THE TWITTER FILES: How FBI Primed Execs With “Russian Disinformation” Disinformation Ahead Of Hunter Biden Bombshell

Source: ZeroHedge.

This latest release suggests that the Federal government actively and willfully colluded with Twitter to influence the 2020 election.

For years, now, stalwart Democrats have insisted that it was wrong for Russia’s Kremlin to use Twitter to influence the 2016 election. We have since learned that the Kremlin’s Twitter efforts were ineffectual and unprovable at best, but forget about that for the moment. Now stalwart Democrats should be insisting that it was wrong for the FBI to use Twitter to influence the 2020 election, but only if they wish to be consistent in their moral philosophy.

For the rest of us, it remains to learn the extent of government control over public opinion. Edward Snowden gave us a starting point, but it is just a starting point.

62 thoughts on “THE TWITTER FILES: How FBI Primed Execs With “Russian Disinformation” Disinformation Ahead Of Hunter Biden Bombshell

  1. The fact that the FBI sat on the laptop for a year and then started priming Twitter for the ‘Russian disinformation’ hoax dismissing the NY Post article shortly before they published suggests they were also spying on the Post.

    This is what a coup looks like in the information age.


    1. “The fact that the FBI sat on the laptop . . .”

      You people are pitiful. Republican operatives had the content of the laptop for just as long or longer than the FBI. They could not find evidence of crime on it so why should the FBI be any different?

      Republican operatives knew of the existence and contents of the laptop from the spring onward. Why did they wait until mid-October to publicize it?

      Maybe you were yearning for the FBI to call a press conference, announce they had it, and share a dick pic or two? Is that what you wanted the FBI to do? Kind of like 2016?

      “That is what a coup looks like . . .”
      Laughable whataboutist nonsense. We KNOW what a coup looks like already.

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      1. Uh, no.

        This is a coup that worked.

        You rave about Russian efforts to influence the 2016 election, which amounted to about $150K spent on social media ads and had no effect, but you want to sweep a successful deception of the voters by our own Deep State under the rug.

        Democrat hypocrisy has no limits.


          1. It was not effective as a coup.

            From your cite “”This newly released data demonstrates how aggressively Russia sought to divide Americans by race, religion and ideology, and how the IRA actively worked to erode trust in our democratic institutions,” Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr, R-NC, said in a statement. ”

            Though there is evidence that Russia preferred Trump, fearing Hillary as a warmonger, the thrust of your cite, and other information, is that the Russian’s goal was not so much to elect the candidate of its choice, as they were resigned to Hillary winning. as to so polarize the American people that whoever won would not be able to govern effectively.


          2. “It was not effective as a coup”

            Call it what you want. Without those Russian efforts Donald Trump would not have become the President. Their savvy social media efforts sowing division, hatred, and distrust delivered Brexit to the UK and Donald Trump to America.

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          3. I doubt the Russian meddling made a significant difference in the election. The purpose was to polarize the public, and it was very successful in that effort.

            Your TDS is proof of that.


          4. “Your TDS is proof of that.”


            I have been absolutely right about every aspect of Trump’s sorry character, competence, disloyalty, criminality, and corruption. And you have been his biggest fan. But I am deranged and you are not?

            Russia did its best to polarize and divide and THAT is what set the stage for Trump. Without their help he NEVER would have become the President.

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          5. “I doubt the Russian meddling made a significant difference in the election.”

            If Hillary had won, you would have been screaming from the rooftops how the Russians gave the election over to her.

            Stop the idiocy.

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          6. A coup? Influencing the outcome of a tight election through the electoral system is a lot more effective that trying to get the popular vote.

            In any case, it was not just $150K nationwide. Plus, it costs nothing to post on social media unless you want to buy ads.

            And Manafort helped direct the influence.

            But not to worry, the GOP agenda is packed with investigations. Just like Benghazi and probably with the same results and for the same reason.

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          7. Deflection again?

            Your own cite stated the Russian’s goal was to polarize the voters, not choose the outcome. In particular, it was to raise anger in the Black community with the goal of making the country ungovernable.

            And for the last 6 years, the Democratic party has worked tirelessly to give the Russians what they wanted.


        1. “This is a coup that worked.”

          So, the FBI had an obligation to help the Republicans with their October surprise but would not play along. Some coup.

          You keep dodging the question behind your utter nonsense. Why should the FBI have done ANYTHING since there was no evidence of a crime on the laptop? If you cannot give a credible answer to that, then you should quit embarrassing yourself. IMHO.

          As for the extent of Russian efforts on Trump’s behalf, you always choose to ignore the evidence that does not fit your narrative. They did far more than simply illegally buy a few ads. And even Fox News is telling the story – it is that significant.

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          1. No, the FBI had no obligation to assist in the laptop story, but it did have an obligation to not interfere by deceiving the public.

            The laptop story was accurate, and certainly raises questions about the Biden family involvement with our foreign enemies.

            Delaying public knowledge of information it should have had prior to the election is interfering in an election to a far greater degree than the Russians could ever hope for.


          2. So why did the Republicans sit on the laptop? And why did the previous administration sit on the laptop? And the excuse that some FBI agent “buried it in his rose garden” (effectively for those literalists among us)at home is a bit hard to believe.

            After all, this was the same administration that had no problem blasting election lies and setting up phony affidavits and false electors. Bringing out the laptop to front and center on friendly MSM would be a piece of cake.

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          3. Timing, of course. You don’t drop your October surprise in June.

            But then the technically neutral FBI isn’t supposed to step in and delay it until after th election either.


          4. They could have dropped that surprise
            anytime they wanted. As many loyalists as Trump had surrounding him in the last year, high powered, smart folks, if there were anything on the laptop to even remotely help Trump, it would have been on neon signs before the election.

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          5. “Comey’s previous assurances of Hillary’s innocence was the problem. It finally became insupportable.”

            What nonsense. They investigated the Hell out of her and found no crimes that could be prosecuted. They NEVER should have issued any kind of statement. The one they did issue put Trump in the White House. And then they doubled down with another public statement about Wiener’s laptop.

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          6. “No true. They found proof the law was violated . . .should have been left to jurors.”


            They found that the element of intent was not present and therefore no crime was committed. Your genius knowledge of the law has failed you again.

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          7. “No, the FBI had no obligation to assist in the laptop story . . .”

            So no evidence of crime on the laptop or anywhere else for that matter. And the so-called “questions” are virtually nothing compared to the Trump family business dealings with “our foreign enemies.”

            Whatever those “questions” were the GOP had many months head start on raising them, but they didn’t. Because it was piffle. Better to spring an October surprise before anyone had a chance to analyze and report – which is exactly why serious outlets were denied access to the contents.

            But, but, but, you say, the FBI should not have deceived the public? About what? The then DNI went public in mid-October with a statement that there was no reason to believe the laptop was a product of Russian disinformation. The FBI followed up with a letter to the Senate saying it had nothing to add to the DNI’s statement. So where is the deception?

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          8. Still none of the FBI’s business to pressure Twitter to support the Russian disinformation hoax.

            YOu don’t seem to grasp the necessity for the FBI to be neutral.


          9. Neutral FBI…under Trump and Barr? You have new material? Maybe two shows a night.

            Barr preemptively sent out teams to monitor elections without any requests from the states. Unprecedented and unseemly. Of course they found zip. But that is hardly a neutral stance with a president running for reelection.

            DDS perhaps. No shame, Millions are afflicted. There are support groups…perhaps.

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          10. “You mean like when Eisenhorn sent them to Alabama to stop the Democrats from turning Blacks away from the polls?”

            You want to go there? How the GOP and its southern strategy turned itself into the party of bigotry?


          11. “You don’t seem to grasp the necessity for the FBI to be neutral.”

            They are not supposed to be “neutral” about attacks on our country. The FBI has already been actively warning the press and social media about a repeat of 2016 Russian disinformation when Trump tried his October surprise. It was too cute by half. The timing, the refusal to make the contents available to other journalists, and the very squirrelly provenance caused it to fizzle. As it should have.

            But whine on. It is all you people really know how to do.

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          12. “The laptop story was accurate, and certainly raises questions about the Biden family involvement with our foreign enemies.

            Yet the Trump family is as pure as the driven snow? Give me a freakin’ break already.

            If there had been anything criminal on the laptop, the FBI or Trump would have “let fly” and your wish would have come true. But Tinkerbell doesn’t like dentists, so you’re pipe dream concerning criminality in Hunter Biden’s “big guy” pics, is just another smokescreen to attempt to cover up how truly corrupt the previous administration and its leader was.

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          13. My delusions about Trump’s family? You are unbelievably naïve and dense. A few judges that agree with you in principle has you so blind to reality it is downright scary.

            What exactly is criminal behavior on Hunter’s laptop? You seem to know all when it comes to it, so please enlighten the rest of the world with your information. Unless of course it is the speculative world in which you live.

            Get it through your head, there is NOTHING there. Unless you really wanna see Hunter’s “big guy”.

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          14. You want things both ways. They had the computer. There was nothing on it that would have had any effect on the election. Those, like yourself, would not have been swayed one way or the other. Independent overs who did not choose Trump would not have changed their minds either. They are smart enough to know that if there is nothing criminal there, then there is nothing there to be concerned with.

            Your blind hatred for Democrats, particularly Biden, keeps you from being realistic. You can speculate all you want. But you have nothing to prove ANY of your assertions.


          15. And yet polls tell us many voters say it would have affected their vote, and in many states it was very close. Well within the range the suppression of information might have made a difference


          16. So who’s fault was that? Trump regularly dismissed norms, protocols and even laws with impunity. You are insisting he, his lawyers and his campaign chiefs were helpless in bringing the laptop out into the news. This is a guy who had no problem calling state officials demanding the overturning of votes. Recorded, no less. Or holding up Congressional authorized aid for getting dirt on his opponent. Witnessed and transcribed by his staff.

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          17. Seriously?

            First, Autin is civil service, not an appointee.

            But had Trump directly ordered the FBI to confirm the legitimacy of the laptop, you would have been screaming about him using the FBI as a weapon.


          18. Seriously.

            And Trump cared about creating outrage?

            I’m not finding much about Eisenhower sending federal marshals to Alabama for voting protection. School integration, sure, when Faubus blocked schools.

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          19. “Which Trump family member has been convicted?”

            ‘Corporations are people, my friend.’

            And the point is that you are the one who is delusional about Mr. Trump. His crimes are numerous and well-documented.


          20. “Convicted or not?”

            In case you are not just playing dumb, the Trump Organization – headed and controlled by Mr. Donald Trump – has been convicted of numerous financial and tax fraud crimes.


          21. “Well?
            Here is my “accusation . . .”

            And the so-called “questions” are virtually nothing compared to the Trump family business dealings with “our foreign enemies.”

            That is a true statement.

            I also responded to your delusional reaction to Adam’s ironic statement that the Trump family is as pure as the driven snow. If we had world enough and time I could provide a very long list of thoroughly documented Trump crimes and “questions” about his family’s dealing with “our foreign enemies.” But why bother? Evidence means nothing to you people.


          22. The difference is that Trump’s kids were successful before Trump entered politics.

            If Biden had not been in office, Hunter would be living ina cardboard box.


          23. “The difference is that Trump’s kids were successful before Trump entered politics.”


            Y0u really think Ivanka is so brilliant that China would have given her copyrights worth millions if Trump were not President? You really think Qatar would have bailed out Jared’s failed 666 Fifth Office tower with over a Billion dollars if Trump were not President? Kushner was going under before he entered government service with no security clearance because of his shady dealing.


          24. I didn’t say they have not enjoyed some benefit. It would be hard to avoid it, but they were already successful when Trump came down the escalator.

            Hunter’s entire fortune is a result of selling access to Joe,


          25. “. . .but they were already successful when Trump came down the escalator.”

            No they were not. Both were silver spoon babies who never did a thing on their own. Ivanka’s career was with the Trump organization and Kushner was taking his family’s crooked business into bankruptcy. THEN Trump came down the escalator.

            Hey, the 19th century called. They want their blind and uncritical adulation of the wealthy back.


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