North Carolina county may be days without power after “targeted” attack

“An alleged attack on multiple electrical substations left 60 percent of North Carolina’s Moore County without power over the weekend in what local and state authorities are investigating as a “criminal occurrence.”

Multiple substations had been shot up by gunfire. It is estimated that at least 45,000 homes and businesses will be without power until Thursday. It is too early to say for certain who did it, but at the moment it’s looking like the Proud Boys have struck again. It is believed their motive was to protest a drag show.

Needless to say, those homes will be without lights or heat in freezing weather. Sick people, old people, children have been put at risk. Some may die.

Hate crimes have become a way of life. But yeah, let’s let the freaks fly their hate flags uninterrupted on Twitter. Do a little gay bashing. Can’t hurt you… right?

31 thoughts on “North Carolina county may be days without power after “targeted” attack

    1. Exactly, you beat me to it. Lois appears to be extremely delusional these days seeing all of these things that don’t exist. This is far from the first time.


        1. Assuming you are talking abt the classified emails Clinton illegally sent to her private server, they were found long ago. Where have you been hiding?


        1. Duke Energy has taken a lot of property by eminent domain for wind and solar. including a lot of family farms. There are a lot of people with a grudge that has nothing to do with drag shows.


          1. It seems odd that property owners would wait until now to take revenge, just when a hotly disputed drag show was in town. And that revenge just happened to cut the power to the show. But it could happen. Nobody knows for sure yet, but even local news on TV tonight was saying the drag show was the suspected reason for the attack. If there had been no hate speech against the drag show, why would anybody even suspect that as a reason?

            Hate speech causes violence. Just as sure as screaming “fire” in a crowded theater causes panic.

            You want to arm everyone in the country to the teeth and give hate speech a megaphone. What could possibly go wrong?

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          2. We don’t have enough to know yet, I’m just pointing out possibilities. As for timing, it’s deer season so as long as they’re riding around in a pickup with a rifle, and beer and a lingering grudge…

            It’s as plausible as attacking the power supply because of a drag show.

            Unrelated to the issue at hand, one wonders why people would take children to a drag show anyway, but the more troubling question to me is why drag queens would want an audience of children.


          3. “Unrelated to the issue at hand, one wonders why people would take children to a drag show anyway, but the more troubling question to me is why drag queens would want an audience of children.”

            Uh, how many children were taken to this pub to see the show? And how do you know that drag queens want an audience of children?

            But, clearly rather than denounce the terrorist behavior of these thugs – the Proud Boys – you would rather speculate about the motives for the show. Typical.

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          4. First, you have no evidence that the drag show had any connection to the vandalism. We are just speculating at this point. I don’t know that it was motivated by property rights issue either, that is just an alternate possibility.

            The drag show was advertised as “all ages” which makes no more sense to me than an all ages pole dancer.

            I don’t have a problem with drag shows adult entertainment, but I do not see anything good about sexuality being displayed to children. Gay, straight, or whatever.


          5. “First, you have no evidence that the drag show had any connection to the vandalism”

            First, I did not refer to the vandalism. If you had read the stories linked to you would know that the Proud Boys found out about this show and turned up to insult and intimidate the audience.

            Second, if the show was for all ages then there is no reason to believe that it was anything but entertainment suitable for all ages. Entertainment is full of cross-dressing performances and has been forever. Look it up. Your assumption that the show advertised involved displays of sexuality is based on nothing but your pre-conceived ideas.

            Third, I have more reason to suspect that it was the LGBTQ bigotry fed by “conservative” politicians that was behind the vandalism than you have for blaming wind turbines. But neither of us know, which is why I did not address the vandalism.

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          6. I have seen videos of “all ages” drag shows. Had actual female performers done the same things in front of children they most certainly would have been arrested for contributing to the delinquency of minors.

            Now, if parents make the choice to expose their children to that kind of entertainment, I disagree with them, but it is their right, But exposing someone else’s child to it is a problem.


          7. “I have seen videos of “all ages” drag shows.”

            Oh my. I hope you are okay.

            This particular show was in a pub. It was not on the street. It was not on TV. You had to buy a ticket and go. How were other people’s children going to be exposed to whatever it was?

            Frankly, I think you trying to change the subject from terrorism and intimidation to speculating about drag queens and children is a typical “conservative” dodge.

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          8. I pointed out that if parents took their kids there, it was their right even if I think it was unwise.

            My real objection is to bring these shows into schools and other venues where children are exposed to it without parental approval.

            And I still don’t get why the trans activists are so determined to perform for children.


          9. “And I still don’t get why the trans activists are so determined to perform for children.”

            And you never will. That is one of the “alternative facts” you people obsess over.

            And again, it is a dodge. Proud Boys likely attacked the power system and DEFINITELY showed up at the pub hosting the charity event to threaten, intimidate and insult the audience. That is behavior that you have refused to condemn and are still trying to justify because, you know, the children.

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          10. So, you support sexual displays to children?

            There is no proof to date the Proud Boys are involved and that is just a deflection.

            The question remains. Why does the trans community want to display its sexuality to children in ways that would get an actual female performer arrested?

            I see no innocent explanation. If you havbe one, offer it.


          11. “So, you support sexual displays to children?”

            I fail to see how you reach that conclusion but thanks for yet another fine example of the genius level of “conservative” logic.

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          12. “Why does the trans community want to display its sexuality to children in ways that would get an actual female performer arrested?”

            What in the Hell do you think you are talking about? You people are sick and I mean that most sincerely.

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          13. I mean exactly what I say.

            Trans performers are widely in video, such as Libs of Tik Tok, performing lewd acts and enticing children to shove money in their G strings.

            A real stripper doing the same thing with children would be arrested. how is it ok for Trans performers?

            THose who defend such things are sick.


          14. “And where is that happening?”

            Oh, it probably happened somewhere, somewhen. It does not take much for these people to start whining and playing their victim cards. So much more important than armed insurrectionists and domestic terrorists.

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          15. It has now come out that Duke wasn’t the only power company hit. It took the major damage, but a second company was hit as well. So that motive is looking less likely.

            And about children in the audience of drag queens… did you never watch Milton Berle as a kid? He was the original drag queen. And he was funny. And my parents watched him along with me. Drag queens aren’t always about sex. Some drag queens aren’t even gay. Sometimes it’s just about comedy… and poking fun at bigots… which is probably their worst sin.

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          16. If you use either Twitter or Facebook, follow Libs of Tik Tok and you will see we are not talking about Milton Berle, we are talking about lewd displays and kids tucking dollars in g strings.


          17. There are lewd displays on the internet? Who knew?

            But, you know why there are such displays? Because they make money when people click on them. Personally, I have never seen one of these female impersonators dancing in a G-string with a child in attendance. You obviously have. The marketplace has spoken.

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          18. You should follow Libs of TikTok

            They create no content, they simply find Tik Tok videos intended for exchange between activists and report them for all to see.


          19. “You should follow Libs of TikTok”
            If I did not make it clear, I am not interested in videos depicting child abuse. I do not need to see them to believe that they exist.

            Your “logic” is something else. We were discussing a terrorist attack on the electric power infrastructure and the attempt by the Proud Boys to disrupt a charity performance by a group of female impersonator entertainers and you insist on justifying both by reference to the sleaziest things you can find on the internet.

            Such “logic” is beyond weak-minded. There are videos out there of heterosexual men raping little girls. Does that mean that we can conclude that all heterosexuals males are child rapists. Can we legitimately ask “Why do members of the hetero community want to rape children?” But you ask “Why does the trans community want to display its sexuality to children” based on some filth you saw on the prurient web sites you frequent.

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