Is McMafia Real?

If you haven’t seen the BBC series “McMafia” streaming on Amazon, I highly recommend it. But have a strong beverage on hand if you plan to watch the whole thing. It is fiction that is way too close to reality.

The premise of the show is, there is an international mafia that is taking over governments at every level in every part of the world. The “Don” of the McMafia operates out of Israel. He was a business student who studied the McDonalds business model and thought it was the perfect model for a mafia. He explained the Russian mafia in New York and how he branched out from there until there were no more “governments,” only branches of his mafia.

I know, it sounds like Sci/Fi Fantasy… until you watch how he did it. I had to stop watching after about the fourth episode, but I got up my nerve to go back and watch some more. That’s when I found out the show had been cancelled. The reason was “the actors’ busy schedule and the WAR IN UKRAINE!” Who cancels a fiction show in England because there’s a war in Ukraine?

I was totally creeped out before… and then I read this about McGonigal. It sounds to me as if McMafia owns the FBI.

One thought on “Is McMafia Real?

  1. I don’t believe we have a deep state in the Third World definition. Our elected officials have a lot more control over bureaucrats through cabinet appointees than many think.

    That being said, the influence of hard right wingers, in and out of government, is probably the closest we have come to a deep state. Worse still, is the influence on the Court. Thomas and his hapless wife brought that to light. The Federalists and their nominees are keepers of that flame also.

    And now this agent.

    The thing about deep rooted right wing extremists is that they can be more anonymous. Their constituents are fewer, wealthier and likewise anonymous. As opposed to left wing shadow influence which is really dependent upon a huge majority party to work their policies. A vocal majority of a cross section of American middle and working classes. They tend not to agree among themselves even if a handful of wealthy donors try to work with them.


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