Denazification? More like cultural extinction.

Destroy what it can’t conquer. A strategy to deny the existence of a nation, its people and its culture. “First they came for the Ukrainians, but I was not Ukrainian…”.

And we are focusing on a “grooming” and salacious laptop photos of a troubled son of a President. No wonder we had four years of a regime run by a looney fraudster.

10 thoughts on “Denazification? More like cultural extinction.

  1. Your link may not be accessible to readers without a WSJ subscription. Here’s the free link:

    WSJ reports, “‘Their plan was to destroy our history,’ said Olena Yeremenko, the museum’s secretary, ‘and say there was only Russian history here.'”

    That’s one possibility. WSJ also reports another, “Russian officials didn’t respond to requests for comment, but have said publicly that they were taking both civilians and cultural artifacts from the city to protect them from Ukrainian attacks.”

    I’m not sure which possibility is closer to reality, but I’m disinclined to jump to conclusions. This story has been much discussed in non-mainstream news media for several months. Ukraine could have packed up and moved the relics to safety had it wanted to, but that would have been just as controversial.


    1. Well, you went a ahead and did it. You didn’t like the fact that I called you out for your history on this topic and deleted everything, including your own answers.

      Congratulations on wielding the power granted by the moderator. You have proven many things I have considered about you to be true.


  2. …”but I’m disinclined to jump to conclusions. ”

    Horse hockey! You are disinclined to believe anything that doesn’t feed into your “Putin good, Ukraine bad” narrative.


          1. Uh-uh. You don’t get off like that. Your pro-Putin posts have run wild through this forum since February of last year. Just because you didn’t say it here doesn’t mean you haven’t said it in the past. And until you denounce ALL of the crapola you have posted concerning “Putin, good; Ukraine”, bad. I will continue to hold you to account for your blatant anti-Democracy screeds.


          2. No tantrum in pointing out your BS. And if pointing out that you have been posting pro-Putin, anti-Democracy rhetoric on a consistent basis is considered “ad hominem” by you, then so be it. Go ahead and censor me.

            But I am calling a spade a spade and you have nothing to say in your defense except to threaten me with “content management”.


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