10 thoughts on “This political cartoon says it all nicely and clearly.

        1. You mean Mr. Smith’s definition?

          Funny how you THINK that to be true, but your “prestigious scholars” tend to be Christopher Rufo acolytes that provide “definitions” that are not in line with actual word usage, but just to “own the Libs”.


          1. RE: “You mean Mr. Smith’s definition?”

            Mr. Smith was correct when he wrote that woke “has been defined numerous times even in this forum.”

            Is that confusing to you?


      1. Just because you want to make up your own definition more suitable to being woke doesn’t detract from the fact that the narrative of the woke movement is sheer stupidity pushed by perverted racists. You don’t have to agree with truth as usual but its still true.


        1. …”because you want to make up your own definition”.

          I did not make up any definition. You, however, did. It was full of lies, mistruths, hatred and basic indecency.

          And you continue it here with phrases such as “perverted racists”. Your self-proclaimed “truth” is cloaked in hatred, misunderstanding, unchristian behavior, and “other” shaming. Therefore , I opine it is not worthy of consideration as a definition of anything. Except for your lack of understanding and compassion based on small segments of society.


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