Chechen fighters for Ukraine creates a new worry for Putin.

If paywalled, the article covers Chechen fighters who remember how brutal Putin and Russia were to their own homeland. Some have been fighting since Russia invaded in 2014. If Russia loses in Ukraine, then other republics under Russian rule would be emboldened to secede.

27 thoughts on “Chechen fighters for Ukraine creates a new worry for Putin.

  1. Keep in mind that Chechens are Muslims who have been waging a war of terrorism against Russia for decades, notably the Moscow theater hostage crisis and the Besian school massacre.

    Choose your heroes carefully.


    1. It is obvious that Chechnya is not part of Russia. They have been ahead of others in resisting Russian tyranny. Other nations achieved independence from colonial masters with similar tactics. Algeria comes to mind. For the time being Chechnya has been subdued with war crimes but they will never submit to Russia in the long term. “Keep in mind that Chechens are Muslims who have been waging a war of terrorism against Russia for decades.”

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        1. 1000 years? There were two invasions, one before Putin and one after. The terrorist attacks were in response to Russian atrocities. Terror for terror, an eye for an eye, fully understood by the powerful state church and Putin.

          During WW2 Stalin brutalized Chechens so thousands died.

          So, yeah, stick to the Islam terror state propaganda, but the truth is simply that Russia wanted its vassal states back, dead or alive. Dagestan, same story. Georgia, ditto.

          You still hate Lincoln, but with any luck your progeny will still hate him 850 years down the road. See how that works? It’s not just the Muslim states, Confederate lovers have been doing this for 160 years and counting. CS battle flags at the Capitol on 1/6 is very telling about true loyalties, IMO.

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          1. “The Chechens allied with the Nazis in WW2”

            Another falsehood!

            No they did not. Some Chechens took advantage of USSR failures in Finland and their war with Germany to renew their struggle against Russian colonial rule.

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          2. “Yes, they did, and they exterminated their Jewish population.”

            No they didn’t. And that claim, in fact, is total bullshit.
            Where do you get this stuff?

            From the Wikipedia article on the Mountain Jews . . .

            “In 1944, the NKVD deported the entire Chechen populace that surrounded the Mountain Jews in Chechnya, and moved other ethnic groups into their homes; Mountain Jews mostly refused to take the homes of deported Chechens while there are some reports of deported Chechens entrusting their homes to Jews in order to keep them safe.”

            Hardly the stuff of the genocide slander you are peddling.

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          3. Nope. They were accused of that, but as it turned out it was another Stalin smear that cost the lives of 10’s of thousands of Chechens. In fact, the Chechens fought fiercely against the Germans.

            “On orders from Lavrentiy Beria, the head of the NKVD, the entire Chechen and Ingush population of the Checheno-Ingush ASSR were to be deported by freight trains to remote areas of the Soviet Union. The operation was called “Chechevitsa” (Operation Lentil),[28] its first two syllables pointing at its intended targets. The operation is referred to by Chechens often as “Aardakh” (the Exodus). This operation was being prepared and planned since at least October 1943, and included Beria’s two most trusted NKVD officers, Ivan Serov and Bogdan Kobulov. Beria complained to Stalin about the “low level of labour discipline” among Chechens, the “prevalence of banditry and terrorism”, the “failure of Chechens to join the communist party” and the “confession of a German agent that he found a lot of support among the local Ingush”. Beria then ordered to implement the operation. When Supian Kagirovich Mollaev, the leader of the local government in the Checheno-Ingush ASSR, heard about the decision, he burst into tears, but soon pulled himself together and decided to follow orders. The Chechen-Ingush Republic was never fully occupied by the Nazi army, but the repressions were officially justified by “an armed resistance to Soviet power”. The charges of the Vainakh collaboration with the Nazis were never subsequently proven in any Soviet court.”

            Note that collaboration was never verified.

            “A higher percentage of Chechens were killed than any other ethnic group persecuted by population transfer in the Soviet Union.[9] Chechens were under administrative supervision of the NKVD officials during that entire time.”


            No need to go back 1000 years and no need to introduce Islamic terrorism. Russians did a wonderful job of slaughter to please Stalin. Gee, If your family was murdered in 1943 by Russians, as a Chechnyan you might not have warm and fuzzy feelings about Russia and their persistent violence against your country.

            In all fairness, do you have a source for your allegations?

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        2. Grievances? Your folks attacked the Capitol and threatened to hang our VP over false grievances.

          Chechnyans were tired of getting murdered and occupied by Soviets and now Putin.

          That is real grievance.

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        3. “Muslims always have grievances. ”

          Is that ALL Muslims? Or just those who have been discriminated against or treated without dignity? Because ALL is a pretty broad brush. Akin to saying ALL Christians are anti-Semites.

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  2. Chechen nationals are fighting for both sides in Ukraine. So, in the unlikely event that Russia loses the war, it is hard to say how Chechnya and other parts of the Russian federation might react.


      1. RE: “Chechnyans are compliant because of a brutal dictator installed by and in Putin’s pocket.”

        I think you are being ideological, not realistic. Maybe Chechnya needs a dictator because it is otherwise ungovernable.


        1. There is no reason to think that Chechnya could be an independent nation. It has a total population about the size of Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, combined.


          1. “There is no reason to think that Chechnya could be an independent nation. It has a total population about the size of Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, combined.”

            There are quite a number of very small population nations. Look it up. Chechnya’s population is roughly twice that of Luxembourg, for example.

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          2. Chechnya can’t be an independent nation, so Russia invaded, slaughters and takes it…kind of. If Radyzov falters just one blink, he is gone.

            Ukraine is not a sovereign nation according to Putin, so he invaded, slaughters and tries to take it.

            See a pattern?

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          3. “There is no reason to think that Chechnya could be an independent nation.”

            The same could be said of Vatican City. Luxembourg. And several other smaller countries.


          4. “Is it just me . . .”

            That is putting it VERY politely.

            Personally I think we are trying to reason with true exemplars of post-truth politics. We think it is important that opinions be based on facts. They don’t. Anything that they can dream up or read on some scurrilous web site is good enough.

            Then, of course, there is sheer ignorance such as apparently not knowing that there are dozens of sovereign states with small populations. The population of Chechnya is approximately 1.3 million. There are 77 sovereign countries with fewer people.

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          5. RE: “See a pattern?”

            Yes, I do, a pattern of shallow thinking. Here, for example, you have asserted that Chechnya exemplifies the potential for Russia to break up into pieces. There is no evidence for this assertion, nor for any probability that Russia will lose its war with Ukraine/Europe. But you make the assertion, anyway.


          6. To be kind, your insult is taken lightly, like the source.

            I did not say Russia would fall apart, just that Ukraine could be a flash point for possible secession from Russia by other states unhappy with Putin. Emboldened is what I said.

            But I do think I am entitled to my opinion, shallow or not. As are you…shallow or not.

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          7. RE: “But I do think I am entitled to my opinion…”

            Fair enough. But, I must say: Your source is paywalled to me. So I read the Wikipedia article on Chechen fighters in the current Ukraine war, instead. Then I glanced through several other Wikipedia pieces on Chechen history. My comments on your post were based on taking your topic seriously enough to research it a bit.


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