes they pay for policing, but the department is near broke.

          And it lets Don, and now Bob too, blame Democrats. So I provide not just a story but a reason to complain.

          That clear things up?

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  1. What does it have to do with Libertarians?

    The people there are taxed to pay for services they don’t get. If they use force to defend their property, California will prosecute them. And known dangerous people(the mass shooter had drawn police attention 21 times before his rampage) are left to run free.

    Sounds more like Democrats ignoring those who work in favor of those who don’t.


  2. What is your point? So a very large sparsely populated rural area of abt 1700 people that is part of a larger county can’t get police service because the overall county can’t get funding for more officers and the residents can’t take care of matters themselves due to California law. Who’s fault is that and what is the solution? The article identifies neither cause or solution but only focuses on the plight of people who can’t get police service through no fault of their own. I don’t see the point or why this has anything to do with libertarians. Sounds to me like hyper liberal Democrat heavy over taxed California isn’t putting their money where their mouth is and not “sharing the wealth”. Damn liars…


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