And this is what autocratic wannabees do…

“There is going to be investigations coming,” Greene added. “And there should be. There definitely should be, because the way corporations have conducted themselves, I’ve always called it corporate communism.”

Greene also advised big businesses to “lawyer up” and focus on “customer service” instead of politics.”

Axios reported on Wednesday that several large firms are hiring lawyers in anticipation of a Republican-controlled House. They are preparing for a possible GOP revenge against companies that support the Democratic Party, per Axios”


Putin should be so proud of her.

32 thoughts on “And this is what autocratic wannabees do…

  1. RE: “Putin should be so proud of her.”

    Witch hunters everywhere should be proud of this post.

    There is little evidence in the story that Greene is an “autocratic wannabe.” On the contrary, what she calls “corporate communism” has many other names and represents a type of autocracy in its own right. It used to be dogma among liberals to decry corporate influence on our politics. Now, when a Republican does it, she gets called names.

    This is ridiculous.


    1. Exactly. I saw no evidence of any autocratic wannabe behavior that she was accused of and simply saw her beef in corporate influence in elections. Liberals have always been very anti-corporate in this matter before, what gives now?


      1. She threatened legal actions because some corporations STOPPED donating to her party. Think about that. What’s next, prison for not supporting the party in power? Third World stuff.

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          1. Investigate what?

            She did say that the corporations should lawyer up. Why should they?

            If I donate every year to a political party, then decide to stop, does that merit investigation?


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          2. RE: “Investigate what?”

            The story doesn’t say. But it is wrong to accuse Greene of making legal threats, when she didn’t.


          3. “Lawyer up…” a pretty obvious threat. And the reason given was that these companies stopped GOP donations after the attack on 1/6.

            Accusation is valid, IMO.

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          4. “She “threatened” congressional investigations, not legal actions.”

            Do you even see your own hypocrisy in this statement? Probably not, so I will attempt to point it out to you.

            On SEVERAL occasions, you, and others, have pointed to the Jan 6th Committee and called them “criminal investigations”. Yet with Ms. Greene’s threats you refer to them as what they are; Congressional investigations. Of course she is actually threatening corporations who don’t fall in line with her and her far right rhetoric and that corporations should be seen and not heard. Unless it is to get campaign cash flowing.

            Why is it when the GOP des anything they are in the right, but when the Democrats do it, they are in the wrong? For the same damned type of hearings?


          5. There is no GOP anymore. It is MAGA and those few Republicans who aren’t swept up in the mob are being purged.

            I believe this is the risk of a two party system. Voters have to swallow the whole agenda by voting for one or the other.

            Multiple parties as in parliamentary systems force coalitions for the larger ones to remain in power. But the extreme parties are still small, but have a voice in the governing even if watered down.


  2. MTG is an arrogant, narcissistic, opportunist. She has no belief other than spewing whatever she thinks will make her look tough at the moment. Corner her on any topic and she’ll bolt and run. During a call-in show on Monday night, a woman confronted her about her stance on abortion rights and MTG told the woman she was “too old to have any say in the matter.” Then she bolted at the break and didn’t come back.

    She had no idea how old the woman was, she just assumed she was past child-bearing age by the sound of her voice.

    Well, I’ve got a couple of problems with that. (1) If women who are too old to bear children should have no say in abortion laws, why the hell should men of any age have a say? Ten year old girls who obviously can get pregnant have no vote at all. (2) If you are going to disenfranchise voters because of age, you’re never going to get my vote and nothing you say on any subject will ever be of any interest to me.

    She is definitely an “autocratic wannabe.” Fortunately, she’s too damn stupid to ever be more than a brown-nosing flunky.

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      1. “RE: “She is definitely an ‘autocratic wannabe.’”
        Based on what?”

        I’m sorry. If you can’t listen to her for 5 minutes and figure it out, I can’t help you.

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          1. She doesn’t want to dismantle it. She wants to use the DOJ to prosecute her political rivals. If that involves expanding government, she’s all for it.

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          2. I see no evidence of that.

            I do see evidence of a great deal of criminality that has been shielded by the current administration, which will have to be resolved.


          3. If she was anti-crime, she’d be talking about expanding the police force, not investigating political rivals. All of her BS smacks of the White Water investigations. White Water was a “no-good, horrible, crime of the century” until it turned up Monika Lewinsky. Then, oddly enough, Republicans forgot all about White Water.

            If MTG has any evidence what-so-ever that there is crime and/or corruption she needs to speak up now. Otherwise, she needs to keep her mouth shut about prosecuting people.

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  3. Well, unless you believe it is ok to crack the skull and rip apart the body of a 7 month old unborn child just because then they won’t get your vote either. Who cares abt your extremist position on abortion unless you are a believer in soylent green. 😎


      1. There has been no distinction between when an unborn child has rights to live or not from the left, only “my body” mumbo jumbo so anything must be on the table. At least according Lois, correct?


    1. Things that don’t happen can be really, really bad. But the gruesome details of things that don’t happen can sure can get the weak-minded worked up into a lather.

      Under Roe v Wade, a seven month fetus can be and is protected by law in every state. The ONLY legal reason for termination of a pregnancy at that stage are dire abnormalities such as anencephaly or extraordinary threats to the life of the mother. These are personal tragedies for the women involved. Leave it to Christofascists to turn them into something else to influence people like you. It works. Obviously.

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      1. Well, liberals love to play God. Roe did not “protect” a fetus at that stage but instead prohibited banning abortion before “viability” which is an inexact science that starts possibly around 24 to 28 weeks or basically 6 yo 7 months. It instead said states “could” ban abortion after that stage except in certain circumstances. In fact, it specifically stated that an unborn child was not a “person” until born. So technically, as long as a doctor said the fetus is not viable, it is abortable up to natural birth. Granted that rarely happened but liberals refuse to agree to a stage when a fetus has a right to life so the worst can only be assumed to be a possibility. Most conservatives think a very reasonable stage of 15 weeks or almost 4 months is a good compromise to give the child protection by law. All the left can do is hide behind selfish “my body” drama and refuse to address the legal rights of the other “body”.


          1. Because you are wrong about Roe “protecting” any un b orn children, you must resort to childish insults? Oh, that is your MO, forgot, not…


        1. If you don’t want an abortion, then don’t have one. If you are so concerned about the unborn, why does that concern magically vanish when it comes to unwanted children ending up in foster homes or worse?

          Abortion to you is not about choice, it is about control. Control yourself and let others worry about themselves. Isn’t that what alleged conservatives say all of the time? THere is one here that repeats it constantly yet he only wants it for the “right”people.


    2. As I have noted in other posts, if you are unwilling to give up your assault weapons to protect the skulls of school children who have been born, STFU about the skulls of unborn fetuses.

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      1. So you DO have no problem cracking skulls of unborn children just because for extremist liberal selfish reasons. STFU? MURDERER!!!


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