Not to be outdone . . .

By the race-pandering governor of Florida, wannabe GOP Presidential nominee Governor Glen Youngkin has decided that Virginia needs to review the College Board AP African-American History course to be sure it does not include “divisive concepts.” God forbid that a college level course should cover “divisive concepts!”

Let’s agree that our governor is a savvy politician who knows what he must do to advance his career within the MAGA-Republican party. That he jumps on this particular bandwagon says as much about the state of the GOP as it does about Youngkin.

7 thoughts on “Not to be outdone . . .

  1. It seems that for many, history of America is best described in Confederate monuments than by what the Confederacy was fighting to preserve

    “Fergit Hell” bumper stickers are only applicable to certain “approved” histories. Never mind that we might finally study the impact of slavery and its resultant apartheid in the US on today’s racial problems.

    The very fact that we needed to pass laws and enforce them with troops to even legalize full citizenship for 15% of Americans tells us that the culture was racist. And that doesn’t disappear just because the law dictates equal treatment.

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    1. I’m going to guess that Youngkin’s experts will have problems with the same parts of section 4 as Florida does. And I agree they are out of line in a required high school history course but with proper context, OK in a voluntary AP course.


      1. …” Youngkin’s experts”…

        The same experts that tried to change the way history was going to be taught after a 7 year review based on 1 month of review of the proposal?

        I don’t put much stock in Youngkin’s experts on education.


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