The Gay World War? Inside Putin’s warped reality

Here, John. I’ll save you the trouble of posting Putin’s next level of propaganda. Here’s what’s getting preached to the Russian people:

“It’s not against Ukraine the Russian army is fighting. It’s against a New World Order of Bilderberg and Davos elites trying to genetically engineer a subservient humanity with gay marriages in the West and killer viruses in the rest of the world. With Rockefellers, Dulles brothers and WHO thrown into the mix.”

“We didn’t invade Ukraine for a political land grab! We did it to save the world, you ungrateful morons!”

It is QAnon on steroids.

And, speaking of QAnon, here’s your too-invincible-to-loose Russian military:

Russia has one aircraft carrier. And it’s on fine… again.

25 thoughts on “The Gay World War? Inside Putin’s warped reality

          1. “You’re projecting again.”

            You are in denial again. For example, you have made it clear that a woman’s most basic human rights are up for a vote and that is okay based on, say, the “culture” in Alabama. Now you excuse Russia gay bashing as just a product of their “culture.” So, when the Taliban forbid women to attend universities that is just their “culture” and without ANY commitment to basic human rights, you have no basis to criticize them. So, no. Not projecting. Just following where your values and logic lead.

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          2. Again, observing what is true in a culture is not approval. But if you seek to understand why Putin has the support of his people you have to see their culture as it is,


  1. Seriously, we need some other word besides “conservative.” Eisenhower was conservative. Today, Republicans would call Ike a libtard. No, conservative is way too kind of a word to describe mean-spirited, selfish, willfully-blind-to-reality people. I’d suggest “Trumptards,” but that wouldn’t be accurate either. Trump didn’t start the process, he merely capitalized on it. It’s a cult of soulless zombies. It deserves a unique name all its own.

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  2. Good for Russia. At least somebody sees the source of over 70% of all new AIDS cases and over 95% of all new monkey pox cases as a public health hazard, if you believe CDC statistics of course.


      1. Relax, I put just as much stock in what the opinion article presented as I do in what an opinion writer for The Hill presents. You figure it out.


  3. I posted this article because it is foretelling Russia’s next excuse for invading Ukraine. The lie: “we’re trying to save the world from Nazis,” didn’t work. So next they’ll try: “We’re trying to save the world from gays!”

    They’re trying to find a group to blame for their own evil doings, just like Hitler did.

    Judging from some of the responses here, it shouldn’t be hard. Already I’m seeing: “You hate gay people just like I do, so go ahead and invade Ukraine! They haven’t outlawed being gay so they have it coming!”

    Sieg Heil, suckers!

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  4. RE: “Here’s what’s getting preached to the Russian people…”

    For a librarian you are demonstrably incompetent, Ms. Radford. Your quotation was written by an American publication for an American audience. It does NOT represent anything being “preached to the Russian people.”

    If you want to show us what Russian leaders are telling their people, try quoting Russian or pro-Russian sources. The only difficulty you will face is that idiots here will accuse you of being a “Putin lover.” But at least you will be telling the truth about Russian thinking.


    1. As a Putin lover you should be aware that Putin has just this month signed into law serious new restrictions on the basic rights of gay people.

      You can quibble with Lois because she posted an American reaction to Putin’s gay-bashing – that is what idiots do – but the essential fact of the crack down are there for anyone to see.

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  5. I’m sorry Mr. Roberts, I didn’t realize you spoke Russian. (Although I should have guessed that.) Next time, I’ll post something from Правда.Ру. You seem to be an expert on what the Russians are hearing. You certainly know a lot of Russian sources.

    At least now I know I won’t be seeing any posts from you about how Russia is saving the world from gay people by bombing Ukraine. So there’s that little benefit.

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    1. RE: “You seem to be an expert on what the Russians are hearing.”

      Not at all. It would be more accurate to say I like to call bullshit on idiot Americans who run their mouths without knowing what they are talking about.

      RE: “You certainly know a lot of Russian sources.”

      Name a Russian source I have quoted here in the Forum. Bet you can’t: You are just running your mouth the way idiots do.


      1. “It would be more accurate to say I like to call bullshit on idiot Americans who run their mouths without knowing what they are talking about.”

        But why do you never call yourself out for the pro-Putin propaganda BULLSHIT you post here regularly? Or are you so high and mighty and the smartest man in the room so you can’t EVER be wrong?

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  6. Once again I stand corrected. You don’t know diddly-squat about what Russians are hearing and you certainly don’t know diddly squat about Russian sources.

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    1. But he does. He is the smartest man in the room. Justs ask him. He makes it clear every day that he knows more than anyone else on this forum and none of the information we “idiots” post is accurate.

      His panties are so wadded up these days, his brain is blocked. That happens when one suffers from terminal rectal-cranial inversion.

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