Veterans Affairs Employee Captured on Video Body-Slamming Vietnam Vet

Okay, I just need to vent here. I don’t expect anything to be done. Nothing is ever done. I was a victim of “military medicine” for 20 years so I speak from experience.

But this is outrageous! A 73-year old Vietnam veteran went to the VA to discuss a hernia operation. While sitting in the waiting room (probably for hours) he had to go to the bathroom. He knocked on the door to let the “patient advocate” know he would be in the bathroom — on the off chance he might be called while he was gone. The SOB at the door starts off by jabbing his finger in the man’s face. Then, he pushes this 73-year old man, who looks to be much smaller than him, into a corner, chokes him with both hands, throws him across a chair, and kicks him in the head while he’s lying on the floor. Then he leaves the room, leaving the unconscious man on the floor. And the CENSORED still has his job!!! He should not only be fired, he should be in jail for assault and battery!

This is unacceptable! This will not stand! These are my guys! They went through hell in Nam for nothing, only to come home and get spit on for having done what their government demanded they do. The names of a lot of my graduating class are on that wall in D.C. The ones who made it home deserve better than this!

Okay, rant over. Resume normal discord.

Still have heard only one cricket

I’m surprised only one person has suggested a candidate for 2024 in case Trump doesn’t run. So far, there is only one “cautionary” vote for DeSantis. Is nobody considering Youngkin? If not, why not. He has supported the Big Lie, but he has done it quietly enough to have kept out of the fray. He’s new enough that he doesn’t come with a lot of the baggage a candidate like Cruz or Christie might have. Why not Glenn?

First Question

I have an honest question for the Trump fans here.

What do you like about him? I can find nothing… absolutely nothing… not one good thing. And I don’t like that. Everyone has some good points. What am I missing? Please try to explain it to me without using references to Biden, or Obama, or Hillary, or anybody else you don’t like. Convince me Trump has some good points.

Also, if Trump does not run in 2024, who would you like to see as the nominee for the Republican Party for President?