24 thoughts on “‘Critically ill’ Putin falls down stairs and ‘soils himself’

    1. RE: “Here’s a short list.”

      All of your links are based on a single source: A social media account called “General SVR” hosted on Telegram. In other words, your multiple sources don’t represent independent confirmation of the rumor you are spreading, but just duplicates of the same story.


      1. Like I told Bob, don’t fret over the fact that dozens of global news outlets chose to report on the “speculation” that Putin is dying. I’m sure he’s just fine. Your dear and glorious leader will be joining the victory march into Kiev any day now. And, even if he doesn’t, you can tell yourself he did.

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  1. All of these include the operative words “rumor”, “speculation”, “claims links to body guards”, etc from some Russian news(?) source Channel General SVR. Now that’s a hoot that you would put any stock in it.


  2. Don’t get your feathers in a ruffle just because dozens of news sources around the globe choose to report on the “speculation” that Putin may be dying. I’m sure he’s just fine.

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    1. Plans for transfer of power? Your speculation is based on what you know about our country, not Russia.

      How often in Russian history has power transferred peacefully? Putin is a Soviet holdover. We used to have geopolitical specialists poring over photos of Kremlin rallies to see who stood where, how close to the premier or even missing totally.

      We debate as to whether some legislation is constitutional and how the courts will rule. In a dictatorship there is no debate. We even tried a violent attempt to overturn an election and survived that by a painstaking adherence to the Rule of Law and the slow march of justice while still maintaining our freedoms.

      Putin has killed or imprisoned opposition politicians and critics. If he falters, I doubt he has many supporters willing to protect him. Russian politics is a matter of survival…literally.

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  3. Maybe it is speculation. Maybe it isn’t. But, those multiple news sources around the world believe it’s important enough to report. Maybe they all work for Biden. Maybe they all just love democracy and are happy at the thought it might be true. Sorry if the thought devastates you.

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  4. I have no doubt that plans for a transfer of power have been made… whether Putin is ill or not. And I find that to be of little comfort. Putin is evil, but he’s not stupid. There are those in his chain of command who are stupid enough to use the nuclear option.

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      1. That prayer wouldn’t be sincere. I don’t want him to die. But the thought of him “falling down and soiling himself” does conjure hopes he will do the same thing with the Russian army.

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    1. “The Ukrainian government will draw up a law banning churches affiliated with Russia under moves described by President Volodymyr Zelenskiy as necessary to prevent Moscow being able to “weaken Ukraine from within.”


      It’s no secret Patriarch Kirill, of the Russian Orthodox Church, has been egging Putin on to invade and destroy Ukraine.


      Putin has been using religion the same way Hitler and Trump used religion to justify evil and enlarge their own power. Banning such a “religion” does not make a person a bad guy.

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      1. Odd, in this country, and all through Europe, churches are allowed to speak.

        Zelensky has outlawed political parties, news organizations, and now the church because they countered his propaganda.

        He is no better than Putin.

        No good guys.


        1. In WWII, did we let Hitler’s minions control the press? Hell, we locked up loyal Japanese Americans for fear they might be a danger. When your country has been invaded by enemies, you do not give those enemies a microphone. You do not give them sanctuary in churches that are your sworn enemy.

          Not a bad guy.

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        2. Remember “loose lips sink ships”? Censorship in war is not only common, but often necessary. We had that during the last war that actually threatened us. Ukraine has been invaded. I see no reason to criticize Zelensky for trying to dampen propaganda from the invader.

          We have no clue what it is like to have the enemy within our borders and shelling us daily. If the right wants a civil war, that would be close. And you better believe that houses of worship would not fare well if one side or the other decided they were a hot bed of propaganda and support for the enemy.

          I kind of get the impression you have little idea of what war does to people.

          Of course, your biggest beef with Zelensky is that he doesn’t dress in a suit and tie. Now there is a “tell”, IMO.

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          1. So, a church urging peace negotiations instead of continued killing is propaganda?

            I thought that was what churches do.

            Your excuses for Zelensky are getting patheric.


          2. Urging peace, or urging capitulation?

            Make sure you get the answer right. With facts, not your usual speculative reasoning which tends to be 180 degrees from accuracy.


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