And this is what autocratic wannabees do…

“There is going to be investigations coming,” Greene added. “And there should be. There definitely should be, because the way corporations have conducted themselves, I’ve always called it corporate communism.”

Greene also advised big businesses to “lawyer up” and focus on “customer service” instead of politics.”

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An embarrassment for the US and VA just got worse.

US maternal mortality rate is terrible compared to the rest of the industrial world. And it appears to get worse at least in VA. And the red states are the worst approaching Third World stats. Toss in the new draconian abortion restrictions for low income women (effectively) and we are probably heading to an even greater national tragedy.

Interesting war statistic that Russians are the biggest supplier of materiel to Ukraine.

“Combined with weapons taken during Russia’s retreat from Kyiv and other parts of northern Ukraine in April, these recent gains have turned Moscow into by far the largest supplier of heavy weapons for Ukraine, well ahead of the U.S. or other allies in sheer numbers, according to open-source intelligence analysts. Western-provided weapons, though, are usually more advanced and precise.“

And Putin was blaming the West for supplying weapons and ammunition to Ukraine. This is like disarming a mugger then shooting him with his own gun. Karma?

Lyman, a logistics hub for Russians in Donetsk, surrounded right after annexation announcement.

“Retired U.S. General Ben Hodges, a former commander of the U.S. Army in Europe, said a Russian defeat in Lyman after Putin’s declaration would be a major political and military embarrassment for the Russian leader.”

“This puts in bright lights that his claim is illegitimate and cannot be enforced,” he said.”

Debate about Ukraine winning, but Russia is certainly losing. I wonder if Putin believes his own propaganda.

Trump attacking our nation’s librarians.

Honestly, is there nothing he won’t threaten?
“…They could have had it anytime they wanted—and that includes LONG ago. ALL THEY HAD TO DO WAS ASK. The bigger problem is, what are they going to do with the 33 million pages of documents, many of which are classified, that President Obama took to Chicago?”

Truth Social post.

We know he is lying because there are records of letters, emails, phone calls, subpoenas asking, begging, over and over for more than a year. But his MAGA folks got the message and now our nations archivists are under threat. I guess if America plays along he will “turn down the heat”. If we beg hard enough, perhaps.

Extortion by any other name is still extortion.

What is the matter with Kansas this time?

Overwhelming vote to keep abortion constitutionally legal in Kansas. The vote to overturn the state amendment failed 59-41 or so. This despite a campaign to confuse the voters with a “Yes” vote to mean “choice”. Early interviews seemed to indicate a concern by voters seeing what some states are passing or proposing regarding abortion, medical emergencies, doctors liabilities, birth control, miscarriage medication…

Despite what the right is insisting, this is a huge issue for Americans.

1/6 attackers treated with leniency.

“Friedrich also said she worried that Reffitt not be unduly punished for deciding to go to trial, rather than enter into a plea bargain with prosecutors.” Hmmm, some young miscreants that have tried that locally got long sentences if they wanted a trial over plea bargaining.

This felon was armed with a gun and attacked the Capitol, engaging with police. He was a gang member. Both before and after the attack, he said he was going to drag legislators by ropes down the steps.

The judge decided to soften what prosecutors were demanding. A man who willingly participated in an effort to overturn the election should be relieved he lives in our country. Somehow I doubt he realizes or appreciates what we have here.