Americans can sponsor refugees directly under program launching this week

Despite the xenophobia displayed by some people, I believe Americans as a whole are a welcoming, charitable people, willing to lend a helping hand where we can. This program will give those Americans an opportunity to help while not costing the more self-serving among us a dime.

“Under the pilot program, which will be called the Welcome Corps, groups of at least five people will be expected to raise a minimum of $2,275 per refugee assigned to them by the government, one of the people said. The sponsor groups will also be required to pass background checks and create a support plan.”

I’d also like to point out that people from all over the world come to America seeking a better life. They come in such numbers, we sometimes have trouble accommodating them all. No one is going to Russia in search of a better life. The only way Russia can claim new citizens is by invading their countries. We aren’t doing everything right, but we’re doing a damn sight better than Russia… and the whole world knows it.

19 thoughts on “Americans can sponsor refugees directly under program launching this week

  1. I could make it even simpler.

    Let in anyone who can pass a background and health check with the stipulation that they and their offspring are ineligible for any form of government aid for a period of 20 years after their entry.


    1. Americans are welcoming to those that wait in line, can support themselves and assimilate., not woke.
      Americans are not welcoming to line butting, welfare queen, drug smuggling gang bangers, you know, left wing extremist “maggot” treasures that they hope become the new left c wing maggot voting base bought and paid for by the taxpayers, woke.


  2. RE: “No one is going to Russia in search of a better life.”

    Are you sure? The claim should be easy to verify.


      1. RE: “SO WHAT!”

        Maybe you are wrong. Maybe you are spreading misinformation.

        Is spreading misinformation something you would be proud to do?


        1. RE: “SO WHAT!”

          So, you are proud to be wrong and spread misinformation. Maybe you should be banned. If that’s what you want, just say so.


  3. Thanks for the effort Adam, but there’s a couple of troglodytes here who are seriously incapable of accepting facts. I’m over doing fact finding for them. It’s nothing but pearls before swine.

    They only understand “SO WHAT” and “HOAX.” Anything beyond single syllable words and two word sentences exceeds their attention span unless it conforms to the clutter already inside their piggy little brains.

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    1. I’m with you, Lois.

      However, I will not stand by and let idiots be idiots without challenging them. I can’t change their minds. I can’t get them to think for themselves. But I will always provide them the opportunity to do so. Deserved, or not.


      1. You’re a better person than I am, Adam Green.

        I only shout one warning, “THAT STOVE IS HOT.” Beyond that, I consider my obligations fulfilled. Be damned if I’m gonna provide a dozen reasons why it’s a bad idea to touch a hot stove. I can’t cure stupid. The most I can do is suppress a smirk when they find out.

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