64 thoughts on “All U.S. extremist mass killings in 2022 linked to far right

  1. The Axios Article does not reflect the Anti-Defamation League report it cites.

    For example, 49 of the deaths were from the Pulse Nightclub massacre, which was committed by a homophobic Isis follower, hardly an example of the American right.

    And again, it is an error to presume White Supremacy has anything to do with the American political right. If you look at their rhetoric, you will find wealth envy is almost as large a part of their hatred as racism, views they share with the left here more than those on the right. Indeed, much of the American version of antisemitism is based on the presumption of wealth being common to Jews.

    So, it is a logical fallacy to connect racism and Islamic extremism with conservatism as just as good a case can be made connecting them with the political left.

    If I were to speculate on the motivation for mass killings, I would say an inability to develop healthy relationships with women would be the number 1 red flag.

    Crazy is crazy, losers are losers, incels can’t get laid, and politics has little to do with it.


    1. Homophobia and White Supremacy aren’t on the political right?

      And the White Supremacist’s wealth envy is “almost as large a part of their hatred as racism.” So obviously, White Supremacists are leftists.

      When I was in Germany, I met an old Staff Sergeant who was stationed in Nuremberg right after WWII. He said of all the places he went and all the people he met, not a single one had been a Nazi. After being there for over a year without meeting a single Nazi he started to wonder who the hell had started the war. Did those damn Eskimos sneak in there and mess things up?

      I’m starting to get the same feeling about the right wing. No homophobes or racists here! Or so says the party that was apoplectic over Obama’s birth certificate and spent four years posting pictures of the President of the United States with a bone in his nose.

      If that admitted White Supremacist was motivated by “wealth envy,” why did he choose to shoot up a black grocery store? Not many rich folks do their own grocery shopping. Why didn’t he shoot up a Country Club or a yacht basin? If wealth envy is the reason for shootings, how come rich neighborhoods are safer than black grocery stores?

      Admit it. The right fosters racism, homophobia, and xenophobia. That’s one of the reasons black grocery stores, and gay night clubs, and Mexican Walmarts get shot up. When was the last time a country club or a Chamber of Commerce meeting got shot up?

      Also admit, if the right-wing political parties were to alienate homophobes and racists and xenophobes, it would be impossible for them to win elections. That is their base. They will not do nothing to alienate that base. They will, in fact, do everything in their power to keep it fired up.

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      1. Actually I find racism more deeply entrenched in the left,

        After all, it is the left that thinks Blacks aren’t smart, or motivated, enough to get picture ID to vote.

        It is the left that thinks Black teens can’t be held accountable for violence.

        It is the left that thinks Black girls are incapable of chastity or responsible birth control.

        In my mind, the soft bigotry of lowered expactations is the worst kind of all.


        1. Actually I find racism more deeply entrenched in the left . . .

          Says the fellow who claims that Birtherism was not an appeal to racism and who wanted the black officer defending the Congress to be charged with murder.

          Your arguments are bullshit. Democrats know that everyone CAN jump through hoops to vote. The beef is that they should not have to when there is not problem to be solved. Creating those pointless hoops knowing that they will affect mostly poor black people is what is racist. As is closing down polling stations in black neighborhoods.

          Black teens claim – Stuff and nonsense.

          Black chastity – Opposition to forced pregnancy has NOTHING to do with race. That is your racist spin.

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          1. Again, it is the Democratic party whose policy treats Blacks as though they are incapable of acting responsibly.

            Conservatives want to treat everyone as adults and not pets who must be guided lest they harm themselves.


          2. “Again, it is the Democratic party whose policy treats Blacks as though they are incapable of acting responsibly.”

            And again, that is on your racist spin on Democratic policies aimed at helping ALL the poor, ill-housed, ill-fed, ill-educated, without medical care and otherwise disadvantaged by our broken devil-take-the-hindmost form of capitalism.

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          3. Capitalism is the only form of economic organization that produces enough wealth for all to be satisfied. It only requires that people act responsibly.


          4. “Capitalism is the only form of economic organization that produces enough wealth for all to be satisfied. It only requires that people act responsibly.”

            So, countries with single payer health care systems are not “capitalist?” Or countries that allocate access to higher education based on capability rather than on wealth are not “capitalist?” Countries that require employers to provide family leave when a child is born are not “capitalist?”

            There are a lot of very successful capitalist countries that have all of those features. And more. And in those countries people live longer, healthier, more prosperous, more satisfying lives than they do in our broken capitalist system. But please, carry on with your mantra.

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        2. Conservatives owned slaves and then legalized “lowered expectations” until liberals finally passed Civil Rights legislation a few decades ago.

          Then conservatives fought every step of the way to keep jobs, housing, education and political access away from Blacks until court battles tempered the overt racism. White flight and private schools told the Black citizens we had to tolerate them as Americans, but not accept them as our equals, never mind neighbors.

          You don’t think that wears on people after a while…like four centuries, give/take a few decades, up until modern times.

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          1. You apparently do not understand the soft bigotry of lowered expectations.

            The racists who tried to hold Blacks down at least respected them enough to fear competing with them,

            Modern Democrats disrespect Blacks by treating them like children who can’t take care of themselves and who must be propped up by their benevolent patrons.

            Irresponsible pregnancies and feral violence are excused as though they just can’t help themselves and they must be protected from the consequences of their actions.


          2. “Irresponsible pregnancies and feral violence are excused . . . blah blah blah”

            No, they are not.

            Democrats seek equal justice for all. You translate that into “feral violence” excused. Why? Because you really believe that the never ending unequal justice meted out is deserved.

            Democrats want to end forced pregnancy. You translate that into irresponsible sexual behavior by black women.

            Who is the effing racist around here? It isn’t me. It isn’t Len. It isn’t Adam. It isn’t Lois. Here is a hint. Maybe it is people who think Birtherism isn’t racist and that the black policeman protecting the Congress from a drooling mob of criminals should be charged with murder. Or maybe the people who think the bloodthirsty twerp killing people at a BLM protest is some sort of hero.

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          3. Bullshit

            You excuse irresponsible pregnancy every time you advocate abortion on demand.

            Birth control is readily available. There is no excuse for millions of unplanned pregnancies every year.

            Other than rape, there is no such thing as forced pregnancy. That’s just your chosen excuse for baby murder.

            No problem with feral violence?

            That teacher took away is Nintendo Switch because he wouldn’t stop playing it in class.

            But you excuse all of that. Every day. Someone mistreated his great great grandfather so we can’t prosecute that kind of violence. Usually can’t even expell them from school.


          4. “Bullshit”

            Back at you.

            I have not excused any behavior of any kind. That is coming from your own sick mind. And your logic is pathetic. Your evidence of “feral violence” is one anecdote. And you make up the “fact” that somehow I have no problem with it.

            No such thing as “forced pregnancy?”
            Except in states that block termination or an unwanted pregnancy. That is a “forced pregnancy” Duh!

            And, BTW, according to recent compilation by the CDC there are less than 700K abortions in this country annually – not the “millions” of your fevered imagination.


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          5. “You don’t like that anecdote”

            Nor do I approve or make excuses for this maniac. I am not sure what in you stable genius mind you think you are proving with anecdotes like this. Bad things happen.

            We have seen the evidence – a preponderance of recent mass public shootings are the work of “conservatives” of various sorts. Rather than face that truth you try to change definitions and make accusations. But even so, have I, or Adam, or Len, or Lois tried to accuse you of approving of that violence? I don’t think so.

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          6. This is a reply both to your post and Len’s that precedes it.

            I have a problem with lumping Blacks into a single group.

            Though there is some overlap, I see three subcultures.

            First, are people like you and me who just happen to have darker skin. They work for a living, marry, and raise their kids, who are on the same baseball teams as my grandchildren. I see them on the river and exchange fishing information, and for 40 years, they made up the bulk of my patient base.

            Second, there is a group which is obsessed with politics and racism. They would be welcome in the first group if they would just shake the chip off their shoulders and be happy to be Americans, Their biggest burden is an obsession with evil done decades, even centuries before they were born. The past is to be learned from, not wallowed in.

            But worst of all is a nihilistic culture of feral young men, and increasingly women, who are lawless, driven by hate, and place no value on life.

            They are the ones on the daily videos of smash and grab robberies, beating Asians on sight, pushing white women in front of trains, stabbing Jews, and slaughtering each other over territory and perceived slights.

            So, I don’t like the term “the Blacks”

            The first group are my fellow Americans, the second group needs to be reassured that whatever happened in the past, they are welcome to let down their guard and join us,

            The feral nihilists are another matter. Can they be rehabilitated, or is incarceration the only answer? But they cannot be tolerated because they are dangerous, and hateful, and we must take great care not to paint the first two groups with that danger and hate.


          7. “This is a reply both to your post and Len’s that precedes it”

            I know you are trying, but you are just digging that hole deeper. As many sub-cultures that you want to define among African-Americans, there are just as many or more among white people. And some of them are just as bad or worse than your so-called “nihilist” sub-culture.

            I hate to break it to you but your expressed dislike of the second group – those who are active in politics and fighting racism – is racist. There IS systemic racism in our country. It ought to stop. But your response to people fighting it is . . . Get that chip off your shoulder if you want to be accepted as a real American. Really?

            As for your third group, violent nihilistic criminals are bad. Period. The apparent idea that violent nihilist criminals are a uniquely black thing or that there are enough of such people to define a sub-culture is racist as well.

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          8. Uniquely Black? Maybe not, but certainly disproportionately absolutely. Willful blindness does not change that. and the problem cannot be solved if you refuse to see it.


          9. “Uniquely Black? Maybe not, but certainly disproportionately absolutely.”

            So, first you define a category of horrible people. You claim such horrible people constitutes a significant sub-culture of black people. Now, without any evidence you claim that it is disproportionately a black people problem and that therefore your bigotry has a rational basis? Have I got that right?

            Assuming that you are correct about that disproportion, could it be that decades of systemic racism in the justice system is the caue of that disportionalit that you postulate? The incarceration rate of black people is out of all proportion to their crimes. Jail leads to nihilism and violence. Can we consider that as the problem? Obviously not. That is CRT. Too bad. Because “willful blindness does not change that and the problem cannot be solved if you refuse to see it.”

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          10. How predictable

            You recently denied excusing cultural dysfunction among Blacks, and then write a whole paragraph doing exactly that.

            There is no excuse for pushing an old lady in front of a train or looting a store or beating a child unconscious.



          11. “You recently denied excusing cultural dysfunction among Blacks, and then write a whole paragraph doing exactly that.”

            Explaining the cause of a phenomenon is not excusing it. Duh! What a doctrinaire dimwit you are.

            If you do not like the hypothesis of systemic oppression and massive incarceration as an explanation of the disproportionality in nihilistic violence that you postulate, then what is your hypothesis – that black people are inherently more violent, maybe?

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          12. My hypothesis?

            The destruction of the family by making Uncle Sam an alternative to a husband has resulted in 72% of Black babies being born into a single parent matriarchal family structure, the most consistent cause of incarceration.


          13. “My hypothesis?”

            I figured you would go there and I also figured you would ignore the fact that it is difficult to have a two-parent family when men have been taken out of the equation by mass incarceration.

            There have always been more white recipients of government aid than black. Funny, how white people are immune to the damage done by getting basic economic aid. We must be really special.

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          14. Oh, the trusty black friend argument again. What, could you not find words of supportive wisdom from Thomas Sowell as well?

            I know this argument you have shared it many times. It is baloney. The author ignores the difference between life in the rural agrarian south with family supporting and feeding systems with life in industrial cities with none. It is intellectual garbage. And it fails to address why white people were not harmed by LBJ in the same way. The answer to that is crystal clear. White people did not face systemic racism at every turn. Black people did.

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          15. I chose Sowell and Williams for these topics because they are free to write about race in a way that White academics are not.

            White people were harmed by the Great Society, though to a lesser degree, because they were not additionally hampered by the soft bigotry of lowered expectations. Being on welfare still holds a degree of social shame for White girls not faced by Black girls.


          16. “I chose Sowell and Williams for these topics because they are free to write about race in a way that White academics are not.”

            No, you choose to quote their opinions because they are black AND they agree with you. For either of them I could offer the opinions of hundreds of black academics – who are also free to write about race – and who do not buy this malarkey. About 300 of them helped prepare the College Board Black History AP course which is too “divisive” for the likes of DeSantis or Youngkin.

            The real problem for black people has been racism – personal, persistent, and systemic – and not federal programs that help all the poor. Almost everyone who studies history – black and white – agrees. Except for the ones you cherry-pick.

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          17. “ There is no excuse for pushing an old lady in front of a train or looting a store or beating a child unconscious.”

            Or shooting up people in rural Arkansas. Or slaughtering shoppers at a Super Market in Buffalo, worshippers at a church or synagogue or mosque…none.

            So we have established a point of agreement. Race is not a determinate factor for violence.
            Excepting, of course, as victims.

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          18. “… here is a group which is obsessed with politics and racism. They would be welcome in the first group if they would just shake the chip off their shoulders and be happy to be Americans…”

            They are happy to be Americans. There is a nasty subculture in MAGA that wishes they weren’t.

            These are the children and grandchildren of those who suffered under legal and de facto apartheid, who are also still alive in many instances. What do you think they learned from their elders?

            You cannot forget the Civil War. War of Northern Aggression, if you will. Many cannot even accept the fact that the Confederate flag was taken from the statehouse in South Carolina. Even though it took a racial massacre in a church to initiate the removal. You don’t even know your ancestors who may have fought for the South, but for a century or more the history taught was that slavery was not even an issue for secession. The Lost Cause.

            So now it is out in the open. History is being challenged. And you don’t like it.

            We are a country of activists. We challenge authority at every turn. You even arm yourself to the teeth in case a future Democrat won’t concede an election, precedence or no precedence. This is American culture. So if minorities start to activate some social protests to resolve racial inequities, suddenly it is all about “buck up buttercup and be happy with what we gave you in 1965”.

            Well, we still have racial inequities. Healthcare, education, housing, incomes, lifespan and even maternal mortality are wanting. And this is not among some aberrant group of illegals who showed up recently. This is among Americans. Americans who have been here longer than most and worked for free to build our nation. Americans who fought for your freedom, built businesses, paid taxes, but were denied loans, effectively red lined, and were incarcerated for huge amounts of time for the same crimes as Whites who were treated much more leniently.

            Ignoring, dismissing or blocking the study of history through the eyes of those who lived on the receiving end of racial hatred at worst or acceptance via knowing the proper place in society, is just fingers in ears singing la…la…la while voting to ban open academic discussions.

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          19. If he is a “bright young Black student”, there is no reason he can’t graduate from Harvard.
            The top schools are not necessarily harder to stay in as much as they are much harder to get into. Harvard accepts about 3.5%. I don’t know how many are legacy or donor children, but if they can graduate, I am sure any bright student can given the opportunity. Most political and corporate power along with wealth come from Ivy League and a small coterie of to schools. Not just education, but connections that go back decades.

            Now, that does not mean success needs a top university. But in the realm of reality, those contacts and connections will bypass the lesser school graduates.

            When an ethnic minority is kept outside the loop for a long time, catch up is difficult for most, if not impossible.

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          20. The Ivy League schools are claimed to be more demanding, as Sowell said.

            BTW, Hampton U is a damned good school. I’ve gone there to represent the LP several times in debates, and I found the students there to be outstanding, respectful and courteous. I’d rate the school and the students ahead of ODU and VCU.


          21. “The Ivy League schools are claimed to be more demanding, as Sowell said.”

            I went to two Ivy League schools – Dartmouth (Undergrad) and Harvard (Grad). I can testify that – once you are in – you have to work very, very hard at failing. The “Gentleman’s C” is a real thing.

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          22. “All the more reason for Black students to take their business elsewhere.”

            They will get further in life with a Harvard degree than almost any other. What they learn at Harvard or anywhere else is a direct function of the effort they make to learn while they are there.

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          23. Why?

            If once you’re in, they’ll drag you to the finish line, and getting in is separated from merit by woke admissions, why would an employer place any value on an Ivy League degree?

            Maybe it meant something in the past, but employers are rational.


          24. “Why?”

            Because, in spite of your white victimhood beliefs, getting into those Ivy League requires you to be exceptionally talented and hard-working no matter what your race. Unless you are a “legacy,” very few of whom are not white and none of whom need to worry about money – ever.

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          25. I believe the big advantages to degrees from Harvard or another few top tier schools are the contacts and connections among previous graduates in the business world. Sure talent and academic success still count, but having a degree from Harvard will bring you into the fold of a pretty exclusive “club”. And that membership can open a lot of doors.

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          26. Crude, but apropos corollary to that classic:

            It’s not what you know, but who you blow. 🫢
            The old one way loyalty track plays well among some folks.

            But I digress.

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          27. I fully understand what you have
            said. I disagree. Blacks are not the only people receiving assistance or killing folks. They are not even the majority.

            But they are the only ones who were treated as children with no
            legal rights for centuries up until 1965. The poor Whites receiving aid have no excuse if we follow your logic.

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          28. I do not excuse anyone of any race who remains on public assistance more than a year unless they have a true disability.

            But OK, let’s excuse Black people who were adults in 1965.


          29. No excuses needed. But if you are looking to do so, you have to include the children and grand children of the 1965 adults. They were taught, rightfully so, to not trust Whites and to keep their place. A matter of survival, then a cause for outrage as laws were changed and protests were not as lethal.

            Just like generations of Whites were taught that the Blacks were dangerous, inferior and disrupting to the order. That lingers on today, though muted and filtered until recently.

            It may be that early handling of welfare created issues and should have been handled better. Yet, that does not account for the continuing segregation of Blacks today. White flight from cities and schools, housing covenants, red lining tacit and real, past union discrimination, school financing, incarceration rates…really?

            Why are we still wary of Blacks? Well, for one they are easily identifiable. As opposed to other immigrants who blend in after a few generations. Bluntly, if you are going to scapegoat, then making physical characteristics critical simplifies things. Next, there are “uppity” movements like BLM, kneeling protests, concerns for healthcare disparities, voting re-regulations opposition…disruptions to the old, nostalgic order of Ozzie and Harriet.

            Saying it is the Blacks’ fault, LBJ’s fault, Democrats’ in general fault, are ignoring the elephant sitting on the coffee table: we still have not reconciled our racial history.

            And the truly sad part is that Republicans are running on the fear of history being examined.

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    2. “homophobic Isis follower, hardly an example of the American right.”

      I beg to differ. Homophobia is a right wing thing as is hoping for the failure, even the destruction of America. Just read and understand the postings of your fellow “conservatives” on this forum if you have any doubt.

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      1. The Libertarian Party of Virginia was the first not specifically gay organization to join Equality Virginia to oppose the Defense of Marriage Act. Neither the VA GOP nor the VA Democratic party joined. The Defense of Marriage act was passed by a bipartisan supermajority.

        Don’t confuse theocracy with conservatism. There are districts in VA where neither party can buck the churches


        1. “Don’t confuse theocracy with conservatism”

          I am not confused. I generally try to use quotes when I use the word conservative to refer to you people. You “conservatives” display a dog’s breakfast of beliefs that have nothing to do with being an actual conservative. And I accept that many elements in the breakfast are contradictory. But, you have one thing in common – drooling hatred.

          You may not think of yourself as a theocrat but you join in with them on their “grooming” bullshit and forced pregnancy agenda so it is now a distinction without much of a difference. IMHO.

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          1. You are projecting again.

            I am not opposed to gay people enjoying their lives, but along with the majority of the gay community, I am opposed to involving children with any kind of adult sexuality.

            And my opposition to abortion after a fetus has become self-aware is not based on any religious belief. Society exists to protect rights, especially the rights of those who cannot defend themselves.

            You are ruled by irrational beliefs, like catastrophic climate change and “fairness” as a pretense for robbery, I am not, I have reasons for my beliefs


          2. “You are projecting again.”

            Hardly. You are just incapable of accepting the truth.

            NOBODY is on favor of sexually exploiting children. That is exactly the kind of bullshit that you share with your theocrat buddies. The same ones whose priests, and ministers, and choir directors are the real threat to children.

            You can tap dance all day long, but forced pregnancy is an evil that cannot be tolerated no matter how many of you people agree that women are second class citizens whose bodies are the property of the state.

            There is nothing “irrational” about concern for the effects human beings are having on the climate. The irrational are their ones with their heads in the sand cherry-picking the evidence to confirm their preferred beliefs.

            And taxation is not robbery. As always, you demonstrate just how selfish and childish many of you “conservatives” really are.

            All IMHO of course.

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    3. “… homophobic Isis follower, hardly an example of the American right.”

      ISIS is an extremely conservative movement. Like our own Christian Supremacists/ Nationalists the demand strict adherence to their Prophet and Holy Screed.

      We have plenty of folks who advocate Biblical law as the law of our nation. They are not liberal by any stretch.

      Despite our phobia for Islam, the religion has the same Abrahamic roots and a similar book of rules, prayers and historical justifications.

      Conservatives own radical Islam, Hindu, Christian and other sects that want to control our lives.

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      1. I know a lot of conservatives. I know maybe 2 who are not committed to the separation of church and state.

        Islam is in no way comparable to any Christian or Jewish sect in the US. In areas ISIS controls, homosexuals are executed.

        Attempting to draw parallels with conservatives says more about your own hate than anyone else’s


    4. Actually, the Pulse massacre was in 2016. The Colorado nightclub was last year. That shooter had White Supremacy screeds on his computer from other sites.

      But nuts or not, homophobia or Islamic extremism are refuges for conservatism, not liberalism.

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      1. Then why was the Libertarian Party the first non-gay group to join Equality Virginia, and why did the Democratic party never join?

        Both major parties are cowards when the radical preachers start thumping the Bibles. But even the worst of our fundamentalists don’t throw gay men and women off buildings.

        There is no sane comparison between Islam and Christian conservatives.

        BTW, the ADL article refers to the Pulse massacre, the Axios article conflates it with Colorado


        1. Conservative is conservative. Dominionist Christians would create a theocracy and that is not a liberal idea. If you see any difference between Christian Nationalism at its core and any other extreme religious conservatives it would be hard to find.

          Theocracy is theocracy. How you name God is immaterial. So long as those adherents can use Him to justify an autocracy they are all the same except in details of how and when to kneel.

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          1. I have been a libertarian all my life, even before I knew the term.

            Actually, I have rejoined the party. I was contacted by members of the Mises Caucus which has overturned the leadership that had led the party astray.

            The party still has some internal problems but it is back on the right track.


          2. Interesting how you announced your leaving the Party HERE by posting a copy of the letter you sent. Yet you did not announce your return because Mises called and begged you to come back.

            Shame? Or you ever really left?


  2. I’m sure you’ve convinced yourself it’s the left that’s racist. I know a black President who would disagree.

    I also know a bunch of Republican legislators who don’t gerrymander as if they think black people vote for them. Those are the same people who close polling places in black neighborhoods. They really are hoping black people aren’t smart or motivated enough to get picture IDs to vote. They also accuse black poll workers of stealing their votes. And if they rile up the white supremacists enough to endanger the lives of those poll workers, it won’t bother them one bit.

    In my mind, hard bigotry that threatens democracy and endangers people’s lives is the worst kind of all.

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  3. RE: “For those who claim to be looking for solutions to mass shootings, here’s a good place to start.”

    Not really. A person would have to be ignorant or hysterical to take the Axios article seriously. Two obvious problems stand out: sample size and ideological definition.


  4. You want more proof that right-wing ideology is responsible for mass shootings? Here’s a Reuters take on the problem: https://www.reuters.com/world/us/white-supremacists-behind-over-80-extremism-related-us-murders-2022-2023-02-23/

    But if you want an in-your-face, real-life example, of right-wing hate, check out this guy. He’s a willie whisker away from picking up his gun. He’s not going to give the government any more of his CENSORED money to send to CENSORED other countries to fight their CENSORED wars. The government of the United States of America needs to be “hung!” Sound familiar? Sound like a guy who might march on the Capitol shouting to hang the Vice President? Where could all this violence be coming from I wonder??

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  5. From Don: “Actually, I have rejoined the party. I was contacted by members of the Mises Caucus which has overturned the leadership that had led the party astray. The party still has some internal problems but it is back on the right track.”

    I had never heard of the “Mises Caucus” so I Googled it. Here’s what I found:

    “In June 2021, the Mises-controlled New Hampshire affiliate made controversial tweets calling for “legalizing child labor”, repealing the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and re-opening Gitmo “so that Anthony Fauci and every governor that locked their state down can be sent there”.”

    • Legalizing child labor
    • Repealing the Civil Rights Act of 1964
    • Re-opening Gitmo so that Dr. Fauci and governors you don’t like can be sent there

    Also: “The Mises Caucus has been highly controversial within and outside the Libertarian Party.[7][13] The caucus has been accused of harboring racists,[13] anti-semites,[38] and transphobes.[13][29] ”

    • harboring racists
    • anti-semites
    • transphobes

    And then: “The SPLC also claimed Caucus chair and founder Michael Heise took donations from Patrick M. Byrne and endorsed Daryl Brooks for Governor of Pennsylvania.[42] Both Byrne and Brooks promoted the alleged conspiracy theory that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump.[43][44]”

    • taking donations from election deniers

    And the Mises Caucus is the reason you returned to the Libertarian Party, Don? Really?? I think you just told me everything I need to know about your politics. You can’t recognize an f’ing Nazi because you are standing too close!

    I won’t be bothering you with anymore political arguments. I’m outta here!

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