Putin will ‘mobilize another 2 million including 300,000 women’ and ‘impose martial law in Moscow’ but may use crackdown to ‘bow out in favor of handpicked successor’

Seems as if Putin has interesting plans for Russia’s future. Drafting 2 million Russians and imposing martial law doesn’t sound like a great option, but if he plans on checking out anyway, he probably doesn’t care.

‘He will most certainly leave before 2024. It is even possible he will announce his departure before the New Year, but this depends on his state of his health.


The Kremlin regime of 2022 is not even an authoritarian government but simply a group of gangsters in charge of a failed state.

Since the definition of “fascism” has been debated here, I thought the author of this article may have a better way of describing Russia today. She gives evidence of why Putin’s Russia is “simply a group of gangsters in charge of a failed state.”

As Russian Army Falters in Ukraine, Paramilitary Leader Close to Putin Flexes Power


I’m hearing more and more about Yevgeny Prigozhin, Putin’s Chef, and leader of the paramilitary group Wagner. As evil as Putin is, he’s not stupid. I honestly don’t believe Putin would resort to nukes. But, if Prigozhin takes power, all bets are off.

Prigozhin has been keeping his Wagner group just far enough out of the action that he won’t take any heat for the losses in Kherson. He’s building training camps on the Russian side of the border “to prepare local residents in case the war in Ukraine comes to Russian soil.” Does he really think Ukraine is going to invade Russia? Or is he preparing his own private army for something else?

Anyway, I think Mr. Prigozhin bears watching.

Why Social Media Companies Moderate Users’ Posts


First of all, social media companies moderate users’ posts to stay within the law. Child pornography and snuff videos are just a couple of examples of why they have to do it.

Beyond that, they have to consider public safety. It may be legal to post videos on how to poison your wife and get away with it, but it’s not something many advertisers are going to want to associate with. If they’re going to keep their advertisers, they’re going to need to stay within certain social norms.

And “social norms” is wherein the problem lies.

Conservatives say they are censored more than liberals. And that is true. But, for conservatives, social norms have changed. Today, Eisenhower would be considered a “libtard.” Today’s conservatives see nothing wrong with chanting “hang the Vice President.” Lying about winning an election is normal. If you lose, just deny it and destroy the Capitol if you can’t get your way. The peaceful exchange of power, the one thing that had always set America apart from other countries, is, for conservatives, no longer a “social norm.”

So, are Twitter and Facebook wrong for banning people like Trump and the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys for violating social norms when they have none? If Oath Keepers and Proud Boys can’t be banned, can Al Qaeda and BLM? Can ISIS openly recruit terrorists on Twitter? Can Trump?

The Truth Begins to Trickle Out

The Trump administration was “… an administration uniquely unsuited to meet the demands of a pandemic.”

That has to be the understatement of the year!

Even I was surprised to learn that Trump lied about having tested positive for COVID when he met with Chris Christie to prepare for the Presidential debates. He gave Christie the virus and then, true to form, blamed Christie for having given him the virus.

Sig Sauer is about to release a new weapon

Sig Sauer is about to release the MCX-SPEAR, which is the civilian version of the US Army’s new Next Generation Squad Weapon-Rifle (NGSW-R). It is estimated that SIG Sauer has already sent out between 2,500 and 5,000 of the weapons to their elite dealers—and they were an instant hit, despite costing $8,000. What’s out there is already bought out but I’m sure you can get on the waiting list.

What’s so special about this weapon?

  • “It’ll shoot through almost all of the bulletproof vests that are worn by law enforcement in the country right now,” said Ryan Busse, a former firearms company executive who is now a senior policy analyst with the Giffords Law Center and author of Gunfight: My Battle Against the Industry that Radicalized America.

So yeah, it defeats body armor and turns little children into red mist. But don’t worry. At $8K per gun, teenage school shooters won’t be able to afford it. Unless, or course, Mommy or Daddy buys it for them for Christmas. The militias will be able to afford them. And the bad guys with guns will have them… so good luck to the good guys with hand guns.



They are preparing for war: An expert on civil wars discusses where political extremists are taking this country

Rep. Jamie Raskin said it best, “American carnage is Donald Trump’s true legacy.”

There is a political stability rating system modeled by the CIA and experts, that rates unstable countries like North Korea and Saudi Arabia a Negative 10, and stable countries like Denmark and Switzerland a Positive 10. The U.S. has always been a Positive 10, until now. The U.S. was briefly downgraded to a 5, is now an 8, but still not back to a positive 10. The system also examines reasons, such as if a political party is based on identity. Anyone who believes Donald Trump’s base isn’t white supremacy, hasn’t been paying attention. Groups like the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers marched on our Capitol carrying Trump flags. It is finally coming to light that some were carrying guns, but according to their “rules,” they avoided engaging the US military at all costs so they did not use them, even if they were hoping to do so.

This isn’t over. The armed militias are still out there and I suggest you read this article to understand their plan of attack.


British Ministry of Defense (MOD) Daily Updates on Ukraine

I’m not sure how Twitter links will work in Word Press, but I thought this was interesting enough to try and pass it along. The updates are usually brief and proven to be accurate. I have found them to be a good way to stay current on the situation in Ukraine, if such topics interest you.