Brilliant politician Ron DeSantis shows how thoroughly he understand the MAGA-Republican Party.

With Donald Trump faltering, Governor DeSantis is the putative front-runner for the next GOP Presidential nomination. Adding anti-vaxxers to the current “deplorables” coalition is undoubtedly a shrewd step for someone looking to win MAGA-Republican primaries.

Was there ever better evidence of a moribund party in collapse than this nonsense and abuse of prosecutorial power?

17 thoughts on “Quackery!

  1. DeSantis is one of a bunch of “Ivy League populists” (“Cancun” Cruz, “Runs with Fist” Hawley, “Bone Spurs” himself) who sell themselves as “one of us” to the MAGA fans.

    It seems to me that what used to be a criticism of Democrats and the Ivy League as elitists, is now a badge of honor for aspirational Republicans.

    So now the probable GOP candidate for president in 2024 is aligning with anti-vax folks to look tough. Outlawing abortion for low income Americans was not enough?

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  2. I will wait to see what he actually says and does rather than what the press says he wants.

    DeSantis has supported vaccination, but has opposed mandates, which is perfectly rational.

    But it would be a mistake to apply current knowledge to past decisions. For example, early on we believed that vaccination would prevent transmission. Now we know differently. So, requiring vaccines for certain jobs as a condition of employment made sense early on, but it does not now.

    But at what point in time did Pfizer and Moderna, the CDC, and the FDA learn that it did not prevent transmission? If it was known early on and the information withheld, that would be criminal.

    So, an investigation with subpoena powers might well be necessary to find out who knew, when, and why it was withheld.

    But care must be taken to evaluate decisions in the context of what was known AT THE TIME, and not what is known now.

    If it turns out that school closures, mask and vaccination mandates were ordered after it was known there was no scientific support for them, then indictments are called for.

    Public policy based on deception is criminal.


    1. I seem to recall that before vaccines, the object of lockdowns, masking and social distancing was to prevent overloading our hospitals. “Flattening the curve”.

      After vaccines were rolled out, I also recall that the caveat was that you could still get an infected, but the severity would be diminished enough to survive without being hospitalized. “Viral load” was a buzzword.

      In any case, hospitals, particularly pediatric ones, are overwhelmed in some parts of the country. COVID, RSV and influenza are adding to the problem. And adding fuel to this is the shortage of doctors and staff exacerbated by pandemic burnout.

      Entering a new surge complicated by other respiratory diseases would seem to create another overload for our healthcare system even if it were 100% functional, which it is obviously not. I think casting doubt, or confirming doubt, about the safety of vaccines is not going to help much unless there are serious issues we have not discovered in two years and billions of jabs worldwide.

      I find it hard to imagine that DeSantis is doing anything more that trying to boost his MAGA credentials. And we may pay the cost.

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      1. Entering a new respiratory disease flare-up and doing the same things that didn’t work the first time isn’t going to help either.

        The flu vaccine, BTW, does greatly reduce transmission.

        But we learned expensive lessons the first time around and we should make use of what we learned.


        1. And the healthcare “system” is overwhelmed or becoming so in many places.

          Honestly, the “anti-everything related to disease control” is its own energy source. We could come with irrefutable evidence that COVID vaccines, masking and distancing prevent or mitigate transmission and severity to a great degree and it wouldn’t make a bit of difference. (And we mostly have, BTW) The pandemic was politicized when face masks became a political party identifier.

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          1. The vaccines have great value in protecting those of us who are vulnerable due to an aging or damaged immune system.

            They are of much less value to young, healthy adults and are of NEGATIVE value to children due to Antigenic Original Sin.


    2. RE: “I will wait to see what he actually says and does rather than what the press says he wants.”

      Well put.

      The safety and efficacy of the Covid vaccines remain an open topic in terms of public health policy. If the CDC and vaccine manufacturers are witholding data, then I’m glad for any investigation that will produce it.


  3. “If it turns out that school closures, mask and vaccination mandates were ordered after it was known there was no scientific support for them . . . . criminal.”

    More “lock them up” from the party of wannabe fascists.

    There is ZERO chance that anything remotely approaching a crime can come out of contrarian science on the CDC guidance. That was the point of my post. It is pure pandering and it feeds the public health ignorance that continues to cost lives. And all for a little edge getting the nomination of the MAGA-Republican party.

    Despicable and disqualifying. We tried giving the Presidency to a shithead already. It did not go well.

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    1. RE: “There is ZERO chance that anything remotely approaching a crime can come out of contrarian science on the CDC guidance.”

      Bull. There is no such thing as “contrarian science” and the investigation at hand wouldn’t produce any. As your own source describes it, the investigatory goal is to obtain manufacturers’ data that the CDC/FDA have not released.


        1. No, I said that if contrary data were available to the decision makers and they chose to conceal it rather than change policy, that would call for indictments.

          Being wrong is not a crime.

          But concealing the truth to continue unsupported policy is.


          1. “But concealing the truth to continue unsupported policy is.”

            What crime is that? Cite? 😜

            The CDC gets conflicting scientific opinions all the time. Their job is to judge what is best for the public health of the country and guide accordingly. They may well have weighed some contrarian input or data and decided not to follow it.

            If DeSantis were serious and not grand standing for the deplorables, a FOIA request would be the proper approach – not prosecutors threatening to lock people up for doing their jobs.

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          2. But the CDC did not follow science on school closings, it submitted to the demands of the teacher’s unions and lied about scientific support for the policy.

            The NEA is not a medical research organzation, it ia a union.


          3. “But the CDC did not follow science on school closings, it submitted to the demands of the teacher’s unions and lied about scientific support for the policy.”

            Bullshit. Science says that where people gather in confined spaces the risk of transmission of tranmissable diseases increases. Period. You may think the risk is not important – neither you nor you child teaches in school everyday – but that does not mean the risk is not real.

            Go ahead and criticize their guidance if you think you could do better but to allege criminality is childish.

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  4. The Orlando Sentinel has always been a conservative paper. But here’s an excerpt from its latest editorial:

    “This is not an investigation, it’s a drama, and the script is already written, with a plot twist that recasts public-health heroes as villains and depicts DeSantis as a savior, outflanking his former mentor Donald Trump to the right. And it casts anyone who lines up behind him, up to and including the state’s Supreme Court, as supporting players who are eager to burn their own careers and credibility on the altar of his ambition. It’s an obvious second act to his successful campaign performance, rallying more gullible, COVID-weary people to his banner and boosting his bid to take his act to the national stage — with absolutely no regard to the wreckage he creates.

    Up until now, DeSantis has gotten nearly everything he demanded ― from lawmakers, from state officials (who either complied with his outrageous demands or quit) and from voters who have stuck with him through outrage after stage-managed outrage.

    But this is new ― more audacious than DeSantis has ever been. It’s bad. The implications for public health could resonate nationwide, and DeSantis would keep looking to weaponize tools like grand juries against his enemies. And it should change everything, starting with a firm “no” from the Supreme Court to this reckless, potentially deadly abuse of power.”

    Here’s a link to the article, but it’s paywalled: https://www.orlandosentinel.com/opinion/editorials/os-op-edit-desantis-grand-jury-20221215-o32fp2jzdbdtbdxlxighdq2hpu-story.html

    Apparently, not everyone in Florida is happy about having their health care workers cast as villains. And, they are right. It will gut whatever’s left of their health care system. Worker bees will only take the abuse for so long before they move on to other jobs in other places.

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