Seriously, I do not know if this is a joke or not

Yesterday, Donald Trump said he would be making a “big announcement” today. People speculated everything from announcing a running mate to announcing a new book. But nobody… absolutely nobody, expected this!

Better hurry and send him your $99! Those trading cards will be “gone soon.”

12 thoughts on “Seriously, I do not know if this is a joke or not

  1. Shoot, Paula White, the evangelical advisor to a recent president, only wanted $91 to fund a hospital for the spiritually sick. This was during the height of the pandemic. A great opportunity raise cash from the faithful and worried.

    Whatever happened to the admonition about false prophets?

    Where is the cross in the SuperTrump photo? Maybe the “T” on his chest? He is wrapped in a flag, though.

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  2. It’s pretty bad when you have to check snopes to see if a former President’s grand announcement is real or a sick joke. I’m reading now that Melania had done something similar when they first moved into the White House. I guess that story got overshadowed by all the insanity coming from her husband at the time. But, if this grand announcement gets panned for the absurdity it is, you can bet money it will all be Melania’s fault. “Trump had no idea what she was doing.”

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    1. These are not even real cards. They are digital and, somehow, a “limited” supply. Some sort of NFT company has licensed the Trump name with permission of course.

      Purchase, and you get entered into a sweepstakes with the prize an audience with Trump.

      Didn’t he do some kind of a drawing for donors over a certain amount? And he never paid it off, or did when a stink was raised.

      PT is so proud.

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  3. “.con” ?? I love it!

    Schools get their own .edu domains. Government sites get .gov. Businesses get .com. Trump has his own empire and .con is perfect for everything he does. Maybe he and Musk can get together and work out a way to give international mafias their own domain names.

    He may think he’s better than Washington and Lincoln, but the real question is… does he think he’s better than Putin??

    I’d go to his site and look around but it’s too near suppertime and my stomach isn’t up to it.

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