A “Day of Hate” declared for this Saturday

“Authorities in New York and Chicago warn Jewish communities to stay alert after neo-Nazi groups declare ‘Day of Hate'”

These are not “liberals.” These are not “woke” people. These are the people who marched arm in arm with the people carrying Confederate flags and Trump flags on January 6. These people are the conservative base, the people without whom conservatives cannot win elections.

Will Saturday be another day of mass shootings? Probably not. Police will be on high alert Saturday. No, this Saturday will just plant the seeds for the next time.

Want to get serious about stopping mass shootings? Here’s another good place to start. Conservatives could dial back the hate. But I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for Trump or DeSantis or MTG or Boebert or anybody else on the right to stand up and condemn these “good people.” They can’t. This is their base. These are their people.

Symbols Matter

Jim Wright is the author of Stonekettle Station. He is retired military. He has the creds. He has the chops. He knows whereof he speaks. A few here won’t like what he has to say about Biden and Russia and Ukraine and the Republican Party. I suggest you read it anyway. I suggest you follow him instead of the armchair cowboys who tell you what you want to hear.


Why does the South have such ugly credit scores?

It’s certainly not what I would have guessed. It has nothing to do with race or education or even income. According to this article, it is medical debt. It can happen to anyone at any time at any income level.

I also had no idea how bad credit scores could cripple an entire economy.

This is a 6-minute read, but worth the time.


Not an anomaly: 2020’s red states have higher murder rates

“Third Way hopes to combat the media and political narrative that crime is a Democratic problem, occurring mostly in big blue cities and fueled by lax policies,”


Personally, I believe murder rates have little or nothing to do with law enforcement. The law is just the last thing to get involved.

Violence is a weak mind trying to express itself forcefully. Places with high rates of violence are also places with low rates of education. Kids aren’t given the basic skills to mediate disagreements. Whoever can hit the hardest wins the playground arguments. That is the only skill they take into adulthood.

Is McMafia Real?

If you haven’t seen the BBC series “McMafia” streaming on Amazon, I highly recommend it. But have a strong beverage on hand if you plan to watch the whole thing. It is fiction that is way too close to reality.

The premise of the show is, there is an international mafia that is taking over governments at every level in every part of the world. The “Don” of the McMafia operates out of Israel. He was a business student who studied the McDonalds business model and thought it was the perfect model for a mafia. He explained the Russian mafia in New York and how he branched out from there until there were no more “governments,” only branches of his mafia.

I know, it sounds like Sci/Fi Fantasy… until you watch how he did it. I had to stop watching after about the fourth episode, but I got up my nerve to go back and watch some more. That’s when I found out the show had been cancelled. The reason was “the actors’ busy schedule and the WAR IN UKRAINE!” Who cancels a fiction show in England because there’s a war in Ukraine?

I was totally creeped out before… and then I read this about McGonigal. It sounds to me as if McMafia owns the FBI.

Americans can sponsor refugees directly under program launching this week


Despite the xenophobia displayed by some people, I believe Americans as a whole are a welcoming, charitable people, willing to lend a helping hand where we can. This program will give those Americans an opportunity to help while not costing the more self-serving among us a dime.

“Under the pilot program, which will be called the Welcome Corps, groups of at least five people will be expected to raise a minimum of $2,275 per refugee assigned to them by the government, one of the people said. The sponsor groups will also be required to pass background checks and create a support plan.”

I’d also like to point out that people from all over the world come to America seeking a better life. They come in such numbers, we sometimes have trouble accommodating them all. No one is going to Russia in search of a better life. The only way Russia can claim new citizens is by invading their countries. We aren’t doing everything right, but we’re doing a damn sight better than Russia… and the whole world knows it.

A Brief History of the Freedom Caucus

“In 1980, David Koch ran for vice president with the Libertarian Party, an organization created by the real estate lobby to give an air of legitimacy to their efforts to outlaw rent control and end government regulation of their industry.”

Among other things, this article details David Koch’s platform.  And yes, I know the Daily KOS is a very left-leaning publication, but I look forward to hearing arguments as to why any of this is untrue. Please try to read the entire article, painful as it might be.

Do you support “the eventual repeal of all taxation?” Abolishing Social Security? Medicare? Do you support “the complete separation of government and education?” Do you “condemn compulsory education laws?” How about “the repeal of state usury laws?” I know you want to abolish the Department of Energy, but what about the Consumer Safety Commission? The Federal Aviation Administration? The entire government of the United States of America???

In other words, what is your vision for America’s future? Should America even exist? Should there be such a thing as a “middle class?” Or do you see a feudal system wherein a few Trillionairs own all the land and pay mercenaries to keep the peasants in line? (Keep in mind, Trillionairs don’t TAX anything. They TAKE everything.)

BONUS: Did you ever wonder where Ayn Rand got the inspiration for her hero in “Fountainhead?” https://hartmannreport.com/p/how-a-child-killer-set-the-stage

No good ending / No way out

“On the whole, members of Russia’s economic elite “understand this isn’t going to end well,” the Russian billionaire said. Prokopenko, the former Central Bank official, said the Russian elite, including many under sanctions, are watching the situation in horror: “Everything they built collapsed for no reason.”


He trolled Greta Thunberg. Greatest self-own of the year.

Never pick a fight with a teenager on social media. You aren’t going to win.

If you haven’t seen this story on other sites, it’s worth a read.

Andrew Tate is a former kick boxer whose misogynistic comments got him banned from Twitter. Unfortunately for him, Elon Musk reinstated his account and one of the first things he did was to pick a fight with Greta Thunberg. When she cut him to ribbons, he replied with a video that included the image of a pizza box. That pizza box tipped off authorities as to where he was and they arrested his smart ass for a string of crimes. To which Greta replied: “This is what happens when you don’t recycle your pizza boxes,”