Finally, something we can all agree on.

Hopefully not paywalled. Max Boot was a pretty ardent conservative, and still is. The premise is interesting and is also taking the long view.

A pertinent quote:

“But it is striking just how much Biden’s general approach echoes that of Truman, and his successor Dwight D. Eisenhower, who responded to a world in crisis reminiscent of our own by building and maintaining alliances with like-minded countries to contain authoritarian aggressors without risking World War III.”

18 thoughts on “Finally, something we can all agree on.

  1. Even if Biden maintains a good relationship with other countries, there is no way in hell he could ever be credited as one of the greatest presidents due to his absolute disaster of a presidency on the domestic front. The only things he is good at is tossing around money driving b up debt, ignoring the border crisis and buying votes from immature fools.


      1. So you identify as a mature fool, at least honesty is noted. Try to do better next time. Child’s play is restricted to the schoolyard.


  2. Looks more like FDR to me, claiming peacefulness while diligently working to make war inevitable.

    Biden’s foreign policy is a trainwreck. Our reproachment with Russia as a balance to militant Islam is gone for the purpose of virtue signaling support for Ukraine while bleeding Russia and making a century long vendetta a certainty. At the some time, China is practically invited to seize Taiwan.

    But then, Truman was a disaster too.


    1. Sure, standing with a democracy resisting fascist invasion is nothing but “virtue signaling.” We should not stand in Putin’s way. Reconstruction of the USSR is exactly what we need. Riiiight.

      And, yeah, damn that FDR. He made war inevitable. We could have lived quite peacefully with Fascist empires of Germany and Japan.

      And “Truman was a disaster too.”

      I think you forgot to throw in Abraham Lincoln as well.

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  3. Max Boot doesn’t impress me much, and his present thesis is a good example of why. He apparently thinks that the world we live in today is comparable to the world that existed just after WW II. And so, he imagines that the U.S. can dominate global affairs through a balanced projection of military and commercial power. Boot conveniently ignores the guns-and-butter puzzle that President Eisenhower warned about.

    Still, his essay does plant a seed of reality: Biden “may soon have to confront — as Truman and then Eisenhower did in Korea — the difficult issue of how to end a war where a U.S. ally might not be able to win a complete victory. (Meaning, in this case, a return to Ukraine’s 2014 borders.)”

    Today’s world is not in any substantive way similar to the post-WW II world. The U.S. is weak, both internally and externally. The U.S. is actively hated and distrusted, justifiably so in some respects. Powerful nations beyond our control are actively pursuing a new global economic order that leaves us out and those efforts are gaining the support of less powerful nations that could have been (or were) our allies.

    It is time for us to give up on Ukraine and reacquaint ourselves with the basic principles that founded our nation. Unfortunately, Stumble Joe is not up to the job.


    1. …”reacquaint ourselves with the basic principles that founded our nation. ”

      The basic principles included supporting allies that support us.

      MR. BIDEN (and I usually start references to TFG with Mr. Trump) is an actual leader, not some realty show fantasy act who cares only for himself.

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        1. “Joe Biden is a waste of a man.”

          This coming from someone who believes that sun rises and sets in Trump’s extra large tennis shorts, means absolutely nothing.

          And based on Mr. Washington’s warning, we never would have been involved in protecting the world from fascists, dictators and other such leaders you so disgustingly admire and support.

          The only waste of humanity at this point is DJT, Kevin McCarthy, MTG, Ms. Boebert, the spineless members of the GOP House caucus (who believe the same as you concerning the sun rising and setting), and Donald J. Trump. And possibly yourself.

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    2. I am shocked! Shocked, I tell you, that there were some folks who didn’t agree with the title of my post. 😇

      BDS is in full regalia, horns and all.

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    3. “The U.S. is actively hated and distrusted.”

      Yeah, Trump sure left a mess. But, as is the norm, the Democrats have managed to turn this around somewhat.

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