Happy New Year to all fellow posters.

Just an honest, heartfelt greeting to ease us into 2023. When I was young, I wondered if I’d see the millennium change. I did and so did everyone here, obviously. Now I am working to hang on to my “dust” as long as I can without creating havoc for my family. The last few years have been interesting… in many ways. Glad to be here and hope to stick around.

No matter the verbal combat, we are all so fortunate for the luxury of being able to joust. Most in the world are not nearly as well off, in fact often suffering terribly. I try to keep that in mind when I sweat the small stuff. Take care and see you next year I hope.

Gott Nytt År (Swedish, my native tongue and homeland before I became a U.S. citizen.)

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year to all fellow posters.

  1. It has been nice to meet you “old” friend. May you and all the posters here have a happy and blessed New Year!

    щасливого Нового року

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    1. What really sucked was when my phone rang at 1205 and it was my 80 year old father and his wife calling to wish us a Happy New Year. And that was AFTER I climbed into bed around 1030, couldn’t get to sleep, got up to do “old man things” at 1140, watched the end of Ohio State-Georgia, and tried really hard to find slumber.


  2. You can always set your alarm for 11:55pm, go to bed, get up just before midnight, say yeah, yeah, yeah whatever, go back to bed and be a crabby patty in the morning. Happy New Year!!

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  3. Thank you, Len. And a wish to ALL for a happy and healthy 2023.

    Yesterday afternoon, I attended a 108 Mala yoga session at the studio my wife teaches out of and that I am am member. The owner and leader of the class had us write down something to let go of from 2022 or something to strive for in 2023, or both. At the end of the class, we burned those things that we were letting go of.

    I burned my “stagnation” and held tight to growth. In lieu of “resolutions” that are usually wiped out before the end of January, this is something that does not have to be forgotten, failed at or “broken”.

    May you all find something to let go of from last year, and something to work towards in 2023.

    L’shanah, Tovah. (Hebrew greeting used at Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New year.)


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