23 thoughts on “A non-issue?

    1. And when it does, are you going to rise in support of it or against it? It is not panic, it is preparedness.

      You have advocated for a 15 week basis. This goes against everything you have said previously.

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  1. HB 1395 says, in part:

    “Life begins at conception and each person is accorded the same rights and protections guaranteed to all persons by the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of Virginia, and the laws of the Commonwealth beginning at the moment of conception.”

    The full text is complex and may be flawed for all I know, but I agree in principle with the statement above. If ever we need legislative carve outs to protect women’s rights or to allow abortions in certain cases, we should make them in light of recognizing the personhood of the unborn.


    1. …” I agree in principle with the statement above”

      And EVERY Jewish woman who is pregnant with an unwanted/unintended pregnancy is effected by this potential law.

      Your agreement with it, whether or not based on your own religious beliefs, are not inclusive to EVERY woman who deserves the right to decide what is best for her and her family.

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        1. Once again YOUR understanding of Jewish teachings is wrong.

          The baby does not exist until it takes its first breath. Until that point in time, the mother has the right to do with her body as she sees fit. And if her life is jeopardized by the pregnancy she has every right to terminate.

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        2. RE: “Once again YOUR understanding of Jewish teachings is wrong.”

          No, it isn’t. The rabbinical essays I have read are quite clear. Judaism does not approve of abortion, but neither does it prohibit it. That a “baby does not exist until it takes its first breath” is not a license to abort the unborn child.


          1. “Judaism does not approve of abortion . . .”

            Uh, read your Old Testament. Abortion is not only allowed by God, it is required. It is the humane alternative to killing a suspected unfaithful wife.

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          2. You’re reading the wrong essays.

            What YOU think makes no difference. It should be the woman who decides. Not you. Not some arbitrary group of politicians. And not some Christian Nationalist who wants dominion over women.

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          3. “So what?”

            Well, since you are claiming to be an authority on teachings of Judaism I have referred you to a definitive source. But, as always, you know what you “know” and do not really want to know anything else.

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        3. “I don’t believe that ANY woman has a natural right to kill the life inside her womb. This is a secular belief”

          And, please share, why should your “secular belief” have the force of law while the “secular belief” of the woman directly involved and at risk should not?

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          1. RE: “And, please share, why should your “secular belief” have the force of law while the “secular belief” of the woman directly involved and at risk should not?”

            If you want to make the argument that there is a natural right to kill unborn life, be my guest. I have already suggested there are circumstances in which killing unborn life may be justified, but that is not the same as having a right to do so.


    2. Thanks for sharing. I am not surprised. I will not bother to challenge your extremist position about the status of women as second class citizens whose bodies are rightfully controlled by the state. You are not going to change your opinion and for that matter, neither am I.

      My point in the post was simply that this issue is not over as some of the people who gleefully support the Dobbs decision have claimed and it probably never will be. And, I would add that it is an issue that will continue to help Democrats at every level.

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  2. Other states are trying to control access to abortion information and medications.

    If we are going to ascribe personhood to a fertilized egg, then we should really vastly improve healthcare access for low income women in the red states.

    As it is, maternal mortality is 62% higher in red states with restricted access to abortion, and that was before the turning over of Roe.


    So let’s discuss some issues.

    It is no longer about the “shiftless, lazy, selfish, morally corrupt” woman anymore. It’s all about the egg, and the egg deserves quality care from day one. Don’t punish the egg for the sins of the parents.

    We might consider life insurance for the egg, payable in the cases of miscarriage or severe fetal abnormality.

    If the woman is homeless, an apartment should be made available. After all, forcing every pregnancy to birth and then denying the egg safe and nurturing environment before and after birth is cruel and expensive.

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  3. I hope I live long enough to hear the arguments that will begin when artificial wombs become commonplace. https://studyfinds.org/ectolife-artificial-womb-facility-lab-grown-babies/

    The egg and sperm are combined with no female body parts required. The parents can choose all sorts of physical and mental characteristics of the fetus. But I don’t expect designer babies will be cheap. What happens if the parents get a divorce before the fetus is born and refuse to pay the bill? Will the company be stuck for the money, or will they be able to pull the plug on the fetus?

    I want to hear the arguments for and against abortion when it is company profits at stake rather than a woman’s body.

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  4. 🎶Happy conception day to you🎵

    🎶Happy conception day to you🎵

    🎶Happy conception day dear egg🎵

    🎶Happy conception day to you🎵

    🎵How old are you now?🎵

    Uh, minus 9 months perhaps. 🙄

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  5. John, I don’t know what kind of rabbinical essays you have been reading, but I regularly dine with a Rabbi and his wife and he is the one who told me about Numbers 5:11-31, wherein God instructs Moses on how a Rabbi is to perform abortions in the temple. He is to give the woman “bitter waters” to drink that will bring on “the curse” (aka the menstrual cycle). I’d say God’s instructions to Moses trumps any “rabbinical essays” that may have been written.

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