Paul Pelosi attacked at his home

Washington Times Pelosi assaulted.

This was apparently a politically motivated attack on an 82 year old man. This is unacceptable and the culprit should be in prison for life.

We have to draw a hard line between rhetoric and violence.

82 thoughts on “Paul Pelosi attacked at his home

  1. David DePape, the man who broke into Nancy Pelosi’s home and attacked her husband, is a domestic terrorist.

    From the Wall Street Journal:
    “The suspected attacker has espoused extreme right-wing views on social media, including conspiracy theories about Covid-19, according to one of the law-enforcement officials.”

    From CNN:
    “Last year, David DePape posted links on his Facebook page to multiple videos produced by My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell falsely alleging that the 2020 election was stolen. Other posts included transphobic images and linked to websites claiming Covid-19 vaccines were deadly. “The death rates being promoted are what ever ‘THEY’ want to be promoted as the death rate,” one post read.”

    DePape was/is obviously a weak-minded, mentally ill man. He fell prey to the “free speech” of people who were lying for political gain. IMHO, this was not “free speech.” This was “shouting fire in a crowded theater.” It was done deliberately, knowing the effect their lies would have. It was/is a criminal act.

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      1. If you don’t think DePapa was inspired to attack Nancy Pelosi’s husband by Republican lies, what do you think was his motive? What, to you, would be “convincing?”

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        1. What would convince you that Obama was responsible for the shooting of the GOP baseball team?

          Is Michael Mann responsible for the vandalism of artworks around the world?

          And why would you think DePapa was inspired by lies rather than truths? There are plenty of true things about Democrats to be angry over, but no one is excusing him for acting out violently whatever his motivation,

          Spreading the blame to others would only be justified if they showed support for the attacker. as Nacy Pelosi’s daughter did when Rand Paul was attacked.

          “Rand Paul’s neighbor was right — Christine Pelosi (@sfpelosi) March 22, 2020″

          Seems like I remember some folks around here expressing similar sentiments.


          1. I knew. So predicable. I was just thinking to myself the the baseball shooter would be brought up as proof of something.

            Before you take on the high horse, there are a lot of things the country is upset about. Yet, you managed to argue that the lack of respect by urban for rural was a big one.

            “Lack of respect”…really? Not hunger, not torture, not anything that might foster violence. Just perceived slights. And, of course, conspiracies that have taken a cult like grip egged on by the ex-president. And people who still think that “we’ll never know” if the election was rigged. They know who they are, thank you very much.

            I am afraid we will see a lot more violence in the next weeks if Republicans don’t win elections. Armed ballot box watchers is a decent indicator.
            The “stand by” gangs are still out there.

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          2. Read more carefully.

            I brought up the baseball attack as NOT PROOF of anything.

            Just as this nutcase drug addict’s attack on Paul Pelosi is not proof of anyone else being guilty of anything.

            That’s the point of guilt by association, it is mentally lazy and almost always wrong.


          3. You remember what? That Trump egged on the rally goers to beat up protesters and he’d pay their legal bills. That gangs should stand by. That he loved his “patriots” who attacked the Capitol.
            That he offered to “turn down the heat” (as only he could) after we took back our documents and secrets.

            Your whataboutism is tiresome.

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      2. You think it was a robbery?

        What would anyone expect when the most popular figure for the GOP calls the violent attackers on 1/6 “patriots” and has promised to pardon them all when re-elected.

        Capitol Police said that threats have gone from around 4000 in 2017 to almost 10,000 in 2020.

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    1. I bet Mr Pelosi wished he had a loaded AR15 at the time. I would have. When these supposed GOP lies influenced domestic terrorists break into your home, what in the world will you do? I know when liberal domestic terrorists break into mine they are toast and then I can blame you.


      1. “I bet Mr Pelosi wished he had a loaded AR15 at the time.”
        And I bet Mr. Pelosi is glad his attacker didn’t have an AR15 to shoot him before he could respond.

        There is nothing “supposed” about GOP lies. Trump did not win. The election was not rigged.

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          1. Nobody ever killed a room full of school kids with a hammer.

            True TDS is not being able to admit Trump lost. The election was not rigged. Trump is not President. Trump is a loser. People who say otherwise live in a fantasy world. You are the one who needs help.

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      2. I hate to burst your comfortable bubble, but a “liberal domestic terrorist” (who are they?)
        will not want to attack you. Antifa, if they are still around, are more interested in confronting the gangs with beer bellies and camo gear who have Trump’s endorsement.

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          1. And you don’t think the GOP reps vote their “conscience”? It is ridiculously lazy for the GOP to pin everything on Pelosi, yet when bipartisan GOOD things pass, with her in the lead, it just doesn’t happen.


          2. So, you think the Representative from VA Beach should vote exactly the same as the Representative from Berkely? Do you ever go out of your house and meet people?


          3. I think the representative should vote for what she believes is the best course of action. If it so happens that the best course of action in the representative’s mind is to vote with the PARTY FREAKIN’ LEADER, then so be it.

            You have a real issue when Democrats vote together for the best of the country ,but when the GOP votes to overturn elections, en masse, or for tax give aways to large corporation while turning their collective backs on the middle class in the name of the never freaking works trickle down economics plans,then you cheer for it like a Friday Night FGHS football game.

            Screw your hypocrisy.


          4. You’re twisted hatred for any and all things Democratic is blinding you to the reality. DO you think the interests of VB align with those of Northern California, where McCarthy is from. Would you expect a GOP rep form this area to go against the Speaker just because of the district they represent. DO you not see parties voting in blocs to advance their agendas on a national level and that they are intended to work for ALL in the country, not just their little districts?

            You completely miss the boat when it comes to party and voting with them, regardless of which side of the aisle they are on.


        1. Liberal domestic terrorists are those that took over entire cities, burned government buildings, burned and looted businesses, bombed police stations, rioted and assaulted police and citizens, destroyed public property, you know the liberal domestic terrorists over just the last 3 or so years? Were you asleep this whole time? My bubble is just fine amigo.


          1. You mean the protests that were infiltrated by right-wing militias to stir the violence pot and get the PEACEFUL protesters caught up in the violence?

            Seems to me I heard a LOT about the 1/6 protesters being mostly peaceful, but the same blind bats who have said that are the same ones who claimed that ALL of the social justice protesters were violent.

            Screw that and the hypocritical horse that fragged your narrow minded backsided into the conversation.,


  2. Obama was not responsible for the shooting of the GOP baseball team. (1) Obama was for gun control. (2) Obama never accused the GOP baseball team of rigging an election. (3) Obama never said violence, like that in Charlottesville, was done by “good guys,” thereby giving license to their violence and encouraging more of it.

    DePapa’s social media was full of images and rhetoric about Trump’s stolen election. The election was not stolen. The election was fair. Multiple courts and multiple investigations have proven it. Yet, Trump and his cult continues the lie. His cult has picked up on the lie and magnified it.

    Not a single MAGA running for office will admit Trump lost. And you can bet your Social Security check not one MAGA who loses in November will admit it. Republicans have discovered that screaming “hoax” works. Some are threatening civil war if they lose. They know they can whip up feebleminded people like DePapa to violence. We are unlikely to have a peaceful transfer of power any time in the near future.

    Boebert tweeted Pelosi’s location during the January 6 attack and Trump has promised to pardon everyone convicted of crimes that day. If that’s not supporting the attackers, I don’t know what is. The attack on Pelosi’s husband happened less than 24 hours ago. Wait a minute, I’m sure Marjorie Taylor Green will have something to say about it.

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    1. MTG is still trying to convince people that corporations who don’t donate to the MAGA party will be investigated, so she is busy right now.

      “When fascism comes to America, it will be carry a cross and be wrapped in a flag”. No truer sentiments were ever spoken in light of today’s GOP.

      An upside down Bible will do if a cross is not available.

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      1. Possibly. Pelosi is probably one of the most effective Speakers to come down the pike in decades. Corralling the Democrats is a lot harder than the lockstep GOP. And yet, if the GOP wins the House, which is likely, whoever is Speaker will have a real challenge to control the MAGA members. If it is McCarthy, he can shop for a nice retirement home in CA. He is a weak, sorry excuse for a leader. But, it might be the best the GOP has.

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      2. A little “I hope he’ll be okay” comment would have been more appropriate. If he couldn’t bring himself to say that, he should have just kept his mouth shut. Gloating about his wife losing her job while he is laying in the hospital with a concussion is not appropriate.

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        1. What he said a=was ““Speaker Pelosi’s husband had a break-in last night in their house, and he was assaulted. There’s no room for violence anywhere, but we’re gonna send her back to be with him in California. That’s what we’re going to go do.”


          1. Sorry, that still sounds like a gloat to me. And he definitely doesn’t express any concern for the welfare of an 82 year old man having surgery for a fractured skull. But that’s probably asking too much.

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          2. He should have stopped at violence, possibly adding thoughts and prayers for him and his family.. But he just had to play his national political ambitions card. (The GOP is REALLY good at thosse.)


      3. She will STILL be a member of Congress and will eventually eat McCarthy’s lunch while he tries to hold of the MAGA wing of his party. Pelosi has worked with her fringe elements while McCarthy is about to bow down to the like of MTG, Boeobert and the rest of the liuunatic fringe of the GOP.


          1. “I keep hoping for rationality.”

            Yet you shared conspiracy theory nonsense about the attack. Actins such as that do not prove a true hope for rationality.


    1. Youngkin is a political animal. Smarter than some, but crass like most. His “boy next door” persona is wearing thin. Like most GOP, he is anti rather than pro. That sells and gets votes.

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  3. You are mistaking a group that was protesting the continuous, unpunished killing of black people with a political movement. That violence was not cause by some narcissistic man-child who lied about winning an election. That violence was caused because a black man had, once again, been murdered by the police for doing something as evil as selling cigarettes on the street corner or using a counterfeit $20 bill to buy something at a local store.

    Black Lives Matter is not a “liberal” movement. It is a human rights movement. Conservatives should support it as well as liberals, but agreed, most don’t.

    I don’t agree with the violence, but I can understand it. Martin Luther King preached non-violence for years and it got him assassinated. The Black Panthers took up arms and “burn baby burn” echoed across the country and segregation came to a stop.

    The BLM matter violence, wrong as it was, was not based on a lie. Their grievances were real.

    MAGA violence, on the other hand is based on the Big Lie. Trump lost the election fair and square. And conservative politicians can’t stop lying about it.

    Your bubble is a fake.

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    1. No one was killed for selling loose cigarettes or passing a fake $20 bill. They got killed because they decided to fight with the police rather than submit to a lawful arrest. In both of those cases, the criminal had underlying medical conditions the police could not have known of that contributed to their deaths.

      When the last policeman quits rather than risk prison trying to protect you, you will be on your own.

      And BLM is not a “liberal” organization, it is a Marxist organization.


      1. They were killed because the police over-reacted. They told police over and over “I can’t breathe” but they were not released enough to get a breath. That was wrong and juries in both cases decided it was wrong. But the problem persists.

        Neither you nor I have ever experienced it, but I know black families who have had to teach their kids what to do and what not to do when confronted by the police in order not to be killed. I don’t know of any white family that has ever had to have that conversation. Black people feel threatened and their fears aren’t entirely unwarranted.

        I know it’s tough being a cop. It’s a dangerous, thankless job and I’m grateful for all the good cops out there. And I’m sorry a few bad cops have caused so many people so much grief. But if every copy ind DC didn’t walk off the job after what they went through on January 6, I’d say they were tough and dedicated and the good ones aren’t going to quit.

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        1. In both cases, they were still fighting the cops while saying I can’t breathe.

          So, let’s assume the cops involved overreacted by restraining a large, muscular man too long. That would be an error made in the heat of the moment. They are in prison for murder. In both cases, the criminal had health problems that contributed to their deaths that the police could not have known about.

          Police are resigning in droves nationwide, Many more are hanging in just until their pensions are vested.

          So, get ready to be on your own when the emboldened criminals come for you. Why would a policeman come to save you if he knows that every time he confronts a criminal successfully, he could go to prison if someone can second guess him from their recliner a year later with no understanding of the dangers they face?


          1. Please be realistic. Floyd was handcuffed and held down by several officers while Chauvin knelt on his neck for nine minutes. Heat of the moment? Hardly.

            He was obviously in great distress and begging because he did not feel he was getting enough air. For nine minutes.

            It was an egregious case.

            Great power, and the power to arrest and use lethal force is great power, requires great responsibility. It may be that police need to be much better trained and screened. That means higher pay among other issues. Officers see the worst of humanity on a regular basis. That can wear on people who are not able to deal with it as well as others might.

            The Black communities have legitimate complaints. Police have great concerns too. Solutions are certainly not impossible. They take political will and money.

            We are short of political will for sure. Right now, the main parties are not looking for solutions, but rather looking for blame.

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          2. OK, look at it from Chauvin’s point of view.

            Floyd looked like a very large and muscular man. He was determined to fight the police. While handcuffed he escaped the police car by pushing through the other door which was ajar, Chauvin ran around the car and recaptured him, pinning him to the ground.

            He was saying “I can’t breathe” BEFORE he was put in the car the first time and kept saying it until well after he was pinned.

            And that may have been true. Floyd was just getting over COVID, he was in mid stage heart failure with a heart well outside normal measurements and he had enough Fentanyl in him to almost stop breathing in a healthy man.

            None of which Chavin could know. Floyd looked healthy and strong and was manic in his anger.

            It is very possible the Floyd was far enough into decompensation that he would have died whether Chauvin held him down or not.

            So, after a very violent wrestling match, Chauvin had him pinned. He was surrounded by an angry mob with people threatening him repeatedly. At any time, a brick or a gun could have taken him out. If you saw the video, you will see that Chauvin was watching the crowd and not Floyd. So, Floyd’s cessation of his struggles went unnoticed for a few minutes. Time plays tricks on you when you think you might be attacked and killed at any moment so nine minutes, about half of which Floyd was no longer fighting is not unreasonably long to be distracted.

            At most, Chauvin made a mistake, but his trial was political, not factual and he was sentenced to 22.5 years,

            Were I a policeman, I would be taking night school classes and counting the days until my pension was vested, and after that, the public would be on their own.


          3. People who can’t breathe tend to “fight.” If somebody was choking you, I suspect you’d put up a struggle too.

            There’s no “assuming.” After weighing the evidence, the jury said “the cops overreacted.” Even a person with no health problems would tend to succumb to 9 minutes of someone kneeling on their neck. It wasn’t as if the cop didn’t notice there was a problem. The crowd standing around was pointing it out.

            Good cops aren’t quitting because bad cops are being held accountable. The good cops are sticking around, happy that the bad cops are gone.

            I’m not worried about “emboldened criminals coming for me.” I’m not a cat or a Republican. I don’t play at scaring myself.

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          4. No, but at the same time, you can’t expect the policeman to read his mind and know when the fighting changes from irrational anger at being arrested and desperation over his failing heart.

            Floyd’s airway was never compromised, his weakened heart failed.


          5. Tell you what. Let me handcuff you and kneel on your neck for 5 minutes and see which happens first. You stop breathing or your heart gives out. Either way, the violence caused the death, PERIOD.


          6. Four-on-one and handcuffed? All of ther stress was put on Mr. Floyd. Mr. Chauvin was so relaxed he was looking aorund ot see who, if anyone, was recording his actions.


          7. He was looking around for anyone who might have a gun or a brick. He was well aware that many people were recording.

            But OK, when someone is kicking in your door at 2 AM and 911 says that your emergency is very important to us but there is currently a 45 minute wait for police services, remember how quick you were to judge a policeman who was trying to do his job just like every other day.

            If every one of them quits I can’t blame them.


          8. …”remember how quick you were to judge a policeman “…

            You mean a policeman that was found guilty of a crime? A policeman who had several complaints lodged against him and was allowed to remain on the street without a little re-training or professional counseling? A policeman who COMMITTEED murder while doing his duty?

            Not all cops are bad. But it is the bad ones that need to be weeded out or identified and either retrained or offered employment elsewhere.


          1. I didn’t contend anything about what you said. I was pointing out that some members of this forum have a hard time with some definitions. Mr. Smith being one of them.


  4. This is getting stranger by the minute.

    Pelosi’s attacker is hardly a typical Republican. He is a homeless drug addict who is a paranoid psychotic. He is someone who might latch on to a political movement, but not someone actually motivated by political beliefs.

    Neither he nor Pelosi apparently had pants on then the police arrived.

    The police were admitted by an unnamed third person.

    SO I am beginning to doubt a political motivation at all.

    Now, Christopher Monzon, was the victim of a politically motivated attack, but you’ll probably have to google him.


    1. Neither one had pants on? Well, they were in San Francisco after all with a third person and the Mrs wasn’t home. That could explain alot.

      Sorry, couldn’t resist….


    2. Curiouser and curiouser.

      I kind of wondered how a homeless drug addict could be so active on the internet and sure enough, it turns out the wordpress blog and one other website attributed to Depape and cited by the MSM as evidence of his “far right” thought, were created after his arrest.

      Gateway Pundit


    3. “SO I am beginning to doubt a political motivation at all.”

      The attacked repeatedly asked “Where is Nancy?” Ms. Pelosi is the second most powerful Democrat and this pro-nudist, right wing conspiracy spreading idiot goes to her house asking for her and you don’t believe it is politically motivated? THat is blind stupidity and your search for some other “story” is reckless and dangerous.


      1. What I am saying is that the rush to attribute the attack to political motivation is premature.

        There are too many unanswered questions. How did Depape get into the house, bypassing the alarm system? Who was the unnamed third person who let the cops in? Why were both Pelosi and the perp in their underwear?

        It may well be a crazy person got caught up in hatred for Nancy but his lifestyle argues against that.

        It may just as likely a Grinder date gone bad.

        We just don’t know at this point.


        1. Pelosi allowed him in to use the bathroom. It was late at night and the perpetrator is a known pro-nudist. IT is actually surprising he even had underwear on.

          And throwing around bullshit unsubstantiated conspiracy thoughts is idiotic. Instead of saying we don’t know enough, you just had to add in your little tawdry tidbits in an attempt to malign a victim of a violent attack.

          And it could be easily said the baseball game shooter wasn’t motivated by politics, but he undying admiration for Bernie Sanders.

          Your one-way thought process proves again and again that you are incapable of rational thought when it comes to Democrats. – IMO.


          1. So, your theory is a pantsless stranger showed up at 2 AM asking to use the bathroom and Pelosi let him in.


            The point is that right now it’s all unsubstantiated theory.

            There is every bit as much evidence supporting a tryst as political motivation.


          2. Your theory is one that Mr. Twitter himself reposted. Unsubstantiated, conspiracy nonsense. Good for you to be dragged into the conspiracy morass knows a social media.


          3. There is a lot of misinformation reported, by NBC among others.

            Is it your contention that this homeless, gay, militant nudist who supports himself selling hemp jewelry and who has been involved with liberal causes most of the time is representative of MAGA Republicans?

            Mine is that he is just a paranoid psychotic who gets wrapped up in whatever conspiracy theory comes along and who should have been committed long ago,


    1. Then we should expect a full recant FROM YOU for the baseless conspiracy nonsense you posted above.

      And the lack of GOP decency from many leaders and candidates is very disturbing. Kari Lake in AZ, with our own Gov by her side, was making jokes about it. Association with her by Youngkin is worse than his own comments shortly after the attack.

      Charlie Sykes did a good job of describing a proper way to comment after a heinous attack with HISTORY as his guide.

      There is more to his newsletter that is interesting reading, but part one of it, is the most important – IMO


      1. I pointed out from the beginning that we did not know enough to be certain of the facts.

        As the facts evolved, it also become clear that the Canadian illegal immigrant did not possess the capacity for true political motivation.


        1. “I pointed out from the beginning that we did not know enough to be certain of the facts.”

          Yet you continued to add to the conspiracy mongering. You just kept throwing out every little tawdry tidbit put forth by the MAGA-ites.

          Look back to your own posts in this thread and try to tell me I am wrong to accuse you of spreading fertilizer.


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