He trolled Greta Thunberg. Greatest self-own of the year.

Never pick a fight with a teenager on social media. You aren’t going to win.

If you haven’t seen this story on other sites, it’s worth a read.

Andrew Tate is a former kick boxer whose misogynistic comments got him banned from Twitter. Unfortunately for him, Elon Musk reinstated his account and one of the first things he did was to pick a fight with Greta Thunberg. When she cut him to ribbons, he replied with a video that included the image of a pizza box. That pizza box tipped off authorities as to where he was and they arrested his smart ass for a string of crimes. To which Greta replied: “This is what happens when you don’t recycle your pizza boxes,”

14 thoughts on “He trolled Greta Thunberg. Greatest self-own of the year.

  1. There are folks who mocked Thunberg because she was a young, enthusiastic environmentalist. Then we learned she might be autistic. Wow, then she became just an impetuous pain in the butt.

    Same logic applies to Zelensky who wears an olive drab T-shirt instead of a Saville Row suit like his opponents.

    Well, we have GOP politicians who wear only the best tailored suits and frankly, they ain’t worth the contents of a spittoon in a bar on payday. One even tried to overturn an election while dressed to the nines. Imagine that.

    It’s the Thunbergs and Zelenskys of the world we should admire. They will stand up for what they believe, fight for it and with luck, win.

    We need a lot more of them and fewer Putins, Xi’s, Kims, Trumps and other assorted wastrels from the stagnant ponds of human refuse.

    IMO, of course.

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    1. Admiration for Thunberg is tragic.

      Yes, she is passionate, but she has not demonstrated the least bit if understanding of the subject.

      Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church is passionate, does that mean we should admire him? How about KanYE West? Can’t get much more passionate than that. How about David Duke?

      They all inspire followers with their enthusiasm. But is charisma in the absence of wisdom and insight a good thing?


      1. Ah, yes, passion for principle.

        Our generation won’t be here when climate changes kick in. Greta’s will be. As boomers, we had it easy. Post WW2 economy, for Whites at least, was a fertile ground for wealth building in families, education, home ownership and this was the legacy we inherited.

        The younger folks today are less interested in things and more interested in quality of life and meaningful work. We might disagree and demand pain before pleasure, but it ain’t our world anymore. Octogenarians running our country are not acceptable to those whose very futures are at risk for a litany of reasons.

        So keep on slamming the Thunbergs, but in a very real sense, they are taking the conn and we might be best to relax, enjoy what we can before we return to stardust. The future belongs to those who will actually live it. And those folks are not interested in our furniture.

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        1. Sure, my grandchildren have a bigger stake in the future than I do. So?

          The nature of their world will be determined by the choices we make now. If we are guided by unfounded passion, their world will be one of poverty and war.

          So, why make heroes and leaders of the ignorant?


          1. “ The nature of their world will be determined by the choices we make now. If we are guided by unfounded passion, their world will be one of poverty and war.”

            We made a lot of choices as boomers that may not have been very good. And we are world of poverty and war now.

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  2. Strange, most of what you claim isn’t in the article and the pizza box story if false per the article.
    It figures you would hold some snot nosed teenybopper misandrist severely misinformed eco-terrorist brat in such high regard. Greta’s evil stare just sends chills up my spine..brrr…not..🤣🤣🤣


  3. Both Greta and Zelensky have proven their worth. The “assorted wastrels from the stagnant ponds of human refuse” who belittle them also prove their worth with every word they speak.

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    1. Learn to read your own links before extolling immature little punks who wallow in the same shared koooky leftwing cesspool.


  4. Greta Thunberg has made a lot of passionate statements about climate, but she has never made a single one that demonstrated she had the least idea of what she was talking about.


    1. You sound threatened by the comments of a 18/19 year old who has passion about her world. You show the same kind of passion when you talk about climate, guns, and the GOP with predictions of election victories.

      You afraid that by her bringing attention to the issue your demnialism will be proven inaccurate?

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          1. how has climate change affected our world?

            Compared with 1920-1940, we are better off in every category.

            Passion based on a flawed view of the world is very dangerous.

            The Spanish Inquisition was passionate, as were the Salem witch trials. Hard to get more passionate than the Third Reich.

            Passion, based on unreason, does a great deal of harm.


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